2022 genesis gv60 eric bergeron
Altair Club Cars 2022 Genesis GV60, Eric Bergeron | Genesis Victoria

2022 Genesis GV60, Eric Bergeron | Genesis Victoria

Good day everybody eric here with genesis victoria super excited to go about demonstrating the new enchanting genesis gv60 by far this is the hottest luxury ev on the market here in canada and i’m gonna go over some of the key features and why you should own one in the near future firstly let’s talk about how genesis have been around now for five years and they’ve

Found their brand identity through this beautiful crest grill and quad lamp this is to help signify the brand of genesis and you’ll notice it all around the vehicle in the smallest cues starting with the beautiful wide body stance i’m going to begin by talking about these beautiful 20-inch alloy wheels that genesis has clearly you can see the g-matrix pattern being

Shown one of my favorite features is upon walking up to the vehicle it will welcome you by opening the mirror and unlocking the doors one of the coolest features that genesis offers on the gb60 is this beautiful biometric face recognition when you’re at the beach you don’t ever have to worry about having your key fob in your pocket simply walk up it’ll recognize

And unlock the doors taking you at the back of the vehicle we’ve got a beautiful genesis badging along with the rear quad lamps along with this beautiful lightning bolt chrome pattern to signify genesis first electric vehicle one of my favorite features is the smart lift gate simply stand behind the vehicle for three seconds couple of beeps will happen and the

Trunk liftgate will open up for us come have a look inside though this gb60 is considered a compact utility vehicle it still offers quite a bit of trunk space you’ll also notice the seats are 60 40 where you can drop them down at your convenience along with the beautiful tonal cover that comes equipped with the vehicle at the time of purchase underneath the cargo

Tray we’ve got the tower mobility cargo net along with your level one charger and it actually comes with this vehicle to load which gets simply put onto the side of the charging area where you can actually go about powering other items such as a refrigerator during a power outage jumping into the rear of the vehicle you’ll notice we’ve got these lock unlock along

With the heated seats and cup holder by the way this is all microfiber along with this beautiful reflective double lines to represent the quad lamps hopping inside we’ve got the quilted nappa leather seats very soft materials and you’ll definitely not want to get out once you sit inside taking you in the driver’s seat the vehicle will recognize that you’re about

To enter and the seat will recline for ease of access another really awesome feature about the genesis gb60 is this beautiful sphere that you have when turning on the vehicle it will actually engage into the drive mode where you can simply go to your next destination from there undoubtedly this vehicle offers the most luxurious fit and finish for any interior that

I’ve ever seen on any vehicle as you can see we’ve got a nice genesis steering wheel brand new concept to introduce a new fresh look to the ev lineup lastly genesis offers five years of limited comprehensive warranty for a hundred thousand kilometers here you can enjoy peace of mind ownership knowing that you have complimentary scheduled maintenance along

With five years of roadside assistance when it comes time for your service i personally will come pick up your vehicle from home and give you a genesis loaner in the meantime while we’re doing your service so for one more information about the genesis gb60 contact eric here at genesis victoria eric’s got your keys i look forward to seeing you in the near future you

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