2022 ford e transit walk around
Altair Club Cars 2022 Ford E-Transit Walk-Around

2022 Ford E-Transit Walk-Around

Today is Earth Day.🌎 It’s a good time to reflect on our footprint and impact on our planet. Here is a quick look at our first Ford E-Transit. If you are shopping for a new car and want an environmental-friendly option, Merlin Ford Lincoln has got you covered. Contact us today for more information about our EV, Hybrid and Plug-in Hybrid vehicles.

Hello my name is carlos estrada i’m the small business fleet commercial sales manager here at merlin ford lincoln let’s have a first look at the all-new 2022 ford e-transit cargo van let’s have a look at the cargo space in this all-new electrified e-t354 transit cargo van the nice thing about the electrified units is that they’re not a whole lot of different inside

Compared to your regular transit cargo van what that means is if you have an existing cargo van in your fleet and you have all your shelving units all your outfits done already if you’re looking to trade that van in you take all your shelving equipment off it will fit on this van the way it fits on your current van the reason being is that the chassis that they

Use for the electrified unit is based on the transit cargo gas model and everything is uniform and will fit the same way as it does on your cargo van i’m five foot seven as you can see i have enough room that i can walk in and walk out of this van if you are looking for a little bit more room you can get the high roof this is a medium roof model the nice thing

About these electrified vans is that they come in three different body lengths three different lengths three different roof heights this one happens to be a long wheelbase 148 inch wheelbase and the medium roof rear wheel drive only to start off you can get all-wheel drive in the gas models but the amount of room that you have in here because of the battery

Layout underneath is incredible for shelving updates cargo the range you’re going to be looking at about 200 kilometers it’s designed for the urban small business owner a large company with a fleet where you have a lot of stops but you’re not putting a lot of kilometers on daily they’re intended to be charged overnight unplugged when you take off from the office

Your shop location in the morning come back at the end of the day plug it back up again and away you go the other thing i like about this electric cargo transit van is the only way you know that it’s an electric van is by the big bold e-transit badge on the back of the door otherwise it looks like a normal gas transit on the road they’ve done a really good job of

Making them look like the gas models and again not compromising on the cargo space or the drivability they’re going to be quieter they’re going to handle uh really nice on the road and still give you that space and dependability that you’re used to from the transit existing uh gas model lineup let’s have a look underneath the hood so although this is an electric

Unit you’ll find a lot of the full electrified vehicles out on the market today they don’t have much of a hood or anything underneath the hood or they use that space for additional cargo space like a trunk something that you’ll see in the f-150 lightning coming out later this year here you actually see one of the motors and how the system is set up there lots

Of space in comparison to a gas engine but you can see all of the connections there and let’s have a look at the charging port here you take your cord and you plug it in here or if you got a fast charger you plug it in here and here’s your light indicator so it’ll flash and blink as the vehicle is charging and then once it gets to a full charge the circle will be

Lit up and it will no longer be flashing letting you know that it has been charged nice and easy another indicator that we have that this is an e-transit is the three different light blue bars going across the grill that’s to differentiate it on the road from a gas model to the full electric let me show you something cool when we start this unit up that is the

Standard 12 inch sync four screen infotainment system a lot of information compared to the gas models is available on this screen being that it’s an electric vehicle one of the differences that you’ll see is that we have a rotary dial you don’t have a shifter anymore and there’s a l mode there which gives you a higher regen mode as you’re driving this vehicle

Also comes with audible coaching being that it’s electrified so it will let you know if you are accelerating too fast braking too hard uh because it wants you to maximize that range from a full charge well there you have it this was our merlin ford first look at the all-new first ever 2022 ford e-transit cargo van if you’d like more information on placing an order

For your small business company fleet please come find us at merlin ford lincoln today

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2022 Ford E-Transit Walk-Around By Merlin Ford

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