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Altair Club Cars 2022 Ford Transit Crew Van AWD. How To Remove Rear Crew Seat.

2022 Ford Transit Crew Van AWD. How To Remove Rear Crew Seat.

#205. Today we’ll remove the rear crew seat from our Ford Transit Crew Van. Also find out it the seat can face the rear door or slider door.

Hello youtube i’m jonah and this is my wife nancy and we bought a ford transit crew van to convert into a camper van so we can do more traveling so join us on a few episodes in this awesome van build so if you’re new to my channel and find it interesting don’t forget to give me a thumbs up comment and subscribe also hit that notification bell so you always get

My latest video okay so i had a viewer that asked how to remove the three crew cab seats from the rear of the van so today we’re going to show you how to do it seat here so basically this whole seat is going to come out to create this uh in there all right and we’ll take a look underneath here see this thing here has a it hooks in underneath i’m trying

To remember if it hooks in this way you want me to this side under here also it does have a hook i’m i don’t remember if it hooks in this way also so we’re gonna try to use it like that now there is three spots see there’s one here another one there and another one way over there three spots right there three seats removed and once you remove these three

Seats it opens up a huge area so we’re gonna leave this three seats on because our daughter who’s going to be traveling with us when she’s not we’re going to open up this whole area right here take this out and it’s going to be open space so let’s take a look below the seats right here we’ve got three areas to take a look at actually three handles we’ve got a

Spot right there pull handle number one and another spot right there number two and another spot right there number three and those are the three spots which we will hold and we will pull now all these three have to be done at the same time go ahead bob put your hands in there that’s that’s going to take a shot of your hands there yeah okay so oh so on the

Count of three we’re gonna pull it and we’re just gonna jerk it upward okay bobby okay okay one two three like that all right all right so you got it yep okay i’m just gonna explain over here let that lift it up a little bit uh so we got to pull up back this way a little bit yeah so hold on a second i just want to see um okay so this thing basically hooks

In this way right here see that got the video yeah see how it goes like that so that hooks into here and it’s got three spots to hook in so now we tilt it up now now so now it’s on hook now we’re gonna jerk it this way about two probably two inches and then this will unhook from underneath okay ready bob we’ll grab it from here one two three up like that okay

See now we got it now we’re gonna bob’s lifting it up now we’re gonna bring it one two three oh oh that’s not wow i just got quite a bit of weight yeah there you go okay now come this way dance now all right watch your step up go further up go back to what what the white good white shot of us so i write on a forum the seat weighs about 80 pounds but i’m thinking

Is closer to 100 pounds and you’ll need two people to lift it out all right see take a look how much it opened up the whole space here look at it now so this area here as a big area opens up i’m gonna call it the uh the party room the dj dj dance floor right here dj’s dance floor jonah dj’s dance floor right here opens up this whole area look how big it is

Now okay let’s take those holes right here and hold that over there spots right there and basically like i said before this thing it hooks in like that okay that’s something here hooks in like this okay wow look at all that space let’s do some measurements here yeah i’m gonna go follow her first and you tell me from here from the edge okay right there

128 inches and a quarter so you got one three eight give or take 128 inches and three eight give it a tape from there nice to the minus 128 that’s a total of ten feet seven inches okay then it’s time to put the seats back in and then we position it in the holes slide it over so slice more okay of course we’re gonna hook it hook those two in those three

In let’s tilt it this way and then hook it underneath ready got it now we’re gonna push it forward okay are you okay yeah okay you’re gonna move your leg bob okay yeah so okay now we’re gonna go the other side yeah back there okay so i’m gonna tilt it up again a little bit up like that and push it forward for a second yeah push it forward like that okay so

You don’t have to do that anymore we’re just gonna place it down we’re gonna we’re gonna bring it down a little bit forcefully but not too hard okay one two three up that’s it all right got it all right me all right so we showed you how to remove the three seats and how to put it back into place now the next question can we move the seat and make it face

Towards the back of the van or face the sliding door well towards the sliding door definitely not the floor does not have the slots for the legs to hook on but what about facing the rear door third leg to over here what is the way that we got here i’ve got almost two feet 24 and a half inches okay from there to the center to the center here take a look

What is that that is 17 and a half 17 and a half inches which means that this thing here is not it’s not perfectly centered it’s not equal distance from the center so the problem is this is that if you reverse it around those will no longer fits in the slots that’s intended to be so unfortunately you cannot reverse the seats i would have been a great idea

If we could that would really create some interesting space for sure well i hope i answered some of your questions so if you liked my video and found it interesting don’t forget to give me a thumbs up comment and subscribe also hit the notification bell so you always get my latest video thanks for watching

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