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Altair Club Cars 2022 Ford Expedition Max Limited Stealth Performance: Is This The Coolest New Full-Sized SUV?

2022 Ford Expedition Max Limited Stealth Performance: Is This The Coolest New Full-Sized SUV?

Today I review a 2022 Ford Expedition Max Limited Stealth Performance Edition!

Hey everyone it’s ben hardy here and in today’s video me going over a 2022 ford expedition limited with the stealth performance package first and foremost so a huge shout out thank you to the ken garford here in american fork utah for giving me some time with this expedition i’m going to include a link to their inventory in the description down below they have

The new ford product they also get trucks from black widow as well so uh they have cool lifted trucks and they have ford’s new products what more could you ask for anyways like i said link to the inventory in the description down below and then on a side note if you want to save time and money the next time purchase card link to my carbine guide in the description

Down below as well let’s get right into the review so under the hood we have a turbocharged 3.5 liter v6 that goes through a 10-speed automatic transmission fuel economy is 16 around town and then 22 on the highway with power puts being 440 horsepower and then 510 pound-feet of torque with the stealth performance edition now let’s go over the front end of this

Expedition so first off you notice here with the expedition logo that has been all blacked out and then notice the hood is raised on either side and then it’s just flat here in the center portion and then you guys can see here off to the side how it kind of dips down just a little bit and then notice here we’ve got these c-shaped led accent lights with the led

Headlights and then you can see the fog light just down below and then notice here at the whole front grille how it’s all dark and then the ford logo you got a little bit of chrome right there to kind of accent the lettering and then notice here with the camera the bottom of the logo parking sensors here on the bottom with tow hooks and yeah look at that in black

This definitely has a really cool appearance now coming to the side here i’ve got 285 millimeter tires wrapped around 22 inch wheels in the front and over in the rear as well and they can see the design on the wheels how you’ve got the silver here around the wheel and then the blacked out portion there in the center for the rest of the wheel looks fantastic and

Then here’s a quick look at the front suspension and then notice here kind of like the molding there on the fender and then notice the mirrors all blacked out we do have a little bit of silver trim here off to the side and then if we take a few steps back you can see this one is a max so that’s why it’s a little bit longer there in the rear and then you can see

The tire wheel set up there on the back is identical to the front and actually that line like looking at the full profile the line actually makes sense it flows really nicely now here’s our key fob we have our unlock lock remote starting in the opening here for the rear hatch and well now that that has popped open let’s go over the seats first so notice we’ve got

All these different functions for the seats so first off for the third row you can raise and lower it with power the second row however you can only lower it down and notice how you’ve basically got the functionality to do it all at once or you can do one of the other it’s a great system overall then you can see the storage space here as well and then being the

Max you can see here with the rear you do get quite a bit more storage space behind the third row with the seats folded up and then if you fold them down you have even more storage space so tons of practicality here with the max and then when you’re all done just gotta press that now she’s closed now finishing things up with the rest of the rear you can see here

With the new led tail lights here i love how they’ve styled them so they basically taken the housing from the previous version of the expedition and just kind of made it look a little bit cooler a little bit more modern blacked out expedition badge here with the ford logo again notice how that’s a little bit different and then this silver trim continues here to the

Rear badges here on the back are all blacked out and then you got parking sensors bezel that covers the receiver hitch and well there’s the rear end and actually if you cover the tail lights it just it just looks like the uh normal expedition now here’s the door panel in the rear you can see here with the red stitching that i’m a huge fan of and then the padding

Down below for the armrest and then you can see here a couple speakers for the sound system power side steps and then look at these seats you can see again with the red stitching nose is perfect here in the center portion you’ve got the adjustments here on the seats and then you can see with the cup holders down below we’ve got the climate controls we’ve got the

Climate zone for the rear you’ve got heated seats for the rear you’ve got outlets as well and then notice the storage space and then this one has the bench seat configuration so you can fit three people across and i’m actually going to pop in now it’s got a grab handle that helps out so here’s your room got some vents here at the top which is nice and then as for

The third row again it’s a three seater there in the back and it’s got the functionality to help with the third row passengers get out with those little buttons there off the side um but anyways you can fit adults back there actually comfortably that’s one of the nicest things about suvs in this segment is you can throw adults in the third row which is great and

There’s more vents there at the top let’s head to the front now here is the front door panel again you can see here with the red stitching and then the padding down below all of our window controls the mirrors do power fold in and they’ve got blind spot monitoring we’ve got memory seat controls right there more speakers for the bang olufsen sound system and then

Again power setups and if you want to see how that kind of pops in and out so just wait a second and notice how they’re painted there at the bottom so then they fit with the body work that’s actually nice attention to detail so you don’t even notice that it has side steps so you open the door here the front seats again with the red stitching perforated in the center

Then you got your seat adjustments pedals down below pedal adjustment parking brake light control right here and then notice the lower down the seats and then for the hatch steering wheel is power adjustable let’s pop in now here is the steering wheel you can see here with the padding all around and again more of that red stitching and then notice the trim piece

Here at the bottom notice the airbag cover is stylized similar to what you have in the new f-150 same thing here with the buttons these control the cruise control system it’s got adaptive cruise control you got your volume voice command controls controls for the center stack and then notice we’ve got our turn signal windshield wiper stock and there’s a steering

Wheel now this is something very unique uh usually i review vehicles after they’ve all been through like their inspections and everything from the factory but this one just got here so look at the stuff we can see it’s kind of interesting the different screens you can pop through because the vehicle again still has to go through all the inspections i don’t know i

Think that’s uh cool but full digital gauge cluster just like the brand new f-150 definitely looks great um most of the different drive modes you can still scroll between those got normal eco sport and then tow haul and then on the other side we’ve got our slippery sand and then we’ve got our mud ruts mode as well obviously this is blocking the animation but uh also

It’s kind of cool for us to be able to experience that now here is the center infotainment system it is massive so first off we’re going to pop into reverse so you got a backup camera with your directory lines that turn with the steering wheel i know it’s got that zoom function there and then notice we’ve got all the different viewpoints here with the camera so i

Mean from a camera perspective it’s solid everything is uh covered suffice to sing now we’re gonna start here at the bottom and then go up so we’ve got our controls here for the heated cold seats notice with the seat control you just like slide it either way it’s kind of interesting on that but uh really user friendly overall and then this is like your radio phone

Stuff here and then at the top it shows more of that but then you can bring it on this tab and then it shows your android apple carplay radio and stuff so there’s radio stuff all in the center basically but notice we can go to the camera we can press it again and then you can do different camera views like we can do the front camera view if we want for example

But then you can do the rear camera view so like yeah i don’t know functionality is great on it and then notice we’ve got the towing right you can get that whole up and then when you’re done you have to just press little expedition right there and yeah so response time is great and there’s a lot of different features thrown into it which is cool we’ve got our

Pro trailer assist and then notice the red here and then you guys can see some of the trim here on the dash looks cool trailer brake controls and then we’ve got our auto stop start down here hazard light stability control and then that’s for the defroster wireless phone charger here some usbs and again look at the trim here and then notice here with the stitching

And then we’ve got some storage space here off to the side shifter for that 10-speed automatic it does have a manual shift mode then you can see the plus and minus for that drive mode select and then what’s with the drive line we have two wheel high four wheel high or sorry four wheel auto rather four wheel highs next to that and then four wheel low hill descent

Control parking sensors and then you can see again look how cool that looks from texture perspective about a couple cup holders and got to move my backpack but i’ve got the center console just like the f-150 and then notice the stitching kind of goes down in a line it’s pretty cool and we’ve got our dual glove box again also just taken straight out of the f-150

It looks like and then notice the red stitching and then on the dash as well then popping here up to the top we do have a full panoramic sunroof got a sunglass holder controls for the center of here at the top and then black headliner so here’s our window sticker for this expedition and limited stealth max yada yada yada yada anyways after all options this one

Stickers for 78 230 dollars and i want you guys let me know of what you think about this new expedition obviously in general but also the stealth package would you get the stealth package or would you just get the regular expedition limited that has all the normal like you know not sporty looks that has like normal chrome look if that makes sense uh so far i’ve

Only seen these stealths at the dealership i have not seen any dealers with the regular limiteds so uh maybe this is just what people are ordering that’s gonna something’s up for today’s video going over this ford expedition stealth limited and uh i just got the name in reverse who cares huge shout out thank you to the kangar ford here at american fork for give

Me some time with this expedition and to uh kind of make my point i reviewed this one there’s another white one over there like it’s just stealth’s on top of stealth i’ll see you guys

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2022 Ford Expedition Max Limited Stealth Performance: Is This The Coolest New Full-Sized SUV? By Ben Hardy

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