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Altair Club Cars 2022 Ford Expedition Platinum Max + Trailer Hitch, Moonroof, NAV Review | Island Ford

2022 Ford Expedition Platinum Max + Trailer Hitch, Moonroof, NAV Review | Island Ford

Come down today to check out this 2022 Ford Expedition Platinum Max! Stock # 22121Contact us for questions or availability. Or see more new inventory at 2022 is a good year to shine in a Expedition Platinum Max in Star White Metallic. Enjoy your trip with ebony leather bucket seats. Tri-zone climate means everyone will be comfortable, but the front passengers have the perks of heated and cooled seats and the driver can keep their hands warm with a heated steering wheel. With seating for 6, Captain seats in the second row, you very well might be having a party in your car and the B&O audio system will make every song sound like you’re at the concert. Light up the night with LED headlamps while ambient lighting adds just enough light inside the vehicle so you don’t need to be afraid of the dark. Get in and go: use Ford Pass to unlock your vehicle, or use remote start before using the Stainless Steel running boards to hop in. Don’t worry about getting lost though, voice-activated navigation will get you where you want to go. With a heavy-duty trailer tow package, you’re ready for wherever adventure takes you. Your Vehicle is equipped with FordPass Connect which allows you to utilize the Ford Pass app to securely lock and unlock your vehicle as well as other features from the app. Additionally, it provides connectivity to Wifi Hotspot for up to 10 devices (Data charges apply, see dealer for details).

A great day for a drive in a 2022 expedition platinum max in star white with black leather trim seats seating for seven four doors and a lift gate in the rear it also has a 3.5 liter ecoboost v6 engine paired with a 10-speed automatic transmission and 4×4 it also has a heavy duty duty trailer tow hitch as well twin panel moonroof navigation and so many more

Features if you’d like to take this vehicle out on a test drive you can book it online at islandford.ca stay tuned we’re gonna have a look under the hood and inside and out this is a 3.5 liter beast paired with a 10-speed automatic transmission and it’s a 4×4 let’s have a look inside you’re in the door as well as power locks windows and mirrors there’s also

Memory for three drivers and the driver’s seat is powered with lumbar you also have multi-contour seating which means massage as well you’ve got these nice leather trim seats with the platinum badging and the nice stitching and on the floor the badged mats you have your electronic parking brake power pedals lighting controls your side view mirror with the blind

Spot information system and you also have the ability to bring down the seats as well as the lift gate being brought up just by pushing those buttons power tilt and telescoping steering wheel there’s a grab handle and a power deployed running board just makes it easier to get in on the face of it you’ve got your lane keeping cruise control as well as your volume

You’ve got your menu and hands-free dialing now this is a push start my foot’s on the brake keys in the pocket we’re going to push the engine start stop button on your dash any important messages your odometer reading and as well your menu so we’re just going to go in there it’s just letting us know how much fuel we have remind us where our seat belts we’re gonna

Go okay so you can see the different options navigation phone audio settings my view trip fuel vehicle information towing and then back around again and these all have sub menus in the center we’ve got this huge screen this is just a protector on there that’s why you’re seeing the line so we have the dual climate control the heated steering wheel and we also have

Our ac the volume for our media we can touch on the car for different options as well for camera towing parking assist seat settings and so forth you’ve got your settings in here you can touch on and then you’ve got your vehicle hot spots 911 assist for pass connect your phone list so forth change your controls change the look of the screen you’ve got also the

Options in here android auto apple carplay your owner’s manuals in there navigation your media with bluetooth and then when we put the vehicle in reverse we’re going to see it in here too we’re seeing where we are in space great how close am i to the curb you can see that very simply and then you’ve got your dotted line for the center green yellow red is how close

You’re approaching other objects or vehicles when going in reverse and then we can just get out of this view i’m going to put us back into part for safety’s sake so down in the cubby you’ve got a wireless charging pad usb usbc there’s your shifter your 4×4 your select shift your there’s the 4×4 there the options and your drive mode so you can dial through that it’ll

Appear on the dash so there’s normal eco and you notice the vehicle changes look sport tow haul mud ruts sand slippery and then back around again so as your road conditions change the the weather changes you can make adoption adapt to that which is really nice there’s your hill descent your parking assist and your couple of cup holders the armrest opens up quite

Generous in size you’ve got a nice little bin take that out you got a 12 volt down below lots of room to put stuff and then you’ve got your 12 volt off to the side two glove compartments this one you just press the button it’ll pop right open for you your auto dimming rear view mirror there’s your lighting controls sunglass holder you have a power screen and moon

Roof so you just press this it’ll power it right open for you and you also have your universal garage door opener grab handle in both the body and up top just making it easier to get in 22 in wheels power deployed running board chrome and body color door handle with intelligent access meaning when the fobs in close proximity you can lock and unlock the doors and

Keyless entry keypad driver side capless easy fuel gas filler in the rear you’ve got a little bit of a spoiler as well as a windshield wiper and your backup camera is located below the expedition badge backup sensors on your bumper and you have a trailer tow hitch which is hidden under the center piece in the rear here and when you’re ready to open it up you just

Double click your fob it’ll power it open for you nice and roomy back here you’ve still got your seating for three in the third row you’ve got lights and hooks and bins as well so that you can put items in there waterproof and we’ll just lift this up you’ve got a cargo net there and then off to the side is where you’ve got your power seats both left and right that

You can bring down and fold and then when you’re ready and you want to close it all up there’s a handle on the right but there’s also the button on the left and then you just press that it’ll bring it right down for you and then you can just lock it up and walk away or jump in and head out on your latest adventure and on your fob you have remote start speaker in

The door as well as power windows grab handle in the body and they’re seating for two in this row and these are captain seats you can see the armrests there and you have a couple of different options you can bring the seat ahead by pulling this lever and it’ll actually tip it out of the way if you want to bring it down you just pull the clip at the back of the seat

It also brings it up and out and slides forward then there’s seating for three in the back with a 60 40 split and there’s also bins off to the side and you have anchors on the back of the seats to be able to tether baby seeds and then just give it a push back into its regular seated position i’m just going to show you with this just pull this and it’ll fold it

Flat and then you’ve got your anchors located there then just pull the seat back up into its upright position you can just bring the arm down for you you’ve got carpeted mats on the floor and slim pockets on the back of the front seat you’re seeing a couple of cup holders as well you’ve got your media volume as well as 110 and you’ve also got your usb usbc your fan

Heated seats for both driver and passenger there’s your climate control up top you’ve got this nice twin panel moon roof there’s also hooks vents and handles hook up sensors and camera in the rear privacy glass in the back windows roof rails adjustable side view mirrors with blind spot information system led headlights fog lights tow hooks and so many more reasons

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2022 Ford Expedition Platinum Max + Trailer Hitch, Moonroof, NAV Review | Island Ford By Island Ford

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