2022 genesis gv70 2 5 vs 2022 ra
Altair Club Cars 2022 Genesis GV70 2.5 vs 2022 Range Rover Evoque, someone gets walked bad. Drag and Roll Race.

2022 Genesis GV70 2.5 vs 2022 Range Rover Evoque, someone gets walked bad. Drag and Roll Race.

2022 Genesis GV70 2.5 vs 2022 Range Rover Evoque, someone gets walked bad. Drag and Roll Race.

Today i’m driving the genesis gv70 2.5 liter and on my left side i have the range rover evoke p250 both are small engines and today we’re going to find out which one is the faster one out of the two we’re going to do a full drag race quarter mile test to see well if the koreans can keep up with the british before we do that let’s do some specs

First of all let’s talk about the genesis gv70 it is 2.5 liter of force it’s a four-door suv all-wheel drive of course you get the option to pick even a 3.5 liter which makes more horsepower this one uses a 2.5 liter turbocharged four-cylinder inline-four it is an all-wheel drive it makes 300 horsepower and 311 feet of torque it uses an eight speed

Automatic transmission now both vehicles this time are running on winter tires because it’s still cold in toronto but not that cold that we can drag race in terms of the curb weight while this thing is a bit heavier tipping at 4156 pounds and on my left side we have the evoke 250 four-door suv they’re direct competitors but this uses a two liter

Four-cylinder turbocharged engine and this makes 246 horsepower and 270 pound-feet of torque it is an inline-four and it is an all-wheel drive but this uses a nine-speed automatic transmission in comparison to the uh gv70 which uses an eight speed in terms of the weights well the evoke it looks smaller therefore it’s actually quite light in fact

It’s almost 200 pounds lighter it is 3935 pounds in comparison to the gv70 which is 4150 pretty happy this thing in terms of comparing these two they’re actually direct competitors evoke might look smaller and it is actually in terms of space and the interior hence why the gb7 is heavier the advantage the gv70 has after we did a bunch of tests is the

Fact that this actually launches slightly better in comparison to that so that seems to have a bit of a turbo lag we try to figure out how it launches and how the engine reacts with the brake and uh paddle both pedals down but it seems like the gb70 does have the better takeoff in terms of that first start we’re gonna do one from a dig and one roll to

See how these things compare um i don’t know which one is going to win they both failed fast and one is lighter although he makes less horsepower the evoke in comparison to this but it’s also lighter in comparison to the gv70 my left side i have richard who’s driving the evoke i’m driving the gb70 and we’re gonna do a quarter mile test so let’s roll

Okay richard um mine is in drive and i have it in sport mode i’m not turning off traction because i don’t think i need it um i know you might need it to have a better take off so what modes are using um in sport mode dynamic program and traction off okay uh that should be good to go make sure you have it in drive not in reverse i’m not saying that

You have done that before but i’m just saying i know we know people have done it right it happens a lot more than people think you know it’s one of those people that actually say hey uh i can race you any time you don’t know how to take off you don’t know how to do a proper launch control and they come here and you see them going in reverse or even

Worse in park yep that’s funny okay sir i’m good to go on my side thumbs up to the lady over there and let’s roll oh i thought he was gonna have a horrible one no he didn’t he actually had a good one but the gv70 it is well it’s going let’s just say it’s freaking going so there um i actually had it in reverse now so it’s okay now i have it in

Drive mode now uh sport mode this one we’re going to do automatic transmission no manual shifting none of that um and i’m good to go through doing 50 kilometers an hour are you ready on your side yep well sir let’s roll foot down come on come on genesis yeah and i’m walking on him oh man this genesis is quick wow okay chief this one we’re

Going to do in manual mode i don’t know how mine does it in manual mode i think i just hold on to the shift um i i don’t have an option here for manual mode i just did the downshift part but basically first the second all the way to the cone and then we just keep shifting from there can you do yours in manual i’m assuming so there’s a manual mode we

Even have metal paddle shifters and a rough counter in the heads-up display so it’s a sports car damn you’re in the next level man like you’re with the big boys i’m here with this thing not nothing i just have a drive scroll gear knob that’s all like you’re you’re going to the next level chief well like um just give it a try let’s see but you also

Do have a sport transmission option which i don’t yep all that and i’m probably still gonna get capped okay be a little bit more optimistic but i get it are you ready let’s roll two seconds so i’m in the second gear hopefully it doesn’t shift automatically yeah i it it actually i don’t have to do much it does that just for you like it is quick

Oh my god i think i left that evoke like four cars behind me uh that’s crazy well let’s just say that we accomplished what we needed to accomplish correct so we should be good on this lot um we’re good we are good damn this thing gets so fast like it’s so fast in comparison to that how was it with manual shifting it’s surprisingly quick the

Powershifters actually react pretty well this thing um i tried to shift manually myself but he kept doing it automatically and now it’s stuck in second gear’s announcement to shift and have to shift so this actually doesn’t have the best manual transmission in terms of like using it yourself and i think that gb 73.5 actually has a better transmission

Than this but nonetheless this was a lot of fun man thanks for helping out with this no problem um that was it guys thanks for watching uh we just wanted to see how that evokes stuck up against this and i wish there was a better way to say this but it’s just like yeah it is slower it’s a lot slower than this shockingly this is heavier it also has

To do with that extra horsepower but if you ask me which one i would buy over these two even though this is faster i actually would get the evoke i know it’s weird to say that but it’s the thing is that in my opinion that just drives so much better for me the the driving position and it’s smaller it’s so easy to go around it’s like a hatchback suv

This if i had to pick this then i have to go all the way to the big gb7 in 3.5 so that’s the difference but i do like how this also drives as well on the road normal roads to the space the interior is nice too genesis has come a long way and they’re making some competitive vehicles and the gv7 3.5 is probably one of my favorites but in terms of the

Lower trim this would be my choice only for the 3.5 not the 2.5 liter but that was it today guys thanks for watching and don’t forget to subscribe

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2022 Genesis GV70 2.5 vs 2022 Range Rover Evoque, someone gets walked bad. Drag and Roll Race. By Sam CarLegion

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