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Altair Club Cars 2022 Genesis eG80 Driven – First EV from Genesis aka Genesis Electrified G80

2022 Genesis eG80 Driven – First EV from Genesis aka Genesis Electrified G80

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You really have to drive Genesis eG80 to enjoy what she’s got. And finally driven.

Welcome to carscenekorea. i introduce newly released genesis, hyundai and kia cars. but that’s a patrol model and i’m actually here today for and for those of you guys that had not checked out my earlier video on this eg80, feel free to go check that out, i’m not going to talk about too much of the exterior which i covered already on that video. but today let me go

Through what i could not cover because so i can go through and tell you all about what i’ve missed on the last video. this is the charger port that’s been put on the front and i’ll be mentioning this a lot throughout today’s video but this is one of the reasons why this genesis eg80 has the charger port on the front which is because this car is not built from the e-gmp

Platform, but rather this car is just a stretched out ev version from the ice car, so, it has the same platform and chassis, of course. and this is one of the reasons why the charger port is located right on the front. just a really, really creative way that genesis has come up with. once closed, it’s nearly impossible for you to differentiate where the charger port is.

Especially if you’re not the owner of the car, you’re not going to be able to tell where is the boundary for that. and also check out this crazy, fine detail that hyundai and genesis are paying attention to lately. which is the iconic identity of genesis brand, which is also found on the head lights but also the tail light. so, also the light bulbs, there are four of

Them. hence the quad lights. it’s okay that it’s not fully automated, although it’s a 100% manual. only when you unlock the car this unlocks all together. a very marginal difference, but since i have the car back-to-back the ev, eg80 has this shape right here for the rear fender whereas a traditional one has that with, of course the exhaust tip. this is one of the

Biggest downside of eg80 for the obvious reason. it has to sacrifice a lot a lot of trunk compartment and space due to a motor sitting on the back. since this is not built upon e-gmp platform, ev dedicated platform. hyundai had to come up with a way to boost up their trunk compartment space right here, fitting in the motors so i have the ski through folded and i can

Already see how much effort the genesis have put in on top of this motor to make it quiet. including in these fabrics within the trunk compartment as well. even for this tiny outlet right here, they already, they’ve gone with this effort of covering it up with a fabric and underneath just pull this off there is the emergency kit for air inflating the tires and what not.

Not so much of a extra hidden compartment i would say, compared to other cars. brilliant idea i like on this one same for the regular g80 as well. is how this reflector stands out right there when you open up a trunk, just like that that. provides an easy access of course, but just look at the interior. this interior color is just immaculate. just look at this white

Tone it’s beautifully done. that they have utilized a lot of upcycled and recycled materials. so this genesis is also keeping up with eco-friendly slogan that hyundai has pulled out, pursuing to be environmental friendly but still keeping that luxurious feeling at the same time. this feel, the leather feel that i have here, is no different than the other leather material

That i have tested. and just look at this car going, picking up the speed, just like that. and that was on a sport mode, and the reason why i couldn’t say anything when i was flooring and now i am driving eg80 on very bouncy, narrow, tight roads this is actually right next to a lake. and i am not really pressing down on the brake pedal intentionally. i want to feel it

To myself how those radars are doing when it comes to recognizing the road conditions to gently go over a hump. just the power and the torque that this eg80 is delivering is just like no other. it’s, the recent car that i have driven is ioniq 5, two wheel drive, and when i was driving, it was just so comfortable, cozy, good daily city driver and at the same time it was

Able to deliver some of the sportiness and performance out on the roads where necessary until i got to drive this two motors because this genesis eg80 has two motors both one on the front and one on the back, they are the same spec same powered motor. this eg80 only comes in all-wheel drive, the four-wheel drive. and on the sport mode, the genesis eg80 provides all-wheel

Drive only. one thing that genesis has been emphasizing a lot on their new features was that disconnector that means when there are two motors like this genesis eg80 has. depending on the driving condition and that here is separated by different drive modes, let’s say for the comfort, up to 20 kilometers per hour, the two-wheel drive, the rear motors only engage. so as

You can see, this is quite tight but let me just throw the car a little bit. i’m on the sport mode. and it provides me all the power necessary. oh my god. and these two motors engaging from both front and back using that regenerative brakes. and also using that as extra brake, just much like an engine brake on ice cars. once you you get used to the balance and when

And how those functions engage within drive of the car, you have a good idea behind the wheel how to control this car. and it is just a perfectly fit. it’s super, super strong it has all the power and torque right there. it is so strong and so much power is already there at a tap of the accelerator. just look at this. as you have seen from the 0 to 60 it has all the

Power right there, but also brings out the comfortableness of this eg80, car being a genesis. the way it drives around the corners, it really hugs the car too and unlike what i have felt from other suv-like or suv ev cars such as ioniq 5, i can feel the agile movement of this car. at the same time this car is just super, super comfortable. this would slap every regular

Ordinary ice car out on the road. the 0 to 60 on this eg80, genesis has said that it’s 4.9 seconds. and with a right and proper tires, this is gonna get even faster for sure. because currently this car is equipped and slapped around with 4 season tires. but put in a little bit of a sporty tire, i think you can feel the most out of this car. being a comfortable city

Driver, but also a sporty car at the same time. here is the kicker. because this eg80 weighs over 2 tons and despite the heavy weight that this eg80 has, genesis has also implemented lightweight material here and there used more of aluminum pieces compared to a regular ice g80, but still, this car is nearly about 300 kilograms heavier than a regular ice car. however,

When i tap the accelerator this car is much stronger and responsive of course. nautre being, a car with a motor, tap of the accelerator you get the full torque and the full speed is right there. no loss from the engine to the transmission whatsoever. the car spins immediatel,y so that being said. forgot to turn on the i-pedal. all right, so once i have the i-pedal on,

I don’t have to keep my foot on the brake. you don’t have to squeeze down your brake to have the auto hold. so going back to what i was saying, this car feels much more agile andresponsive than compared to that, that about 3.5 liter turbo model. i have test driven that car for a good, one full week. jesus, this car is strong and much faster for sure. a little bit

Of a downside when making comparison to regular g80 is that because of the batteries underneath the seat right here and this car coming from the same chassis platform that’s being used on the ice g80, is overall, a little bit humped up and the clearance on the side skirts is about it’s precisely one centimeters high or excuse me shorter from the ground than other g80s.

Definitely this car has gotten taller from the driver cockpit, but i can’t really feel that much of a difference. this car is just super, super comfortable and cozy to drive around. no stress whatsoever. the power is all there, it’s more than, more than enough. if you were to track this car, i mean you could if you wanted to. but this is going to get exhausted in a

Few laps for sure. and the amount of tire that you’ll be using it’s going to melt away your tires due to the weight mostly and also of course the torque, but you know, this is this car is not track focused. you have a g70 for that. using that regenerative brake and thus having this crazy torque. this car is just going to be so much fun on the tracks as well.

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2022 Genesis eG80 Driven – First EV from Genesis aka Genesis Electrified G80 By CarSceneKorea

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