2022 ford explorer xlt covert ed
Altair Club Cars 2022 Ford Explorer XLT Covert Edition CUSTOM Lowered on 22s

2022 Ford Explorer XLT Covert Edition CUSTOM Lowered on 22s

Stock #NGB22129

I’m pimping at the parking lot at aikens in an amazing covert edition ford explorer you know it’s been so long since austin and i wanted to do this vehicle right here for the lot we did one for drew waters and it turned out truly epic in that store white that was the st this is an xlt so another rendition of how to make a basic vehicle elite pulling it over

Here next to the other boring explorers and this thing lowered on some 22s it handles like a dream y’all now before we get started y’all listen to me just for a second my grandmother i found out that she passed away earlier today and you know i’ve already cried my tears she was 89 years old just so many processed memories with her and i just know that she

Would want me to to keep on what i’m doing there were so many times where she wasn’t in good spirits and i was making videos and my mom was showing it to her and it was putting a smile on her face so i know that she’s in heaven now and that means everything because she was starting to decline and hurt life is precious y’all so just make sure your loved ones

Know that you love them and spend as much time with them as you can while on earth can’t wait to get to heaven one day it’s going to be so amazing but i love you granny and i truly miss you y’all let’s review i remember doing a video for a great friend that bought a f-350 that was a unbelievable truck and i reviewed that thing the same day that i found out

That brady was diagnosed with diabetes and that was a tough day for me a tough time to do a video much like this one is here but uh again just persevering continuing to overcome now here we go carbonized gray 2022 aikens ford explorer xlt covert edition lowered on 22s we did the steeda 1.5 inch lowering kit with handling package essentially what we’ve done

On most all of our explorers we’ve got a lot of explorer lowering kits y’all just uh they we need more of you all to to know that we got you covered on the explorer scene too this thing is amazing lowered on 22’s the niche gamma wheel has just a different hit to it the falcon zx st z05 tires and the size wise is 285 40 because i know a lot of you all will be

Asking what tire size this is what fits on here and just use a plus offset the plus 20 the plus 38 range will get you in that sweet spot but a wheel and tire combo that is legit it works very well now you can see right here next door we’ve got essentially that same vehicle in the stock form notate that grill being chrome we did black with carbonized throughout

There was thoughts of doing the lower part uh black and i was like no way we got to do carbonize all the way around this thing and just accent with some blacks little tees throughout and again austin did a phenomenal job look inside those headlights deleted a lot of that chrome and your amber so coming back over here you can see all that chrome amber side marker

Versus the blackout that we did just got to separate that headlight and do the custom work y’all just takes time and effort to get that done along with all these other components check out the lower grille portion is like a textured black with gray just non-premium all the way down the side texture black chrome texture black lower panels there are you kidding

Me no way so we did carbonize gray black on your front lower skid as i call it coming around you can see all that carbonized on the fenders uh lower portion there and did black on that piece there it just flows nicely door handles as well and these tail lights again just hit in a totally different way looking amazing i mean just i don’t know what to say y’all

It’s so legit did the explorer inlay in black that’s not a inlay that’s actual paint again on your ford emblem the ford emblems are so hard to do on an explorer i mean like incredibly hard like twice as hard as the f-150 we even cerakoted the tips black factory exhaust with black tips they’re trying to keep the price point down to continue to bring value and

Just look at these not cool wheel and tire combo difference i mean you heard real deal so a good look back here at your factory setup as far as your tail light lots of red lots of white mundane plain basic stock life is just not as good as custom life y’all you know it’s true that’s why you’re checking out your boy real deal on the daily because showing you

What’s up interior very polished and buttoned up leather seats contrast colors and stitching looking amazing i mean the explorer is a great vehicle and now with the lowering kit and all the amenities now as far as the overall looks and feel inside and out it’s a hit i love the way this one looks it’s going to be hopefully one that’s going to start doing more

And more you see what colors we currently have and i would love to do another white or just a wild color a rapid red would be money so many different choices to do on this explorer but our first lot one done up in this manner with the custom paint you have different drive modes you hit this button here and on your cluster there it goes between normal eco sport

And other variances which is great i love their different drive modes here is our information stock number ngb 22129 pause here for all the options we’re just under 60 grand there’s your factory options now i got a back to back to show you differences between the rear those tail lights make a huge difference in comparison to right here and then that lower

Portion that’s all that textured non-premium black going to body color in black makes a huge difference we even put a larger tip on there versus the factory tip there looking amazing y’all let me know what you think about the overall uh paint scheme of this one very subtle and discreet the carbonyl is great it’s not gonna be bold in appearance but definitely

A show stopper this vehicle is available as of today june 21st day after my wife’s birthday happy birthday again babe and granny i love you so much rest in heaven and we’ll see you one sweet day y’all thanks for watching my channel y’all it means everything to me and i’m talking about my family here just know that i i love you all i love everyone that checks

Out my videos and i just want you to be a part of what’s going on in my life every day is not all uh sunshine and smiles there’s there’s trials and tribulations uh every day we’re humans that’s part of being a human is overcoming obstacles on a daily basis but staying positive about it is what i try to do it makes all the difference y’all um all glory to god

Thanks so much for watching again y’all i’ll catch you next time hit that subscribe button peace out

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2022 Ford Explorer XLT Covert Edition CUSTOM Lowered on 22s By Real Deal Neal at Wild Willies Customs

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