2022 ford expedition limited max
Altair Club Cars 2022 Ford Expedition Limited MAX – walkaround video

2022 Ford Expedition Limited MAX – walkaround video

Hey everyone today i have this star white metallic 2022 ford expedition limited this one is in the max extended version package and has all kinds of awesome upgrades let’s check it out together under the hood is the powerful 3.5 liter twin turbo mated to a 10-speed transmission giving you lots and lots of jam and silky smooth shifts you also have these awesome led

Headlights which are fully automatic set it and forget it even auto high beam and led fog lights to go with those new for 2022 is that new front grille headlight and bumper design you also have front park sensors if you get too close to something those will beep at you and to go with those you have a forward-facing camera and a camera under both mirrors and one

In the back you also get some nice tow hooks for recovery situations and the vehicle also has a ford uh collision system with pedestrian detection so if somebody walks out in front of you you don’t have time to stop it’ll stop for you that saves lives and saves you money on insurance look at these gorgeous aluminum alloy wheels they are wrapped in 22-inch rubber

They definitely fill out that wheel well nicely color matched mirrors look great with the signal light in them again a camera underneath there which is awesome to get in or out of this vehicle you can just put your code inside here and unlock it or you can put your hand in the door handle use the heat of your hands to unlock press this button right here to lock

It up or you can use this key fob with unlock lock remote start power tailgate and alarm or you can download the ford pass app and do that anywhere in the world on your mirrors you also have a blind spot system right there that’s going to light up when someone’s in your blind spot when you do unlock this vehicle the power running boards also come down to greet

You tinted windows look awesome off the back if you look up top you’ll see you have the roof rails this one has had the cross bars upgrade added to it we open up this back door and you’re first look at this gorgeous interior i just love this light design definitely keeps it nice and cool in the summer this is the eight seater configuration with the bench in the

Middle giving you tons of people moving room and then in the back you do have rear climate controls you also have rear heated seats usb and standard household plug in the back as well as a 12 volt look up top you see a huge panoramic standard with power shade letting in all kinds of natural light as we come to the back here you can see the limited badging there

The max the expedition underneath this garnish is a tow package and if we go ahead and hit this button right here it’s going to open up the back hatch the glass can open on its own as well now you see how much cargo space we have that is behind the third row unreal they also have a little bit of cargo organization in here and if we want to put these seats down

We just press this button and those go down power which is really nice you also in the third row have usb on both sides to charge devices you have a 12 volt power supply and then if we want to put down the middle or the two on the sides we just press these buttons and now you see how much true space you have that is just huge let’s go up front and check out some

Of those features so open up the driver’s door i always like to show the capacity stickers on these people can see that information and you do have your memory settings you’ve got your power locks power folding mirrors power windows this has a bang and olson stereo upgrade some really cool little uh inscribed features here with city and country living showing

All the different ways you can use the vehicle nice stitching on the dash power tilt and telescopic steering you can put your seat headrest down for here power liftgate set it and forget it headlights fog lights interior dimmer switches power adjustable pedals and your emergency brake then you have these 10 way adjustable heated and cooled front seats that are so

Comfortable let’s climb inside all right now that we are inside the vehicle we’re going to hit this push button start it’s going to fire everything up and i love the digital display in here looks awesome also shows you the seat belts and who’s buckled up got a digital display for your speedometer and it’ll even tell you the speed limits as you go past speed signs

Then on your steering wheel itself we have the intelligent cruise control so it can slow you down with the vehicle in front of you or change the speeds to the speed limits as you go past them also has the lane centering technology this will let the vehicle stay inside the lanes for you and we’ve got the volume controls and voice recognition we’ve got controls that

Digital display up top stereo controls this leather wrapped steering wheel is heated feels like a warm cup of coffee first thing in the morning got another nice speaker up top again center channel from bang olufsen and a place to put things and then this is a big upgrade the new huge screen in the middle it is optional unlimited and this one does have it you can

See we’ve got a big map with a connected navigation in there and then we’ve got some buttons on the bottom here for phone bluetooth stereo and all our air conditioning controls our volume knob is right in the middle and if we want to turn on our seats or anything in here just press this button and then all of a sudden my air conditioned seats are on and i’m nice

And cool come up top and you can hit the menu buttons which you can go into your navigation different devices even turn on a sketch pad or you can doodle and draw if you’d like which is kind of neat and then if we hit the vehicle icon up in the top this brings us to our controls including the all-around camera system and you can see all around us here or we can go

Into some of our settings menu and play with some of the features there come down below we’ve got four-way flashers traction control and a quick button for our defrost then we’ve got a nice little spot to set something in here and a 12-volt power supply upper and lower glove box again i love the finishing on here open up this little spot and you’ve got a wireless

Charger as well as your usb and usbc inputs cup holders here which are nice and we’ve got a rotary style shifter for that 10 speed transmission if we do want to put it in manual mode we can shift up and down with those gears using those buttons then we’ve got our drive mode and four wheel drive shift controls for the four wheel drive we’ve got two high set it

And forget it four automatic and four high drive modes if we turn this dial in your digital display it’s gonna change the displays look we can go from normal to eco to sport to tow haul mode and that all changes the way that the display looks which gives you a nice cool background and animations and if we go the other direction we can go from normal to slippery

To sand to mud and ruts and that’s going to change the four-wheel drive parameters and the traction control parameters on the vehicle then you do have a downhill descent control which keeps you from free rolling down a hill and we have a park button to navigate us to a parking lot big center console in here and upper and lower section and another 12 volt power

Supply come up top it’s an electrochromatic auto dimming mirror we’ve got some map lights and controls for our power sunroof from power shade speaking of shades your sunglasses in there and then we’ve got garage door openers up top here as well that’s this beautiful 2022 limited edition expedition max thanks a lot for watching this video do me a huge favor click

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2022 Ford Expedition Limited MAX – walkaround video By Jason Gillett

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