2022 ford f150 xlt hybrid
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2022 Ford F150 XLT Hybrid

Here’s a video on the 2022 Ford F150 XLT with the Hybrid 3.5L Ecoboost V6 Engine.

Hello youtube today i’m at spirit ford taking a look at this 2022 ford f-150 supercrew 4×4 it has the 3.5 liter full power boost hybrid engine and a 10-speed automatic transmission this one was actually optioned pretty uniquely i will go over that more so in the interior than the exterior but starting off up front you are going to have the xlt chrome style grille

For 2022 your xlt full high beam and low beam headlights incandescent turn signals as well as your led accent and fog lamps parking sensors are integrated into the bottom portion of the chrome bumper you have black powder coated toe recovery hooks this guy does have the full 360 degree camera system which is pretty cool for an xlt if you ask me coming around

To the wheel and tire setup we have a michelin primacy xc and that is a 275 65 r18 on an 18 inch chrome wheel f150 xlt badging is going to be right here black mirror caps with your 360 degree camera system camera right there your power boost badging as well as a chrome cab length running board this guy also has the blind spot monitoring included chrome door

Handles on an xlt with the passive entry system so as long as you have the key fob on you you can lock and unlock the vehicle from the driver or passenger side door 4×4 badging is going to be right here chrome exhaust tip incandescent tail lamp with your blind spot monitor right here parking sensors integrated again into the bottom portion of the bumper we have

Your tow receiver hitch as well as your 7 pin and i believe this is a new trailer tow system wiring right there f-150 is stamped into the tailgate they give you a little led puddle light for hooking up a trailer in low light conditions making it just a little bit easier then we’ve got your backup camera right here you also have a third brake light cargo cam right

There as well and i believe that’s actually a part of the 360 degree camera system right here we have your capless fuel fill port it is lockable as you can see like almost all fords your keyless entry is going to be right there as well so overall nothing too crazy on the exterior this is a pretty well optioned xlt if you ask me uh the the kind of unique thing

Is more on the interior side so let’s check that out so here’s a quick shot of the interior of this vehicle definitely a very unique color scheme with this gray and this kind of caramel brown it it kind of reminds me of the king ranch series just a little bit lighter definitely definitely unique so starting off on the left hand side of the vehicle we are going

To have all the window controls the driver and passenger front are automatic up and down in front of that we’re going to have all the mirror controls your lock and unlock button is going to be right there these buttons are your led spotter mirror lights for the driver and passenger side this button lowers the tailgate under that we have the cargo lamp button

Lockable gas cap button rotary dial selector for the exterior lighting of the vehicle instrument cluster dimmer switch and then below that we have your electronic parking brake coming up to the instrument cluster tachometer on the left speedometer on the right lcd readout in the middle and you can tell it’s a hybrid because you have the green ready indicator

Right there on the lcd screen coming back to the steering wheel really nice heated steering wheel leather wrapped mild bolsters at 10 and 2 like you’d expect right over here we have all the safety features for the vehicle cruise control gap adjustment lane keep assist the steering wheel mounted audio controls right here over on this side we have the control pad

For the center lcd display and then under that we have again your steering wheel mounted audio controls awesome awesome column shifter with manual plus and minus in manual mode um i love love love when trucks have this something to note too if the vehicle is in gear when you push the off button which is a push button start it will automatically shift it into park

For you which is pretty cool storage trays up top we have your power button for the bed of the vehicle this button right here toggles through the 360 degree camera system parking sensor off button hazard light button and then your traction control button that brings us to the massive 12 inch touchscreen display i love this apple carplay android auto wireless

Obviously navigation you can control all the features through here including your onboard power which there’s been reports of people powering their houses and power outages with their truck which is pretty sweet i like their setup for the cards so if you have let’s just say navigation you can put the navigation over here and do whatever you want over on this side

This does have a 4g lte connection i don’t know if that’s going to come through all that well pro trailer backup assist integrated trailer brake control push button transfer case as well as your drive mode selector when you select the drive mode it actually changes the readout on the instrument cluster which is pretty cool it also has a locking rear diff which

I believe stays locked up until 15 or 20 miles an hour physical buttons for the radio are going to be right here under that we have your dual zone climate control with heated driver and passenger seats usbc usb port 12 volt outlet and then a really nice storage tray underneath 120 volt power outlet right here another 120 volt 20 amp traditional outlet right there

That brings us to this really nice jump seat that doubles as a cup holder and armrest slash storage compartment you also have a nice cutout here for a plus size smartphone fold this seat up giving us access to a sixth jump seat there is also storage under here as well so they definitely utilize as much space as they can again really nice unique cloth interior if

I don’t mind saying this guy’s got two glove boxes the first one you access by pushing that button the second one is going to be right down here coming up top to the vanity it is non-lit for passenger and driver you have a three door or you have a glass of storage right up top this is your button for the power sliding rear window and then all of your led dome

Map light control buttons are right there then you have an auto dimming rear view mirror so overall for an xlt i think this is a pretty sweet um pretty sweet truck lots of safety features equipped obviously um the full power boost hybrid is awesome i love the column shifters this is definitely how i would do it if i were to order one let’s take a look at the

Back and see how much leg room we have so before i get in i do want to point out two things number one it is extremely easy to get up into the back seats with these running boards and the grab handles on the b pillars these seats do fold up giving you access to a massive load flat floor for storage they also fold down very easily with the driver’s seat situated

Where it would be if i was driving i’d say i have easily a foot of leg room back here before my knees hit the front seat i am about 5 10 5 11 on a good day you do get storage in the form of pouches behind both driver and passenger seats down here you have usbc usb 12 volt outlet right here and then a fold down cup holder i like how that’s done because this does

Not have a moonroof sunroof whatever they actually bumped up the headliner space up top uh in front for the driver and passenger which is nice and then they give you more headliner space in the back as well this guy does not have a fold down armrest cup holder but it is extremely comfortable back here and you do get storage on the driver and passenger side rear

Passenger doors like i said up front they did not um cheese out on any of the storage storage right here right here and down here overall i’m very impressed let’s take a look at the bed so there’s a couple ways to lift the tailgate on this vehicle the first way is with the button to the left of the steering wheel i had previously shown you second way is with

The key fob and then the third way is the traditional way you’re gonna come up here underneath the back up camera push it there is ice in there and it should automatically fall down for you this does have the drop in bed liner looks like you have four tie-down points one in each of the four corners and then your full power boost um power hookups are going to be

Back here as well looks like you got 240 uh 7.2 kilowatt max 120 volt 20 amp max 120 volt 20 amp max so tons of power outlets you can power saws you can power homes apparently which is pretty cool and then the button to turn that on is above the touchscreen display this does have the second generation um bed for this truck with the little c clamp cut outs right

Here additional tie down point on driver and passenger side i’ve been told this doubles as a bottle opener but you didn’t hear it from me this being a all-aluminum truck the tailgate is very easy to close and you’re done let’s take a quick look at the window sticker so here’s a window sticker for this vehicle again it’s a 2022 f150 4×4 supercrew with a 3.5 liter

Power boost full hybrid engine and a 10-speed automatic transmission anti-matter blue metallic is the exterior color and the interior color is baja tan cloth standard equipment’s going to be right here for a base price of 46 990 dollars optional equipment is going to be all in this rectangle right here most notably you have the 3.5 liter power boost full hybrid

For 2 500 as well some other miscellaneous charges it looks like you are getting a discount from the factory which is nice bringing the total msrp to 57 340 fuel economy rating is right here this vehicle is rated at 23 miles per gallon city 23 miles per gallon highway for a combined fuel economy rating of 23 miles per gallon i want to give spirit ford a huge thank

You and shout out for allowing me to come to their lot and do a video walkthrough of this vehicle if you’re interested in a 2022 f-150 or any of the 2022 ford lineup i will be posting all the contact info in the description below let cheryl yaros know you saw the youtube video and she will be more than happy to go over all the discounts rebates and incentives you

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2022 Ford F150 XLT Hybrid By DeLo Enterprises

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