2022 ford transit passenger 350
Altair Club Cars 2022 Ford Transit Passenger | 350 HR XLT | AWESOMENESS

2022 Ford Transit Passenger | 350 HR XLT | AWESOMENESS

This Transit is absolutely amazing and is fully loaded 🚨

Hey this is austin with curry motors and behind me is a 350 high roof dual rear wheel 16 passenger transit van and let me tell you this thing is fully decked out this is your deep dive now when you think transit van you think something like a big box a giant box on wheels or something like that this 16 passenger van is the real deal this thing is fully decked out

I mean you have an extended range 31 gallon tank dual rear wheel 16 passenger you have a keyless door entry you have cameras everywhere on this thing 360 degrees you have power deploying running boards huge trunk space tow package everything on this this is the ultimate travel machine if you have a business or you know personally you need to travel with a lot of

People i mean this thing is awesome so as we take a look around here we do have our front sensors down here right here each of those will tell you if you get too close to something if uh you know it’s just all protection and safety sensors there it’ll also have your pre-collision and all of those down underneath as well as up there in uh front of your rear view

Mirror now you do have your camera right here for your 360 degree cameras that’s awesome to have on a van like this it’s a huge vehicle you can see how close you’re getting to things as you’re pulling up you know maybe into the garage or something like that now as we take a look at these lights they do wrap to the side of the vehicle uh giving you you know 360

Degree view because you’ll see the rear lights do wrap there and there are lats on the side as we come across here let’s check out this what look at that power deployable running boards how neat is that power deployable running board for any of your passengers that wants to get into the van we are going to hop in here and take a look at the hole inside here in

A minute let’s continue on the outside here looking in the back this is an xlt 350 this is awesome now these doors they will open all the way there is an emergency latch back here as well but look at all of the space i mean this is wild how much space there is here all the luggage all of whatever you want to put back here i mean this is this is cool say you

Were going to you know a bears game or uh you know whatever sporting event you want to go to a blackhawks you’re going to tailgate i mean you could put a grill back here you could put a bunch of stuff you could have the life of the party right here in this van and this is a huge look at that all right let’s close those coming around here you can see those dual

Rear wheels here you do have an emergency exit window right here and we’ll show you that latch on the inside now i was telling you you do have your keyless entry pad here which is a pretty cool uh little feature there you do have blind spot detection in each mirror you have power mirrors lights on the exterior of the mirrors everything about this van is sweet let’s

Take a look on the inside here now i know i usually start on the driver’s seat when i get on the inside but these power deployable running boards are so cool i mean walking in here it’s like an episode of mtv cribs hey this is austin from curry motors and check out my crib so the inside of this van is awesome you have all these seats all the space tons of headroom

Obviously i mean i’m standing up fully i’ll show you here in a second but uh i could tell you for a fact on a long drive these seats are awesome i played sports in college football and i was on the defensive line and we drove in a van just like this for 10 12 hours traveling to certain games i actually sat in a seat just like that one right there definitely not

As luxurious as this but seat just like that and for a 10-12 hour drive i was fine i’m 6’4 it was awesome now as we go back here as you can see i’m walking through the aisles no problem we have all this trunk space back here that we were just looking at and as we flip around you can see the whole vehicle all the space cup holders usbs cup holders usbs for all of

Your passengers you have your emergency exit door i was telling you we’d look at when we got inside here i mean take a look at this i’m six foot four i got space between my head six four i’m walking back here no problem six four and i’m wide i’m not a little 6’4 and i’m not a twig and i fit just fine in this all the amenities we have for all of your people in the

Back here are great well let’s take a look at what you the driver or you as the passenger would have let’s look up here i’m changing it up everywhere today typically i’m going to start with all the tech over here let’s take a look at this transit screen i noticed this in the e-transit the new screen that we have here this thing is awesome i mean all of the features

The setting it’s all tech tap technology here i mean if you want a 16 passenger van and everyone thinks you’re driving you know rolls royce this is the kind of thing you need to be in look at all this cool tech heated seats um i mean let’s click features i’ve never even been in here you have your different drive modes look at the drive modes you have normal eco

Slippery tow haul and mud rut you have mud rut and a 350 high roof dual rear wheel transit this is awesome let’s go back here you have your owner’s manual the owner’s manual is digital it’s pretty sweet um don’t use it because then that makes my videos uh obsolete no but really you should go in here it shows you a video of literally every feature on the car you

Click the little home button you have your settings your app you have apple carplay android auto you could change your drive modes down here you can check your 360 degree camera look how sweet that is we’re in a transit with 360 degree cameras you don’t want the 360. that’s cool let’s just check the front let’s just check your tri panel front you put it in reverse

Let’s pop her in reverse we got a backup beeper you got all this you could check just back try panel 360. i mean that’s so cool the technology is all the way here on this vehicle um definitely definitely think that’s sweet now as we pop over here you do have those power adjustable mirrors power adjustable we do have our auto high high beams auto headlights you

Have your auto windows up here um you do have your ford uh hands-free assist you know you can just talk say hey okay ford let’s go to xyz and i’ll take you there you have lane keeping that’s great i just turned it off but lane keeping you can turn that on that’s a great feature i love that option especially if you’re gonna be traveling with a bunch of people behind

You uh you’re definitely gonna want that uh you know extra little safety there now as a driver we do have a cup holder here we have some cup holder storage there we have a cup holder storage down here look at the storage up here here here here i mean there’s there’s so much storage in this thing this is awesome now deep pocket storage here you can see i have some

Stuff in there two cup holders here as far as the passenger and the driver we do have some nice arm rests here uh let’s move over to the passenger seat and take a look we’re in the passenger seat oh no leg room no problem we have power adjustable seats 10 way up down forward back in out lumbar support everything i mean talk about a luxury ride this i’m going to

Call my football coaches get them to get something like this for the teams those kids will have something better than we had that’s for sure you do have another cup holder here cup holder there some storage there cup holder down yonder storage in the handle here mirrors we got mirrors we looked at a huge window here which is awesome now we can control the uh air

In the back here control the heat where do we want to put it feet just the face uh that’s kind of nice for your people back there look how huge these sun visors are i know it’s because it’s a giant window but lord those things are giant and we got the lights hey smile for the camera uh we’re gonna close that up there overall this thing is cool super cool people

Always ask me to do some driving in these videos because they like to see cars drive so how does this transit drive i mean it’s an all-wheel drive dual rear wheel 350 high roof it drives nice you know i don’t know what you’re expecting me to say but this thing drives nice handles well i’m in full control of the vehicle it doesn’t rattle or shake or make weird

Noises i mean this thing is super cool hugs the road 100 i would take a cross country road trip in this van this thing is sweet and uh luxurious comfortable i have zero complaints about it honestly you know it’s i’m fired up about this transit van this is really cool and uh definitely i mean if you’re in the market for something like this now now is the time

To buy if your business needs one do not wait till the end of the year please don’t wait till the end of the year because you won’t get what you want i mean manufacturers having such problems delivering these things you don’t wait so if you’re in the market come out now but as far as how it drives it drives immaculate i love this thing 10 out of 10 100 so if

You anyone you know are in the market for this awesome transit passenger van come out to curry motorsport in frankfurt we have it it’s available i know we have some more on the way in only a couple though because these things are a hot commodity and they’re super hard to get right now i mean there’s certain features on some of these vehicles you can’t get this

Has pretty much everything you could ever want you have power deployable running boards on a 16 passenger transit van that’s awesome uh curry motors ford here in frankfurt come check it out it’s available right now oh pulled up front but check out where the backup camera is let’s get out let’s go check this out your backup camera’s way up there on your roof

Which is genius why would you want it down here you can have it up there and see everything i mean the view is super cool so yeah back up camera up there

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2022 Ford Transit Passenger | 350 HR XLT | AWESOMENESS‼️‼️ By Austin Automotive

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