2022 ford bronco sport review is
Altair Club Cars 2022 Ford Bronco Sport Review: Is it Really a Daily Driver?

2022 Ford Bronco Sport Review: Is it Really a Daily Driver?

When it comes to the all-round SUV segment, the BroSpo is just too focused on one aspect of the driving experience – off-roading. While it serves as an important measuring stick of what’s possible in this class, when we did our AutoGuide 2022 Compact SUV Comparison the Bronco Sport came up against tough opposition. How did it rank as an overall daily driver?

So recently we held a massive 2022 auto guide compact suv comparison presented by nrs brakes now we’re going to take a closer look at one of the entries in that massive battle royale the 2022 ford bronco sport we want to take a second to thank our sponsor nrs brakes nrs brakes offer galvanized brake pads which use a friction material that’s mechanically attached

Not glued to the galvanized steel backing plate making them the longest lasting and quietest brakes in the market find out more about nrs brakes in the link in the description below foreign sport perfectly illustrates the flexibility of this segment slightly smaller than the escape with which it shares its platform the bros bow is boxier and a more rugged

Entry in the compact suv segment ironically it reverses course for car-based suvs offering some of the compromises of old school suvs but with an added dash of cool okay the big bronco is cooler especially in two-door trim but if you park the bronco sport beside just about anything else in this class it does draw attention ford did a good job transferring those

Retro looks to the smaller platform boxy is in and this two-pronged attack from the blue oval gives buyers the choice of the car-like escape and the friendly faced baby bronco don’t let that happy face fool you the bronco sport is a genuinely quick little suv while the other models of the bronco sport use a 1.5 liter three-cylinder engine ford torquey 2-liter

Turbocharged four-cylinder is exclusive to this top badlands trim here it puts down 250 horsepower and 275 pound-feet of torque all through an 8-speed automatic transmission and standard four-wheel drive that mission of recreating the old-school suv experience does present some challenges the wide-angle view out over the hood and the clean sight lines those

Are good the noticeable body lean and corners the constant hum from the tires and that somewhat vague steering less so but those are the sacrifices you’ll have to make for the off-road life with the bronco sport and that’s really where the bronco sport comes into its own on loose services the light steering feels relaxed better matched to the constant slight

Adjustments required on dirt the short wheelbase makes it a good bit of fun to throw around corners too and that heartier four-wheel drive system in the badlands gives it legitimate off-road chops there’s not much else in this size of in price range that will go further from the tarmac its name the bro suppose interior is hardly fancy the optional soft touch seats

In the badlands are great but the rest of the cabin is more tough plastics than anything else that feels oddly appropriate though given the broncosports mission statement second row riders won’t find a surplus of legroom but that safari style twin step roof back there does give them a whole bunch of headrooms are you camping out for the night take advantage of the

Tailgate’s built-in spotlights not to mention the bottle opener be prepared to pay a cool tax for the broncosport even as one of the priciest vehicles in this class it misses out on a lot of tech even ford’s newer sync 4 infotainment system at least it has a front-facing camera which sure enough has its uses off-road if that’s where you find yourself most of

The time then there’s a lot to like about the bronco sport it’s lack of technology kind of feels appropriate and you trade all that for buckets of cool it really is a baby bronco and one that can provide plenty of smiles every time you leave the road thanks again to our sponsor nrs brakes be sure to check them out and don’t forget to like subscribe and definitely ring that bell

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