2022 ford bronco wildtrak first
Altair Club Cars 2022 Ford Bronco WildTrak First Impression | Sasquatch Package

2022 Ford Bronco WildTrak First Impression | Sasquatch Package

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Ever wondered what it would be like to experience a new Ford Bronco? A little over a week ago, Sokal COO Michael Ransom got a 2022 Ford Bronco Wildtrak, and took a second to provide his first impressions of this thrilling SUV, including his favorite feature, city and highway driveability and much more. We hope you enjoy!

Foreign i’ve had this bronco now for about a week about one week my favorite feature definitely is being able to take the roof off i got it right now and obviously september it’s the fall is approaching so being able to take the roof off a nice fall morning roll the windows down and drive it just feels great before this i had a wagoneer jeep wagoneer

Uh i mean it’s great it’s it’s a it’s a more of a rugged ride than you know my wagoneer but i like driving it everywhere i’ve gone on the highway with it i’ve taken it in the city haven’t taken an off-road yet but i love driving in the city feels great you know it’s a little bit louder obviously than my wagoneer on the inside because of the roof and it comes off

But there’s some soundproofing in there that helps so it’s a it’s a little bit of a louder ride but i actually don’t mind it at all it doesn’t seem to bother bother me or anyone that that’s ridden in it with me the turn radius on this is actually it’s great so i i actually have a much easier time parking this in my wagoneer which was obviously much better bigger

Because this is a two-door it’s a little bit smaller it’s a little more compact parking’s not an issue at all in this the thing that attracted me to this more than you know some of the other luxury i guess suvs is i prefer like the more rugged look and just since they’ve come out i’ve just had my eyes on the broncos they’ve been nearly impossible to get so when i

Was able to get my hands on one i jumped on the opportunity so ever since the broncos were announced i guess going a little over two years ago i told myself like when they come out i have to get one that’s i was going to get a bronco of course then covet happened and i think things got a little delayed so they’ve been kind of like i said impossible to get i prefer

The two-door over the four-door ever since i saw them first come out i i i personally like the two-door better and so when i saw one of our dealers one of our clients uh shout out to parkway ford in winston-salem once they had this on the lot i immediately called them and said hey look i love the new bronco you got in because i love the color scheme i did love the

Silver i love the big black tires on it so the the black and the silver that color scheme really caught my eye and then it’s the wild track line so it’s a it’s a model that has the leather interior which i prefer over the cloth interior and uh once once i saw them they had it on the lot i caught them immediately went to the store and then i was out of there and just

Under two hours with a brand new bronco oh yeah absolutely i think i mean for me it was more like you know it’s not i’m not buying this for all like the bells and the whistles and the features and and all that it’s it’s like more of the you know the bronco experience the brand and just what it means to just you know it’s it’s had just classic broncos from the 70s

And all the way to the 90s it just means a lot to you know a lot of people so when they brought it back out you know i was willing to pay not a crazy amount of money for it but i was willing to pay what i wanted to pay for to get what i wanted so i think it’s definitely worth the price if it’s something you’re interested in if you are attracted to the broncos if

That’s something that you’ve you know seen in the past and you’ve loved and you want to get one then i would say when you have an opportunity to buy one go for it foreign

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2022 Ford Bronco WildTrak First Impression | Sasquatch Package By Sokal

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