2022 ford rangers my super cab x
Altair Club Cars 2022 Ford Rangers My super cab XL and buddys crew cab STX

2022 Ford Rangers My super cab XL and buddys crew cab STX

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Hello youtube this is bry guy builds with another episode it’s my 2022 ford ranger super cab four-wheel drive with the six foot bed i went with the xl trim to save a little money because i’m going to be doing a build up on this truck and it was no sense in starting with the upper level package i did have to add a 101a package to get the cruise control power

Mirrors perimeter alarm and a few other little things and i line option ordered the rear e locker and an engine block heater and then once it arrived at the dealership they had a thousand dollars of ford accessories for free so i added the bug deflector the sport stripe hockey stick tonneau cover mud flaps and also a bed storage box that kind of goes in on the

Side and over the wheel well and it swings out and pivots pretty nice and it’s lockable it was pretty cool and i’ve got the uh stainless steel black platinum lettering for the ranger on the tailgate as you can see i’ve painted the wheels it’s pretty much just cosmetic if it gets up against something it’ll scratch eventually once i do my build i’ll upgrade the

Wheels and tires i’ve got some carhartt seat covers and i’ve got a lot more stuff i want to add on the truck but that’s kind of where i’m at right now looking pretty good just so happens my good buddy bob bought the same truck 2022 ford ranger and he went with the stx package uh he was fortunate enough to find this one on a dealer lot so he did pretty good i had

To order mine took four months to get in so he’s got a pretty nice option ranger he’s got the stx patrick package which comes with that same 101a package and upgraded wheels and tires um quite a few other goodies and he optioned out the side steps the rain guards to tyno cover and of course he’s got the crew cab 4×4 pretty nice trucks nice set of twins even

The crew cab his truck’s got almost 1600 pounds of payload and because i’ve got fewer doors and less seat weight my payload’s at 1600 or 1700 pounds 140 pounds more than his so nice trucks thanks for watching here’s my dog buddy we’ll see you later we can go around and give a quick inside shot his seats i believe are different he with the stx package and he

Did get the rear e locker on his too so uh like i said he did pretty good got his pretty well optioned at the dealership and we’ve been kind of swimming around you can kind of see on my truck i’ve got the clam shell doors it doesn’t open up quite as much as the f-150 which swings all the way around and you could sit back there i have the seat adjusted for me i’m

Six foot tall you know probably someone up to five and a half could maybe sit back there i plan on taking the seats out probably making a platform and haven’t decided if i’m going to put my refrigerator back there or not and then you can see the carhartt seat covers as well alrighty guys thanks for watching the video uh my next video i might have a discussion

About some of the modifications i’m going to be doing on my ranger mostly the skid plates and the rock sliders i also want to get an auxiliary fuel tank installed in the back bed and probably find some way to beefing up the bumpers the last thing i’m going to do is the wheels tires and suspension alrighty guys thanks for watching see you next time please like

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2022 Ford Ranger's My super cab XL and buddy's crew cab STX By Bry Guy Builds

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