2022 gmc sierra 1500 elevation
Altair Club Cars 2022 GMC Sierra 1500 Elevation

2022 GMC Sierra 1500 Elevation

Hey james this is chris doyle at alderman chevrolet buick gmc in rutland vermont vermont’s favorite car dealership where we’re known for awesome deals and fabulous service i want to thank you for your request for information on this new addition to our lot this is the 2022 gmc sierra 1500 this is the elevation package this is the new style truck so there have

Been 22s out there for several months but they’re called the limited because they look like the previous generation this is the new truck some nice new changes inside the vehicle mostly in the front and inside which i’ll get to in a minute as i mentioned this is the elevation with a 5.3 liter v8 and the 10 speed automatic transmission uh just to well let’s point

This out kind of the obvious right off the bat new design in the front the new look now all of the gmc’s are going to look a little different and they’re going to different they’re going to vary a little bit by trim level but bigger bolder grille new design with that the bigger c-shaped daytime running lamps as you can see they’re on right now too this elevation

Package also has the nice blacked out tires the bridgestone dueler ats nice rims on there 20-inch tires let’s take a look all the way around the other side here too new design here even for the fog lights just really everything is different they made a lot of changes inside and out still very powerful very capable uh tows quite a lot there is the trailing package

I believe this has a trailer brake controller as well but let’s get a nice side view of it here i’m going to open this up this is the crew cab of course and one thing that hasn’t changed from the previous generation oh a lot of room there’s just a lot of space inside a lot of extra storage space here on the other side as well we’ve got the nice mats that already

Come standard along with it i’m gonna hop inside and give you a view of that brand new dash now we’re gonna get a closer look at all of this in just a second because there are definitely some changes here some really nice things very easy to use um they did a nice job with the redesign sometimes when people hear screens and all these cubic inches or square inches

Of screens they think complicated no not really ends up being very very easy to use overall and well you know what let’s take a look we’re going to hop out here and i’m going to make sure that i can get a view up front on the side as well again just so you can get that side view there’s that nice elevation package here the 5.3 liter v8 that’s a camera up there

I’m going to talk about that in just a second let’s hop in the front so a couple of things right off the bat of course we got the nice power seat in here the center console with a very different looking shifter and yes that is a shifter in the middle rather than the column there’s no you can’t do this anymore there’s nothing there but some things that they’ve

Changed and moved around and i’m going to kind of give you a quick glimpse of all of it your all-wheel drive your two-wheel drive your four-wheel drive there’s your tow haul mode all in the same spot you can change your mode drive modes from off-road terrain you got the sport mode which always kind of makes me laugh and normal which i’m going to leave it in right

Now here too sport mode makes me laugh because it’s a very quick truck no matter what so first of all there’s your new driver information center and there’s a lot of information that you can bring up you can change the configuration of the screen you can change the information you’re seeing on it i could probably spend 10 minutes going through this i’m not going

To i’m not going to bore you but i do want to point out that again very configurable lots of different things you can adjust for a different view here as you’re driving along the other thing that i want to point out here on this center console of course is that new shifter very very easy to use very car like so we can go into reverse we can oh i’ve got to buckle

Up hold on let me buckle up here there’s the buckle going over so you can turn that off by the way nice safety feature so that it won’t allow you to do anything unless you’re buckled up we can shift into the drive into low into drive again up into reverse one thing i want to point out about low when you’re in low then you’ve got the really cool paddle shifters

For shifting up and shifting down as you’re driving along stolen yes from the camaro and the corvette but it works just as well inside the truck and you want to put it in park you just press p for park it’s really that simple and because of that you’ve got a little extra storage space under here on either side more storage space here in the center kind of storage

Space all over the place quite frankly there is our fancy schmancy updated climate control system but again very easy to use i’ve got it on auto in 72 and i’m done you can certainly adjust anything you want got your heated seats as well as your trailer brake controller and of course push button start that kind of goes without saying you’ve got one of my favorite

Features here so you’re going to have safety features like lane keep assist in case you’re drifting you’re going to have over here on the end of this stock this button here for intellibeam which is the automatic high beams and low beams i can drop the back uh lift gate right from here uh and then we’ve got well we got this hi it’s very shiny so you’ve got some uh

We’ve got a little protective screen on it’s a little shinier than it normally is but a lot of new features in this giant touch screen so everything from your audio am fm satellite radio bluetooth you’ll notice a lot of things on here can also be driven by google powered by google google assistant um pretty neat stuff there’s the google play store you can sync

That up with your phone if you just want to use android auto or apple car play but you can also do things directly through here with a wi-fi subscription in the car and of course we do have wi-fi and all of here just lots of information that we can bring up on the screen which is probably a another separate video because there’s so much that can be brought up

That just makes it very easy especially when it comes to things like trailering but i’m going to go back to the the main page again here because if i put this in reverse just so you can get a view of that giant very clear hd touchscreen um really huge backup camera very helpful in all versions of the sierra and the silverado and i’ll go back to our our park and

Back to our little home page here again separate video to come but a really nice clean sophisticated easy to use screen the design they really outdid themselves just a great visibility too everything is a little bit lower makes it a little bit clearer over the front and hood of the truck i know a video really doesn’t do it difference but it really does help with

Your visibility overall let’s take a look at the back this is the truck so you know there’s a there’s one of these beds there in the back here too now of course we’ve got a couple things going here you’ve got your heavy duty trailering package your four and seven pin connectors and we also have not only our easy lift and lower very light tailgate but this is the

Multi-pro tailgate as well so lots of different things that you can do from needing to get into the truck to needing a work bench to work on or a backstop for a little bit of extra space if you’ve got something terribly long in here or i can close it close it here you know i can hit both of these keep in mind i’m doing this with only one hand it’s pretty darn

Easy this is my favorite feature of all of it which is the step so it makes getting into the truck very very easy now keep in mind you still have the corner step bumpers which i’m going to show you in just a second but you got this as well makes a big difference there’s our led lights in the back our 400 watt 120 volt outlet we’ve got one of those inside the truck

Too again gonna hop back out look ma one hand close it close it close it that’s it one hand very easy to use very light very simple very very useful led lights in the back led lights in the front led take time running lamps led fog lamps just better visibility it’s clear oh and there’s that corner step bumper that i was talking about so again nice changes with

It they took what was an excellent truck very popular truck and they really made it better they didn’t give you something that you’re looking at thinking i need an owner’s manual to learn they’re nice upgrades that make sense make it easier to use quieter to drive easier to pair your phone uh lots of information your fingertips as you’re driving and those giant

Touch screens make everything very very simple even if you’re doing something like wireless android auto or apple carplay so if you would like to learn more about this new gmc sierra if you’re watching this video on youtube you can click on the link in the comments below if you’re watching on facebook you can click on the learn more button or better yet just come

See it in person we’re at 65 windcrest road in rutland vermont that’s just off route 7 south hope to see you soon

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2022 GMC Sierra 1500 Elevation By Alderman’s Chevrolet Buick GMC

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