2022 grand cherokee 4xe off road
Altair Club Cars 2022 Grand Cherokee 4xe Off Road: Still on Top

2022 Grand Cherokee 4xe Off Road: Still on Top

The Grand Cherokee is still at the top of the off-pavement class.

Hello and welcome to engine adventures off-road review of this 2022 grand cherokee overland four by e it’s in the highest off-road setting right now so not getting a lot of wheel articulation but very capable vehicle very fun let’s get into the high-speed off-road test and then we’ll end up where we are currently parked we are in off-road height you can barely

See it there i’m in e-save mode again because trying to save enough battery for a short off-road test in electric only doesn’t really matter here um we have to do the high speed off-road oh i had to sit down still let me throw that up all right now that can hurt let’s do the high speed off-road now so i’m one down it has one more suspension spot it can go up

Higher i don’t know where the smoothest is we’re about 17 miles an hour right now get it up to 20. so the grand cherokee is about the right size that’s one thing it really has going for it the uh oddly enough the rear deck floor seems to be moving around a little bit where that extra storage compartment is for the spare tire but honestly for an air suspension

Vehicle one of the better ones we’re up to 24 miles an hour we got the rear end to kick out a little bit there quite smooth easily passes the 20 mile an hour mark for an off-road vehicle i think i could have pushed it even harder than i did a few seconds at 25 but overall pretty darn comfortable well damped smoother than i expected i didn’t notice any hard

Topping out or bottoming out and just did a great job overall all right foreign just broke that gopro so this is a full-time four-wheel drive vehicle and here in hybrid mode it’s going to be able to make this climb fairly easily and i never noticed the e lsd kick in so i’m not sure if this was all brake based or if it was a combination of break base versus the eos

D on the rear anyway made the climb pretty easily here in hybrid and sport mode it does much better so sport mode is much more responsive on the throttle in the hybrid normal mode i was full throttle for a few portions and just kind of waited for the vehicle to do its thing but in sport mode i could apply the amount of throttle get instant feedback and it made this

Much more controllable for me snow mode was very comparable to normal mode even a little less aggressive on the throttle so it took a lot to get through this it didn’t feel like the jeep was working hard but i basically just put the pedal on the floor and let it figure it out make the climb mud and sand mode disables traction control automatically and it performed

Quite well maybe a little less wheel spin oddly enough but i think it was more aggressive in getting the power to the ground than in some of the other modes definitely the most controlled in this test four-wheel drive load automatically disables attractions stability control all that stuff but the rock mode brings in a lot of the brake based traction control and

I’m sure it used the elsd as much as it could but there was really not much wheel spin difference there anyway but super easy to make this climb in rock mode my favorite thing about the jeep hybrid systems is that they put the electric motor in the transmission but it’s before all the gearing in the transmission so the electric motor gets to use all of that extra

Gearing basically you get the same performance whether you’re in electric mode or using a gas engine obviously there’s more power when you have the gas engine on with the electric mode either way very capable we’re in just normal for high auto mode but we are full electric and i don’t think it’s gonna do this in four high and four electric and sorry in electric

Mode only but we’ll give it a shot and we’re gonna go slightly easier until we can get on that other camera because we’re out of view of it right now right here and i’m full i’m tired of the engine okay so now we are in uh hybrid mode essentially oh man i don’t know what just happened there let’s try that one more time okay so i wanted to replay that clip so

That we could see the rear differential essentially locking up and you can see it opens up again here it’s kind of an interesting differential it it’s an electronically controlled limited slip and it has a pump inside of it so when there’s a difference in wheel speed side to side that pump will generate oil pressure which needs to run through a solenoid which is

The electronically controlled part and that solenoid will compress the clutches like a normal limited slip differential has clutches it’ll compress those pretty much locking the differential and that’s what we saw there and this system works without using the brake based traction control so the front differential still has a standard brake base system but on the

Rear it’s using this electronically controlled limited slip differential and it is a really good differential it’s not as good as a full-on locker but it can create essentially the same performance in a lot of situations and for what this vehicle is it is a very good and capable differential on its been in use for quite a long time all right we’re going to four

Though this thing’s a very capable vehicle but seems to be struggling we are going to hybrid mode for the most power and we’re good to go okay we’re in the highest off-road height setting i don’t know if i talked about that already and an auto four wheel drive low actually back to electric mode before though that makes a difference you can see 20 grade almost

Going up and i didn’t get the same angle this time as i did before but we’ll change that i would like my cameras up there we go we’re 19 degrees 24 is where it peaked all right that was kind of a pain i’m curious what this thing does in four low going down the hill and i’m gonna try and lock it into first gear we’re in the electric mode temporarily unavailable

So if i go back huh okay we’re gonna lock it in first gear then we’ll just leave it in hybrid mode and no downhill assist on this first one so i lost my cameras again sorry there we go i do i wish i could zoom in on the sides of the vehicle it doesn’t let you do that on this one kind of interesting there we go it is going down this oh yeah i’m definitely hard

On the brakes still riding the brakes down all right now engine braking locked in the first gear three four miles an hour this is about the steepest part we’ll do without me assisting and five miles an hour is where it got to so not great not terrible but not great all right i just tried to go to sport mode and leave it in the highest setting and it told me

Oh i get to off-road one in sport mode but i can’t get to off-road two that’ll work we’ll try this so we’re in hybrid back into four high sport mode off-road one see it’s trying to lock the rear diff there okay sport mode’s not going so great sand and mud will spin whoa it’s a little bit unwieldy this thing the launch is off when it grabs it goes definitely

Stick to rock mode if you’re doing this stuff transmission hot press brake or drive holy cow okay well that was fun this thing is a it’s a fighter so we’re gonna throw it in neutral it said press break cool off i’m going to the highest off-road height setting rock mode for low see if it went in looks like it went in okay there we go we’re giving it the

Best i almost hit this rock right here with the camera on it that should be a good view and man so much better this thing’s incredible in rock mode like no joke for though rock mode it just does it well it’s by being a little scary we did that and yeah if you’re off-roading anything technical be sure to hit rock mode that uh mud and sand mode actually would

Probably do really good in mud and sand it was a lot of wheel spin and anyway uh right here downhill assist hill descent control use the paddles to adjust the speed right now it’s set to one mile an hour i wish i wish there was an off-road camera am i missing something is there something in here for the off-road camera settings off-road there hmm rear axle

Locker unlocked transfer case check all the gauges trans temp 225 i should have checked that when it told me it was overheating pitch and roll select terrain we’re in rock mode you can see what the suspension is doing and forward-facing camera but no off-road camera settings altitude 4697 oh there we go it’s set to 0.6 miles per hour for the off-road oh sorry

Downhill assist so again i just want the cameras and i can’t get them so how do i i don’t even know how to get out of this hit the vehicle again controls surround view camera mike said there’s probably something i’m missing but as far as i can tell you can’t put on the cameras this thing is so gnarly i’m on the break by the way this is not the vehicle slowing me

Down yet i’m off the brake entirely and impressive this is or 21 i got to 20 21 degree angle angle four degree side slope the vehicle’s taking care of all this on its own i am deliberately hitting the holes this time around got carried away a little bit there but not terribly so yeah i’d say it works pretty good so then to increase your speed or decrease

Your speed you use the paddle shifters and now it’s up to three miles an hour is where i have it set apparently here it’s 1.8 so i don’t know it goes in 0.6 increments apparently not even that goes in random increments the first one is 0.6 then 1.2 then 1.8 and then 2.5 for some reason it goes up 0.7 instead of 0.6 but not too bad so let’s go all the way up see

How high it goes five miles an hour before the downhill assist and it is just a downhill assist it’s not an off-road cruise control which is totally fine like i said i don’t like the off-road cruise controls very much anyway that downhill assist works both in forward and reverse and i think we’ve done everything we need to do on this hill oh wait watch this clip

Here in the background i wanted to talk a little bit more about the center differential and how that works so this jeep has the quadra drive 2 system and it has a very interesting center differential which is actually similar to the rear differential on this jeep so the center differential uses that same pump system so it’s rear wheel drive when it starts to slip

That pump will send pressure and engage the clutches and send power to the front axle as well and this works in four wheel drive auto or four wheel drive high whatever there are basically two transfer case settings the normal one you drive in and four wheel drive low on this one so in the normal mode this is how the transfer case works and that’s great for all

Weather conditions and whatever you know you’re driving on a normal road it’s raining or snowing a little bit hit a slick spot it will automatically transfer power to the front axle but when you put it into a four-wheel drive low it will lock the front and rear drive shafts together eliminating the center differential or locking the center differential either way

Uh you want to say it but it is physically locking it mechanically locking it with a collar and not through a clutch system so when you put it in four wheel drive load there’s no risk of slipping clutches or anything it’s fully engaged and works very very well as you’ve seen here in these clips that when it’s in four wheel drive low it just locks up and is able

To make the climb really easily so that all-wheel drive system slash four-wheel drive system works really well it’s very effective and i really enjoyed having it in this jeep up front the lower bumper is plastic but from there there is metal covering everything from the engine the front differential the batteries the drivetrain basically everything is tucked up

And protected very well designed for off-road use it’s not going to get hung up on anything there’s nothing that hangs down low and everything that is under there that’s important is very well protected thank you for watching engine adventures review of this 2022 grand cherokee overland 4 by e very capable vehicle off-road make sure you use the right settings it

Gets a little bit squirrely if you’re in sand mode trying to rock crawl or climb a rutted hill like this if you are in sand that sand mode it’s probably pretty darn incredible but for this stuff use rock mode kind of cool to go all electric and in four low i think i was able to stay in electric mode the whole time and four high definitely had to add the hybrid

Gasoline engine to give it the boost anyway great vehicle overall great for on-road great for off-road and you can tow 6000 pounds not too bad if you liked what you saw be sure to subscribe ring the bell so you get notifications when we post new videos and give me a thumbs up also comment down below what vehicle this size in this class can do better off-road

None maybe there’s one let me know what you think also comment with anything you didn’t like anything you want to see done differently and i hope you enjoyed it thanks again for watching have a great day

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2022 Grand Cherokee 4xe Off Road: Still on Top! By Engine Adventures

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