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Altair Club Cars 2022 Ford Bronco + Trail Turn Assist, G.O.A.T., Soft Top Review | Island Ford

2022 Ford Bronco + Trail Turn Assist, G.O.A.T., Soft Top Review | Island Ford

Come down today to check out this 2022Ford Bronco! Stock # 22319 Contact us for questions or availability. Or see more new inventory at Be one of the first to own the all new 2022 Bronco. Bold and Fun to drive with a Hot pepper Red exterior and Grey/Black cloth seats with Black Onyx interior. The four doors with seating for 5 means there is still room for a co-pilot and 3 other adventurers. Standard features include removable doors, Fender Tie Down Hooks, Ford heavy duty modular Front bumper, Front and Rear Tow Hooks, Four-Wheel Disc Brakes with Anti-Lock Brake System (ABS) and Electronic Stability Control, 4×4 with Part Time Selectable Engagement and 8 inch LCD Captive Touchscreen with Swipe Capability. The 7 speed manual transmission is paired with a 2.3L Ecoboost engine. The Soft top has Cloth with Prep Kit. Follow your free spirit, not the road with Terrain Management System with 5 Selectable GOAT (Goes Over Any Terrain) Modes. Your Vehicle is equipped with FordPass Connect which allows you to utilize the Ford Pass app to securely lock and unlock your vehicle as well as other features from the app. Additionally it provides connectivity to WIFi Hotspot for up to 10 devices (Data charges apply, see dealer for details). Your Vehicle is equipped with SYNC Connect which allows you to utilize the Ford Pass app to securely lock and unlock your vehicle as well as other features from the app. Additionally it provides connectivity to WIFi Hotspot for up to 10 devices (Data charges apply, see dealer for details).

It’s a great day for a drive in a bronco this is a 2022 in hot pepper red with gray and black cloth interior seating for five four doors and a swing gate it has a 2.3 liter ecoboost engine it’s paired with an automatic transmission and it’s a 4×4 it also has a reverse camera you’ve got all weather mats a soft top that can come off and so many more features like goat

Goes over any terrain that allows you to adapt as the road conditions and weather conditions change and if you’d like to take this beauty out on a test drive you can book that online at islandford.ca stay tuned we’re gonna have a look under the hood and inside and out by four four let’s have a look inside as well as power locks and you’ve got a nice grab handle in

The body your lighting controls are located here electronic parking brake and your hood release here all weather mats on the floor and the driver’s seat has lumbar and is manually adjusted on the face of the steering wheel we have our cruise control as well as the volume and then you’ve got your menu on this side and this is a push start so i’m just going to put

My foot on the brake key in the pocket we’re going to push the engine start stop button and then on your dash you’re going to see any important messages your odometer reading and i’m just going to get into the menu here just give you a look and so you’ve got my view trip fuel off-road phone audio and these all have sub menus and the settings then it goes back around

Again and also you have your hands-free dialing located there and this is trail turn assist that you’re seeing right there and what that does is lock the rear driver side wheel and then adds torque to the outside passenger side rear wheel and this allows you to do sharp turns or even donuts so if you’re in rough terrain and you’ve got to make a sharp turn you can do

That using this feature you also have your traction control and hazard lights and then you’ve got your screen here we’ve got the home screen you’ve got your settings audio your features and we’ll just go in there you can see the different options now on my steering wheel i can turn down the volume for my sources and then i can touch on it for the different options

There’s just a protective screen on here that’s why it’s taking a moment am fm sirius satellite radio as well as bluetooth and then when we go into our settings we’re gonna see the different options you got general display so you can actually dim your display connectivity your software updates hotspot and so forth in your features you’ve got your owner’s manual

And driver assistance and when we put the vehicle in reverse we’re going to see our backup camera view so the center line is that dotted line green yellow red is how close you’re approaching other objects or vehicles when going in reverse i’m gonna put us back into park for safety here volume and tuner and then you’ve got your fan your ac and max ac your front and

Rear defrost and then you’ve got your outlets here usb usbc just a place to put items automatic select shifter you’ve got your goat modes what is goat mode you don’t actually have a goat but you might as well have one because it goes over any terrain that’s what it stands for so there’s normal we’re just dialing through and eco sport you notice the icons change

Slippery sand and we can go back around again and as you go through so if your road conditions change the terrain changes the weather’s changing you can adapt to that and there’s your badge you also have a couple of cup holders you have your side view mirrors and the locks for the doors or the window controls i’m sorry and lock there the armrest opens up lots

Of room in there and the reason you’ve got your window controls there is because these doors come off and so your controls are in here for when they’re on and also the side view mirror controls because when the doors come off the side view mirrors are attached to the vehicle not the door which is really smart i think and so you can still have control of that now

You’ve got a soft top and it does come off and you can see those tabs there so you’d release those and then there’s a little handle you push it back and you can roll that roof right back and zipper it off 18 inch wheels mud flaps black door handle and side view mirror driver’s side capless easy fuel gas filler got a swing gate in the rear and there’s spare tires

Located there and just in the center is where your backup camera is located you’ve got a tow hook on the left hand side your buck and bronk to the right and then when you’re ready to open it up you just open the handle here it’ll swing right open and you’re going to notice it opens even bigger for you it’s about 150 degrees and that allows you to get big objects

In there and then this part of the top and it’s the soft top as well comes with the ability to flip it up now i need both hands to do this so there’s a clip on the inside on either side and you unclip it and then you can push it back up almost like when you see a cabriolet how it goes up with the top you’ve got this nice all-weather mat and extra carpeted mats you

Got your buck and bronc of course and underneath pull this up and you’ve got your jack funnel and a little bit of room to put items and you’ve also got pockets back there to put things as well you’ve got a 12 volt and your lights and then when you’re ready you just swing the gate closed and lock it all up walk away or you can jump in and head out on your latest

Adventure watching the door and grab handle in the body they’re seating for three in the back with a 60 40 split you can bring down the headrest by simply pushing the button and then pull the tab at the back of the seat it’ll bring it right down you now have access to the back cargo area all weather mat on the floor and you also have extra carpeted mats on the back

Of the seat are anchors feel to their baby seats and then just give the seat a push back into the upright position and flip up the headrest got a nice all weather mat on the floor that runs from one end to the other and slim pockets on the back of the front seat just reminding you that center console is not a step and you’re noticing you have the controls for the

Windows and that’s because the doors come off so they want to put the controls there and then you have your usb usbc outlet you’re seeing your buck and bronc there you got a nice soft top and that can come off as well and you’re ready to go first camera and spare tire in the rear soft top privacy glass in the windows adjustable side view mirrors halogen headlights

Tow hooks and so many more reasons to visit us if you like this video and would like to see more please subscribe we have plenty to share with you and we love to hear your comments

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2022 Ford Bronco + Trail Turn Assist, G.O.A.T., Soft Top Review | Island Ford By Island Ford

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