2022 ford f 150 lightning dash c
Altair Club Cars 2022 Ford F-150 Lightning Dash Cam Installation

2022 Ford F-150 Lightning Dash Cam Installation

Here are the parts I used in this video.

Hey guys welcome back to my channel today i’m gonna make a how-to video for any of you guys interested in installing a dash cam in your 2022 or higher for lightning i’m going to be installing a blackvue 900 x 2 channel i’ve had it for like five years i think this is the fourth vehicle it’ll be in it’s a great camera i’m not going to review it or anything but you

Can check it online there’s a lot of information out there about it but we’re going to be installing that two channel camera which means there’s a front and rear camera and also their black magic pro which is like a battery saver because the camera can be on all the time it’ll prevent your battery from draining all the way down so that’s what we’re doing today

Foreign i’m going to start with the easy things first and mount the cameras in my truck which is a ford lightning platinum edition i have the sliding rear window i don’t know if they all have it i’m pretty sure they don’t but the window slides that way normally i would put this right dead in the center but because that window slides i just put it off to the side

Right here i think that’ll be totally fine having it right there and then in the front i already mounted the front camera and for this one i just centered it right here in the middle of the window i centered it right with the stem that comes to the rear view mirror so the camera is actually on the front side of this and then you just use double stick tape and

It sticks right up there to the windshield now that the cameras are mounted i’m gonna remove these parts i’m not actually sure how this comes apart yet um usually stuff like this just snaps out oh that sounded like yeah nothing broke awesome so that just pops off and a lot of little tiny wires i’m actually not sure where i’m gonna get power yet these all look

Pretty small so i probably won’t get power here i might end up having to run to the battery which is always best let’s see here uh oh yeah let’s see yet nothing broke i know it’s kind of dark on camera yeah these are all pretty tiny wires so i’ll probably end up having to go to the battery for power which is no big deal it’s always nice to have a stable source

Of power that you you know what it’s connected to all right next i have this cable and this is going to get ran from this camera up front which is kind of the brains of everything and i’m going to tuck it up under here and run it all the way back to the rear should be pretty easy all right i got this down i’ve got this through the side there is an airbag but it’s

Tucked up pretty high so you can go right through there and then i’m just going to tuck this wire right in here when i put this weather stripping back on and the wire is going to run through here but i wanted to show you hopefully you can see this it’s super bright but there is another airbag you’re going to have to go under back here so you can see the airbag right

There so i don’t know if you can see this hopefully you can but i just went right behind it with the wire and now i’m just going to pull that through all right the cable is ran and then you just have a little extra that you’ll have to coil up and i’m just going to stick it up in here there’s a big big gap in there and i don’t think yeah it’s not going to hold just

A single wire anyway so i’ll fold this over a bunch and then just stick the wire right up there and i’ll just wrap it with electrical tape so it stays up in there there all tucked in kind of see it right up in there but it has enough friction up in there in place i don’t think that’ll come out you can still see a little bit of loop but nobody’s really going to be

Looking backwards back here so you want to make sure the camera is straight looks like it is all right now i’ll get back to the front and work on that next is power so you have this end here that gets plugged directly into the camera that’s up there and you have this really long cord and you can just plug this in to a cigarette lighter uh you could go right there

If you wanted to but i want to hardwire this so i don’t ever have to think about it and i don’t have to lose my plug over there this cigarette lighter plug connects to this and this is the power magic pro this is the device i was telling you about so this is going to monitor the voltage of your battery so that the camera never drains the battery down leaving you

Stranded and then this unit i think i’m going to try to find a spot under here we’ll cross that bridge when we get to it but yeah so right now i’m going to do the same thing with this cord run it through here behind the airbag and just tuck it up under here and right here is the other wire that went the camera wire that went to the back so i’ll just run it right

Next to that everything’s going great so far super easy i put those pieces back in there and what’s nice is with that placement with that camera you can’t see it at all so when you’re sitting here in your driver’s seat you don’t see those wires you don’t see the camera that’s really nice so i got everything tucked in here and the wire comes straight down here

Really easy so far and here is the plug so again if you didn’t use one of these power magic pros you could just plug this in to your cigarette lighter right there and you’d be done but now i’m going to figure out how to hardwire this because i want it connected to power all the time all right and here i am underneath the dash i like how there’s a lot of open

Space under here and there’s no panel here like a lot of vehicles there’s a panel that you have to drop i do see some pretty heavy gauge wires right in there one of them might be power but i’ve already made up in my mind i’m going to go to the battery and it looks like i can hopefully go right through that boot hopefully i can poke a hole in that and just run a

Wire through there to the battery i have a fuse block that i can install but i still need accessory power so maybe one of those is accessory that i can at least tap let me get a screwdriver see if i can poke through there and i’ll go grab some wire so now we’re going to try to find that boot that is right inside there and in case you didn’t know this is where your

12 volt battery is so you just lift straight up on that and it comes right off tiny tiny little battery i thought about maybe upgrading that if i ever do too many accessories or anything but you got a lot of room in here i’m surprised about how much room they left seems like maybe they could have made it a little smaller huh looks like they planned for something

Right there i wonder what they were thinking about maybe putting there all right lots of space i’m gonna have to crawl into this frunk and try to get my head in there and see if i could find that grommet well it took me a minute but i found it i had to remove this panel here and it’s easy they just twist and you take them out and if i look right deep back in here

You can kind of see the tip of that copper metal that’s hard to see it from this angle but it’s back in there so i have some needle nose pliers i’m going to try to reach back there and get it and just pull it through but i just went through the existing grommet that was already there rather than drilling any holes another thing it’s kind of a hack but if you really

Didn’t want to even mess with this which it’s not that hard some people they go through here and you can go through the weather stripping i don’t recommend that though it’s really not very good it’s better to go through the firewall down here yay i got it through that wasn’t too too bad but i almost lost it so what i did is just take this blue wire and i wrapped

Around this copper wire taped it up used the copper wire as a guide jammed it through so that would help me get the blue wire in this is only just i think 12 or 14 gauge household copper wire it’s really not strong enough if you have a metal coat hanger they’re kind of hard to find these days but if you have a metal coat hanger those are a little stronger might be

Able to poke through a little bit easier but anyways i got it so this is going to run over to there and i just want to show you some of my supplies this is my fuse block that i’m going to use i’m going to stick it right over there probably or maybe right there on top of the battery and then this is overkill this is six gauge wire i just happen to have this laying

Around so i’ll use it from the battery to this and then i’ll have a fuse in here and that wire will be fused for the dash cam and i’ll have links in the description below for all of this stuff these are really great fuse blocks i’ve used these in all of my projects i highly recommend these they’re a little pricey i forget how much this was but um anyways all the

Links and everything will be in the description below and that’ll help you guys out if you want to do this i just remembered that i do plan on installing some fog lights i actually have the pedestals already mounted right there so i’m going to need another wire or two for those so i’m just going to run that wire here while i’m at it i’m going to use some of this

Just regular wire lube and that should help it slide through nice so that way i have that wire already ran when i’m ready to do those fog lights so all right i got the wires done i got the ends crimped on normally for something like this you might want to do a fuse but in this case i’m not running the power wire very far general really i’ve always thought if it’s

Less than 12 inches then you you don’t really need a fuse because it’s going to be right here and it’s actually going to be mounted on top of the battery so there’s shouldn’t really be any risk there but if you wanted to be extra safe you could put it in line fuse on this it really isn’t necessary unless you move this box somewhere else definitely if you run it

Through the firewall so i’ve got the ends on i’m going to clean the top of the battery pack i’ve got some 3m double stick tape and i’m just going to put it right on top there and make the connection all right connection is made double stick tape is on i figure if i ever have to remove this and add a circuit and do something i can just pull that off and use some

More double sick tape but if you’re wondering this positive is a 11 millimeter this one is a 10 millimeter and then the ones that connect to the junction box here are 3 8 i believe so all different well i’ve been checking the car out kind of looking around i haven’t poked any wires just because i’m nervous about messing with the brand new vehicle i i’ve been a 12

Volt installer for decades uh it was my first job and i’ve been doing it pretty much all my life so i’m not afraid of wires or circuits and i i know the stuff really well but being a brand new vehicle not not just literally a brand new vehicle but just a brand new vehicle that didn’t exist before i i don’t really want to mess around too much and with electronics

Especially with these high-end new vehicles just testing a wire could mess something up so i’m gonna go over to autozone here and pick up one of those out of circuits i’ve never used one of those before but somebody on the lightning owners group had posted the exact circuits you need for hot and ignition so i’m like holy cow like that was so useful so thank you to

Him for posting that that’s really awesome i looked at the kick panel and the fuses are all right there so i i think he’s right but i think one of those out of circuits is probably safer than poking around trying to find a wire that tests with just ignition you never know what you could be triggering or doing to a circuit when you’re testing it even so i’m here at

Autozone i’ll go buy that and then we’ll finish up this installation all right i got my add a circuit here and all this does is just slip into the fuse location one of those spots is going to be for the existing fuse for the current circuit and the other one is going to be for this extra wire that we’re going to be using and i just tested the wires and it is this

Yellow one right down here it’s a 20 amp that is the one that’s accessory and then right up here that 30 right there is constant 12 volts so if you’ve got a second one of these you could tap those two circuits that would be so much easier than what i’m doing right now but i plan on adding some extra accessories so i wanted the fuse panel up there so you might be

Asking yourself how am i going to get a wire from here over to there well all you got to do is take this little wire again this wire that i showed you guys earlier and i poked it just right through kind of randomly until it went through and i’ll show you on the other side you just have to remove this panel which is just a single screw what is this 9 30 seconds

From that location right there and then voila the wires right here so i’ll do the same method that i use for the power wire i will tape this yellow wire onto there and pull it straight on through well unfortunately i was unaware they invented another new type of fuse so right here is the fuse that came out of this truck right now i’ve never seen a fuse that small

Man i know i feel kind of dumb saying that but it’s true so this is a mini fuse so this is the mini fuse they came out with i don’t know 10 years ago something like that and it matches up to the mini fuses which this truck has in many many fuse so that blows that means i probably won’t be able to get this done today i’ll have to go back to the computer and see if

I can find a local place that might have the tiny teeny weeny little itty bitty fuse add a circuit uh all right so i got the right part but i am still an idiot oh my god i just realized i don’t have any of these fuses so i’m gonna have to order some but for now i am totally hacking this and i just cut down this mini fuse to a mini mini fuse so ridiculous this

Is so silly that yeah the right one got a little cut a little too far so i just tested it it does fit i’m gonna put this all back together i have to order some of these many many itty bitty fuses so i have some on hand evidently but for the record the guys over there at autozone didn’t even know that style fuse existed which is a little scary because they sell you

Auto parts but they didn’t even know so anyways i think i have all the parts now to wrap this up okay got everything put back together it is all working i did some testing with it i not super happy about the quality for some reason it seems different but i have a tinted front windshield now i went with tint all the way around which before you give me crap in the

Comments it is legal here in tennessee so i have all the windows tinted and i think that might be reflect acting the light just a little bit because the sun is setting over there but i’ll do some driving around the neighborhood and just test it out make sure it’s still good but i was always really happy with this camera in the past so just keep in mind that if you

Have a tinted front window it might change it up a little bit it just seems like it’s glaring a little bit but anyway that is it for this video i really appreciate you guys stopping by and watching my videos feel free to like share subscribe because i’ve got a lot more stuff coming up for this truck i actually just purchased a new set of wheels that i think are

Gonna look awesome on this truck so very excited about that and i’ve got a few other projects like the fog lights and a few other things so feel free to subscribe and i’ll see you on the next one bye

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2022 Ford F-150 Lightning Dash Cam Installation By James Klafehn

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