2022 genesis gv60 performance aw
Altair Club Cars 2022 Genesis GV60 Performance AWD – First Drive – Boost Mode is just INSANE

2022 Genesis GV60 Performance AWD – First Drive – Boost Mode is just INSANE

Test driving 2022 Genesis GV60 Performance AWD model, it literally left me speechless when I had my foot on the accelerator. Find out everything in the video!

I introduce newly released genesis, hyundai and kia cars. it’s really, really, really hard to get a test driver here in korea, given this car is awaited by a lot, a lot of people. and if you’re looking for the review about the exterior of the car, including in the interior. and this is actually limited to the performance model which is the model that i am driving today.

So this has dual motors, two motors. one on the front, one on the back. delivers the maximum power. it is slightly under 500 horsepower with this boost button. and at a push of the boost button, regardless of which drive mode that you’re in it reminds me of being behind a supercar for the first time in my life. and also feels definitely like those 500 horsepowers with

This boost button. and this car being all-wheel drive, it just sends the car right, right away. even on the sport, the car just responds very direct. and just look at that. it’s popping out at the tap of my accelerator, just like that. essentially, the layout here is the same. the lever is sitting below this dial right here where you control other features within the

Monitor here. and also the back, the home and menu button here, they are all identical. you can just control everything at your fingertips, just like that. looking at the rear view mirror, that i can see the spoiler running through right in the middle. there’s the upper portion. one third about that much of the portion that’s on the top, at the bottom of the spoiler.

But there’s actually like a whole one thick ball running across in the middle of your rear view mirror. well, it doesn’t block your view right in the middle, but rather it sits about one third to the bottom. so, i don’t think it’s going to bother you all that much. this gv60 has loaded option with dual motors, all-wheel drive and also includes the digital side mirror

Left and right. high gloss finished in black. so, except for that, i believe it’s the same thing that we see on ioniq 5. i am currently in sport mode. so i hear more of this some artificial sound coming off from the car. and of course there is regenerative, regen brakes on this gv60 as well that you can control up to level 0, having nearly nothing on the regen brake.

And level 1 is about the same kind of an engine brake that we get from the internal combustion engine. kind of the resistance that you get when you take off the foot of the accelerator. going with the level 2, it gets a little more stronger. and go up one more time at max, the i-pedal or other brands call it one pedal drive so i-pedal mode comes on. and what it does is

That you can drive with the accelerator only. so all you have to do is take your foot off the accelerator and it will start braking. it really, really relieves a lot of stress on your foot. not only your foot, but the leg. probably the lower body and just the driving. you don’t have to switch your leg left to right from the brake to the accelerator. just keep your foot

On the accelerator pedal, that’s it. let it go to slow down and brake. and just tap on it again to accelerate. regardless of the mode that you’re in, put on the boost mode. just be ready when you are hitting the boost button because this is no joke. as much as this car provides the power going forward, all the sports cars and supercars, hyper cars, they have relevant

Braking performance as well. the car needs to stop better than accelerate for safety and a lot of many, many reasons. if you’re not familiar with panic braking the car or slamming down on the foot brake to the maximum where the abs is about to engage, you have to have the experience of that before you fully enjoy the boost button. because the car is going to shoot out

So fast and so quick you’re going to need a lot of braking force for that. by any chance, if you don’t know what i mean by nearly about the point where the abs engages, make sure you go into you know safe, secured, wide parking lot area and just slam on the brake as hard as you can. feel it to yourself that when and how the abs will engage. and so that way you can stop

The car at a distance that you want the car to stop. so i’ve driven all-wheel drive, dual motor ev6 and comparing that to gv60, i can feel right away that this car is more agile, more nimble and this is the word that hyundai uses with kona. i do get the feeling of that tight, small suv, if not cuv that’s capable of performance which is kona n. again, go check that video

Out if you haven’t, that car has also got performance. i really feel like i am behind the wheels of that kona n kind of a feeling because it also has the boost button, which is nearly the same thing as the n grin shift that hyundai n brands have. giving the extra power. just so you know, you see over there you see that orange and red line right there? that is something

That i have seen from ioniq 5 as well. but that what that is is if you make a lane change. let me just show it to you. if the car is actually inside within the red and orange, that means if you make a lane change to your right, you’re gonna crash into them. so that’s like a little guideline showing you what space you have. of course, it applies both left and right. does

The same thing for the left as well. so make sure the cars are not within this orange and red bars. there are different sounds and different modes for gv60. so it’s going to show you the driving distance left. pretty much a very self-explanatory. it’s very direct and intuitive. change the driver assistance, how things work. just go up here. the lights and then you can

Configure the light settings here. and same goes for the inside. and let’s check this out. you go inside. look at that. it’s going to show you everything about the inside with the head up display, everything here. so very direct, intuitive. thing goes for the door and trunk as well. so you can control your ambient light. just about everything about this car. this car

Only supports the usb cable. apple and android auto, there is no wireless for that yet. however, the takeaway is that it provides the music streaming. so depending on which country you’re in, it might differ, but it will support most of the major music streaming websites and sites. you’re not just going to see a random genesis car, but you will actually see gv60 just

Like that. so go into the setup. sound. and there’s active sound. advanced settings. and there is this futuristic. g-engine. so g-engine is probably the engine sounds from genesis, other internal combustion engine genesis. and the e-motor. but let’s get started with the futuristic. i’ve tested out how many times i can continue on using this boost mode. unlike other high

Performance kind of a boost button on internal combustion engine cars, there is not necessarily limitations. i actually clocked up to six times consecutive going without break, and then this car would just give me the boost mode on and on. i have a feeling that if the when the car checks out that the battery are overheated or if it needs cool down, but on a regular city

Drives on places like these, you could just easily go and drive boost up to six or seven times no problem. so, this is the definitely one of those sounds that i’ve heard from ev6. with the name of like cyber? it reminds me of that. doesn’t really remind me of gv80 because i’m driving gv80 right now. 3.5 turbo model. i wouldn’t really say that this is the g80, either.

But sure does sound like internal combustion engine cars. but given that there is no transmission on this gv60, i don’t hear that rev going up and down in between the transmission and shifts. the thing is, once you, until you get used to these spheres and these buttons, you see my hand going, just going back and forth, up and down. like just hesitating which one to turn.

Of course, this is not gonna do anything if i change it. except for neutral. custom mode, where you can customize the sounds according to your needs and wants. so this is off. we’ll be hearing most of the generic sound from gv60 right now. i am not faking it. and i’ve said this before on ev6, i’m not going to accelerate this time. all right, we need to stop. but it gives

You into like that kind of a warp hole. with the gv60, definitely this car is about performance. genesis gv60 doesn’t necessarily follow through the traditional genesis design on the exterior that they have been carrying out with the bold character line that goes, runs throughout. however, there’s a lot of circular, curvy design that’s been used. despite gv60 being

Full ev, it still has the radiator grille. the reminiscent of internal combustion engine cars. and there’s also a lot of circles within the interior as well. the circle here with the door handle. circle here for the mirrors. and of course, everywhere on the steering wheel. the buttons, boost buttons. of course, circle everything. and we have what? right here, sphere.

What do you guys think about this one? i like it a lot. this is definitely, this is uniquely gv60 thus far. i love, i love the key fob right here. check it out. a typical genesis thing that we see from the ventilator, the controllers here. heated, ventilated seats. what do you guys think about this ar navigation system? of course, you can choose to have the good old

2d and 3d. again, one more thing from the head up display that i see right here. instead of augmented reality hud, ar hud that hyundai has introduced first on ioniq 5, they now came back to, they reverted back to the just good old hud. they probably did not want to test the water that much with the genesis customers about the ar hud just yet. it gets you really, really

Dizzy. i didn’t have the time to get used to that car for that long, so probably that’s why, but. so the wheelbase on this gv60 is 2,900 millimeters, it’s same as ev6. it really feels like this is much more agile and nimble than ev6. by no means does this car have a small wheel and too much power that will create the wheel spin, no. alright, so i don’t have that much

Time unfortunately, as always. so, there’s the parking for the same surround view that we are used to. a little more of the ioniq 5 scent here as well with this drawer-type glove box. much smaller than ioniq 5. this right here, you can actually, and you can put a diffuser in here. so that’s matching the design with this mirror adjuster right here on the left. and there

Is also a hidden compartment right here for your sunglasses. so unlike ioniq 5, the center console doesn’t move front and back. and as for the lane keeping assists, it works flawlessly. and i can feel that the hda, the buttons are switched compared to that of the gv80. gv80 had all this hda thing on the right and music on the left. and this. don’t want to say it, but

I’ve seen it from mercedes-benz. so you can toggle through different information and drive modes here. and shows you the tire pressure, the navigation, the hda system, as well as the augmented reality navigation. this is quite handy. and there’s of course, the hud as well. so, there’s a lot of a lot of information shown on this 12.3 monitor left and right. however,

Unlike ev6, sportage that we have seen, gv60 does not get the curved display. however, it’s a giant giant screen as well. 12.3 both left and right.

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2022 Genesis GV60 Performance AWD – First Drive – Boost Mode is just INSANE! By CarSceneKorea

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