2022 ford f 150 xlt black appear
Altair Club Cars 2022 Ford F-150 XLT Black Appearance Package Review

2022 Ford F-150 XLT Black Appearance Package Review

I show off this 2022 Ford F-150 XLT 302A in Oxford White! This one is equipped with the all new “Black Appearance Package” for 2022!

Hey guys welcome to the channel today i’m super excited to show you this 2022 f-150 and this one has the all-new for 2022 black appearance package that you can get on xlts lariats and platinums i believe so looking at this one you can see this one does have front parking sensors has this cool gloss black um part of the new black appearance package in the gloss or

I should say the blacked out smoked ford logo there this one also has the 360 camera on it front parking sensors you got black tow hooks in the front these lights are smoked out just like what you’d find in a raptor very similar it says ford led on there which is kind of cool you have standard bolts for the turn signal but the headlights are reflector leds and

Then you also have the led accent lighting here and the led fog light as well now this color is oxford white it’s not the pearly white but it is white you can see we have these hood vents i believe these are not functional these are just like the ones on the trimmer and actually the hood is exactly the same as the trimmer hood which is not a bad thing because

The trimmer hood actually looks really good so you can see you got the two air vents there got just black plastic for the mirror caps here you also have another camera here and you have your turn signal and led spotlight got the little black badge on the side that says f150 xlt on it it’s also a nice touch it also has these really cool looking black wheels

Um these are similar to the platinum wheels but these ones are obviously black instead uh they’re 20 inches they look fantastic the tires are 275 60 20s their scorpion tires look pretty good you can see there just a really good looking truck you also have a little running board down there the fx4 is blacked out on the black appearance package this one is the fx4

Package look at the tail lights i’m surprised they didn’t black out the tail lights but on this one the tail lights are not blacked out um this one is just like normal f150 xlt tail lights uh just has standard bolts for the brake and turn signal but it does have led for the reverse light in the middle there you can see it says f-150 in the back i really like the

Way that looks that’s a really nice accent also have the black ford badge in the back as well and you have your reverse camera and your light and you also have dual exhaust tips another thing that looks fantastic on these black pairs packages just realize that you have to get the 3.5 if you want the dual exhaust tips out the back if you get the other engines

Like the 5.0 and stuff like that you’ll still have the exhaust tip out the side so it is one benefit going with the 3.5 you can also tell a little ecoboost badge there just a fantastic looking truck though let’s go ahead and uh check under the hood and see what we’re working with all right guys just pop the hood here you can see we have a 3.5 twin turbo v6 it

Makes 400 horsepower and 500 pound-feet of torque it’s quite a bit of room around the engine to work as well if you ever need to uh fix anything hopefully you don’t obviously mpg is pretty decent it gets uh 17 in the city 23 in the highway and 19 combined so it gets pretty decent fuel economy for a big four wheel drive pickup truck this one also has the trailer

Tow package and stuff like that all right guys go ahead and hop inside here you have smart key access on the front two doors so you can just pull here to unlock and then just hold this little uh black button there to lock it you also have the ford keyless entry pad as well so we’ll go ahead and open this up then checking out the door panel you can see on this

Black appearance package we have this cool little gray trim right here and then this is a really interesting trim design right there as well but this is just like every other xlt door panel it has a soft touch here has a soft touch there lots of storage in the door and then one huge benefit to go with the black appearance package on xlts is that you get these

Leather seats because normally on xlts that’s a selling point for a lot of people is they have to step up to lariat just because they want leather seats they don’t want to deal with like an aftermarket like cat scan or anything like that so this package actually comes with leather seats they might be vinyl but leather type seats if that makes sense looking over

Here you have your led mirror spot lights you have your uh bed opening there i remember them having a little two times logo there let’s do that oh that’s cool that’s that must be new because i don’t remember the two times there but we have our lighting switches here our electronic parking brake manual tilt telescoping steering wheel let’s go ahead and hop inside

This truck here you also have a 10-way power driver seat all right guys it has a push button start all you got to do is just push on the brake and hit the button starts up got her oh we got our nice huge screen here got our nice xlt gauge cluster i won’t go too in depth with all this stuff because i have done other xlt videos i mainly just want to focus on the

Black appearance package but this you can configure to show a whole bunch of different screens you also have lane centering on this one adaptive cruise control automatic wipers looking in the middle here you can see we have our pro trader backup assist we also have a trailer brake controller in our four wheel drive switch with a locking diff and different drive

Modes which you can change there i like the sport mode it looks cool but let’s go back to normal for now we’ve got our huge 12 inch display that you guys have probably seen in f150s now this is a fantastic screen you can do a split screen and all that stuff looking down here we have our heated seats fan control it is automatic it is dual zone climate control it

No longer shows the temperature in the middle here it just shows it up at the top so you can see there and there looking down here we have our two usbs we have our uh gear shifter that can fold down to act as a work surface if you need to but this one does not have it it would be a little lever right there um you got your cup holders everything like that looking

In here whole bunch of room you got two usbs and there’s also a light in there um you have a little glove compartment here and then this glove compartment no light for 2022 but these seats look really nice just a nice black leather seat it’ll be really easy to clean you also have led interior lighting and a nice black headliner this one does not have a sunroof

Which i actually prefer because it gives you a whole bunch of headroom looking at the mirrors no light you also have an auto dimming rear view mirror well let’s go ahead and check out the bed in the back seat and then take this truck for a spin all right guys checking out the back seat same soft touch as the front soft up here soft right here got the nice trim you

Got the cup holder all the storage space all that in the back seat as well nice leather seats in the back no arm rest though so you still have to step up to larry if you want to arm rest but it has these really nice leather seats um you can fold it up have storage under here you also have a 12 volt you have two usbs and also a house power outlet and air vents so

Rear seat passengers have quite a bit of stuff the only thing we’re missing is the armrest and heated seats on the higher end trims looking at the bed here you can see this one does not have a bed liner it is a option however it does have this outlet right here the 120 volt 400 watt outlet um this one does not have bed lighting because that’s part of a bed utility

Package for 2022 so this one just does not have it but you do still have a whole bunch of tie downs and clamps and everything like that on the tailgate this one does not have the tailgate work surface or the um the fold out step either but nice and easy to lift up the tailgate and the payload on this one is 1864 pounds but now let’s take this truck for a spin all

Right guys now let’s bring this truck up to the front so we just gotta put in drive just like that let go of our parking brake and we’re off another thing i just noticed now is this black ford logo here so you also get a black logo on the steering which is pretty cool and this hood is fantastic this is uh one of my favorite hoods on the new f-150s obviously the

Raptor one looks really cool too but i like the nice flat hood with the cool little vents on it that’s pretty nice it’s really easy to maneuver this truck i mean it is a pretty big truck but it’s pretty easy to maneuver around the parking lot once you get used to it let’s go ahead and take off here the 35 has a lot of torque 500 pound feet so it’s up and goes

Really good one thing that’s really cool is you can hear the turbo spooling and uh the blow off as well so if you guys are in turbo noises the 35 has it and it has a lot of power too obviously this truck drives the same as other f-150s um it just does feel a little bit different with the hood uh looking different looks a little bit more muscular with that hood

Yeah this is this is pretty nice you can see the speed limit even popped up there that’s cool brakes feel good i feel like normal truck brakes but it’s all normal all right let’s get ready to park this truck all right guys about to park this f-150 next to this other one so we can utilize our 360 camera here so you guys can see how good the camera is on these

New f-150s and again i’ve done it in my other f-150 videos but if this is the first video of mine you’re seeing then you can you guys can check it out you can see there we have the 360 and everything it shows where the lines are so you can line it up perfectly so i’m going to line it up diagonal just like this other f-150 here you see exactly where you are this

Is a perfect camera system here and i’ll probably stop right about there but yeah i love this thing well yeah let me know what you guys think of the f-150 if you guys are interested in this specific one and you guys are in the las vegas area or you don’t mind traveling to las vegas this one is for sale so um as of this video it’s for sale i mean it’s probably gonna

Go really fast but it is for sale as of now so you guys can hit me up i have all my contact info in the description if you guys are interested and uh hope you enjoyed the video give it a like and subscribe and i’ll see you in the next one

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2022 Ford F-150 XLT Black Appearance Package Review! By JVette01

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