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Altair Club Cars 2022 Ford Bronco Sport Outer Banks: Start Up, Test Drive, POV, Walkaround and Review

2022 Ford Bronco Sport Outer Banks: Start Up, Test Drive, POV, Walkaround and Review

👋 In today’s video we take a detailed look at the all new 2022 Ford Bronco Sport Outer Banks! This is the smaller of the new Bronco’s coming from Ford and is based off of the Ford Escape. This model is about eight inches shorter and still has an ample amount of interior room! The rear seat passengers have plenty of headroom with the curve of the roof and can place their feet underneath the front seats to make it a comfortable back seat. The exterior styling is a great modern design from the original Bronco sport and I love how they kept it boxy and gave it an aggressive look for a smaller size SUV! If you want to set yourself apart from other vehicles in this class, this is the SUV to do it with! The interior has nice materials and all the information you need, the infotainment system is easy to use along with the rest of the center control stack. There is plenty of storage space and hidden pockets throughout with is a great use of the space! The engine in this model is the smaller one offered and it had a great amount of power for the size of the vehicle. Overall this is a great SUV to come from Ford and I love how it gives customers the option to get a rugged “off-roader” in this class. It’s also very quiet on the road and smooth with a nice comfortable suspension! This would make for a great daily driver and has the ability to go off the pavement for some fun adventures!!

Hey everyone and welcome back to the channel so today i’m down at mooresville ford and we get to take a look at this 2022 a ford bronco sport this trim level is the outer banks so huge shout out to them for providing this rugged suv for me today make sure you guys check out their website i’ll have all the info down in the description but the bronco sport that

You see behind me is finished off in a very beautiful velocity blue and this model here has a list price right around forty thousand dollars starting underneath the hood for this bronco sport there are two different engine options this model here has the one and a half liter ecoboost three cylinder engine this is paired to the eight-speed automatic transmission

And it pumps out 181 horsepower around 6000 rpm and 190 pound-feet of torque around 3000 rpm it features the 4-wheel drive system it weighs in right around 3 400 pounds it’ll do 0-60 in the mid 7 second range up to its top speed of 125 miles an hour and it has a fuel capacity of 16 gallons you can expect to see around 25 miles per gallon in the city and 28 out on

The highway this has a wheelbase of 105.1 inches its overall length is 172.7 it has a width of 82.2 a height of 70.2 its ground clearance measures in at 8.8 inches it also has an approach angle of 30.4 degrees a breakover angle of 20.4 degrees and a departure angle of 33.1 degrees as we work our way to the exterior styling now let’s start front and center with the

Retro design that you can see for this grille so you’ll see bronco is spelled out in white letters with gloss black for the grill and you can see that the grille surrounds and is incorporated around those headlights just giving it a really cool design this also has led headlights drls and turn signals you can see within the housing there has a really nice shape to

It and this also has led fog lights that are down in the lower section of the bumper you can see there’s plenty of cutouts both in the grille in the middle section of the bumper as well as down below to provide maximum cooling for this engine and you’ll see really aggressive bulges on both sides of the hood just giving it more of that rugged style for the smaller

Size suv and as we work our way to these sides now you can see this has a really nice set of 18 inch wheels they have the two-tone designed to them along with that multi-spoke pattern you can see the outer banks badge as well on the lower section of the door and this also has a full gloss black roof you can see the a-pillars all the way to the back section there

We have the roof racks and you can also see that bulge right in the middle of the roof this adds even more headroom for your backseat passengers which we’ll get to here soon you can see really nice lines running down the side we have an indention running in the lower section of the door along with some more of that trim which matches the fender flares you can see

A small line running just above that just to give it a cool look along with this two-tone design and then in the rear you can see we have the glass of course which does open i’ll show that here soon we have bronco sport spelled out in those white letters this also has led tail lights as well along with the turn signals and then with the class 2 towing hitch this

Can tow right around 2200 pounds which is very adequate for the size and the engine option for this model this also has the backup camera along with all the parking sensors and now let’s work our way to the rear cargo area as i mentioned earlier you can open up the glass separate from the liftgate so you just push on that button and then grab this handle which also

Has the rear wiper blade now this is a pretty narrow opening but nonetheless it is there not a lot of suvs offer this so it gives you great access into the back area if you don’t want to open up the entire gate and then over on this right side you just push on the door you can use this handle and open that the rest of the way and then with the back seats up you can

See there’s a good amount of storage space we do have this very durable liner in here so that we can throw in any items that you need to over on the passenger side you can see a 12 volt along with some of these hooks here where you could place bags groceries there’s also a cargo light a little bit of storage space on both sides and then over on this driver’s side

If i push on this button here that will automatically turn on these lights up in the lift gate so if you’re using this at night time you can also adjust these as needed really cool option to see that and then just pushing on it again we can shut it off and then with the back seats folded down you can see there is a lot more storage space this is a smaller size suv

But this gives you a lot more practicality and being able to use this every single day and then also up underneath the floor if we lift this up you can see there’s a spare tire along with some more storage space if you need to utilize that and then up in the liftgate along with those lights we do have a grab handle on both sides it’s a very light liftgate so it’s

Very easy to close but let’s work our way to the back seats now where you’ll see on the inside of the door panel this has a really nice two-tone design you can see the navy color on the armrest along with all the white stitching there’s matte black on the release handle along with gray surrounding that there’s the window control this model also has the optional

Bang olufsen 10 speaker sound system you can see there’s a little bit of storage space down in the lower section of the door and then as we work our way to these seats we have a combination of perforated leather running right down the middle along with the cloth surrounding it you can see more of that stitching really nice combo against this exterior blue and then

At 5 foot 10 it’s time to hop into the back seats where it’s actually really easy as i mentioned earlier we have that bulge in the roof so that gives you a lot more headroom you can see i have around six or seven inches above my head so you could be even taller than me and still be comfortable i have plenty of room for my feet and my legs with the seat set at my

Height where you’ll also notice too behind the seat we have these zippable pockets you can see that on both sides along with this netting down below where you can place smaller tools any equipment that you want to put there or smaller items like pens anything like that which is great to see right in the middle you can see a usb and a usbc along with a three prong

Outlet there’s even two air vents as well and then right in the middle if i fold this down we have the armrest along with two cupholders which is great to see and you have plenty of visibility for your backseat passengers here it’s very open and then from this angle here you can see with these seats folded down again that definitely gives you a lot more versatility

With this smaller size vehicle and before we work our way to the front seats now this does have remote start so i’m going to show how that works we have unlock lock you can also double tap this button to release the rear liftgate and then with the vehicle locked you double tap on this button here it will fire right up really awesome feature to have if you do need

To shut this off for whatever reason you can use that button as well and you can also use this hidden keypad to lock and unlock the vehicle if you’d like to so it’s great to see that you can lock and unlock it with the driver door handle too and then looking at this door panel you can see it’s finished off just like the rear one we have the addition of the side

Mirror adjustments along with the child locks you can see lock and unlock a lot more storage space down in the lower section of the door panel and then we have that same two-tone design for these seats with the addition of the bronco logo front and center there definitely gives it a great design bronco is also spelled out down on the door sill and we have a pretty

Large door opening here so it’s very easy to enter and exit you actually step down over the door sill there and then with the door open there you can easily grab that grab handle and moving on to the steering wheel you’ll see it’s completely covered and solid black leather we have some really nice trim pieces you can see the bronco logo right in the middle but now

Let’s fire this up with my foot on the brake we have that button over on the right side and we can bring this bronco to life in looking at this gauge cluster you can see over on the left side is the attack as well as the engine temperature on the right side is the miles per hour and the fuel gauge and then front and center you can see this lcd screen where you can

Go through a lot of information using these buttons over on the right side you’ll see menu and the back button as well as okay and the scrolling dial and then bluetooth and voice commands are just underneath that so right now you can see the average mpg if i scroll down it will pull up a few more vitals for that you can also see the tpms as well as the audio if

You have that on and running and then if i click on menu you can go into the display setup so you can change from miles per hour to kilometers per hour you can also go into your settings look at your oil life if i scroll up again you have phone navigation and audio so you can go into those different settings just depending on what you have on and what you’d like

To see you can also select what you’d like to see so on that first screen that i showed it’s currently showing the check marks there so again you can pull up whatever else you’d like to see your seat belts your trailer light anything like that your auto start stop so just depending on what you like to pull up and what you’d quickly like to get to so it’s really

Nice to have all that front and center over on this left side you can see volume for the radio as well as all the adaptive cruise and steering assist settings so you can quickly get into that on the lower section of that screen you can see i just turned that on so we have the distance pacing that you can see miles per hour is on that right side along with the speed

Limit sign and if i push on this button here that is for the steering assist so you can have all that running the distance pacing as well really nice to see that technology in this vehicle over on this left side you have a release for that lift gate along with the headlight controls and fog light adjustments you can see a dimmer switch for those gauges there’s

Also one air vent you can see the bang olufsen logo front and center along with the speaker and then right in the middle we have this 8.8 inch touchscreen system where you have a lot more info you can go through you can see currently we are on the home screen so we have the navigation on the left side audio and phone is on the right when you have those on and

Paired you can see them on of course and then any lower section is all the presets so you can quickly get to your audio you can pull up your phone again when you have that paired we have the navigation so you can see that in full screen and then a few different apps that you can go into you can even add some phones and other things like that and then we have all

These settings that you can go into so you can look at your navigation your voice control we have the valet mode you can also look at your forward pass connect go into your bluetooth all those different settings we even have the driver assistance so you can set all this to what you’d like and how you’d like to use it we have a lot of different settings to go into

So it’s very helpful to see that just below that you can see power and volume for the radio tuning is over on that right side we have the engine start stop feature which you can turn on and off and then this button over on the right side you have a few different settings for this screen you can see the time as well as the date and the day you can shut it completely

Off or bring it back up to the screen here just depending on what you like to see and we have a few other buttons for the audio controls you’ll see there’s a really nice storage shelf right in the middle so it’s nice to see that utilized we have a grippy surface so you can place your phone or any other items there and they won’t roll around and then just below that

You can see all the physical buttons for the climate controls you can turn it on over on this driver side and then we have the dials for the temperature so you can see driver as well as passenger pop up just by using those dials you can see we also have the heated seats for driver and passenger along with the heated steering wheel control where you’d like the air

To go is easily laid out you can also see auto along with the defrosters and all of your recirc buttons too it’s a very nicely laid out system you’ll notice too there’s a lot more storage space down below with the wireless charging port you can see a usb and a usbc along with a 12 volt and more of that grippy pad over on this right side again you can place items

Here and they won’t roll around really nice deep area too so they’re kind of hidden sunken down below you can see a really nice trim piece surrounding the cup holders over on this right side there’s a little bit of storage space right in the middle and then on this left side this is how you go between the gears so with my foot on the brake if i rotate it once that

Is for reverse where you’ll see the backup camera up here along with the guidelines if i push on the plus you can see that arrow and more of a downward angle so if you’re backing up to a trailer even just backing up in general it gives you another angle which is great to see you can go all the way over into drive there’s also a low range gear and then if i twist

It all the way back that is for park you’ll see the electronic parking brake just behind that along with the auto hold assist and we even have some goat modes for this model so by using that dial there you can see currently the vehicle is in normal we can also go into eco you can see sport mode we also have slippery and the last one is sand so just depending on

How you’re driving this and where you’re taking it it’s nice to have a few different driving modes very easy to get to you can see right in the middle we have more of that navy leather and stitching if i open this up there’s a good amount of storage along with some auxiliaries you can see these cutouts on both sides too so you can plug in items and have those cords

Coming out when you have this shut and then over on the passenger side you can see the glove box plenty of room for all of your info that needs to go there we’ll take one last look at this interior and then up top in the back section you can see the sunglass holder the dome lights are in front of that this even has some garage door buttons over on the driver’s side

All right so getting this 2022 ford bronco sport out on the road it’s been a while since i’ve been behind the wheel of the bronco sport and i gotta say this is a really cool smaller size rugged suv it’s a lot more capable than you would expect we actually got to go out to austin texas for the bronco off rodeo we drove the bigger bronco more off-road but they even

Had the bronco sports there that were available to take through the trails to really see the capabilities of the smaller sized vehicles so don’t underestimate this if you want a rugged sporty suv we have the full-time four-wheel drive system the different goat modes where you could take this off-road now with the outer banks here this is more of the middle trim

Level so we have more of the luxuries like the heated seats the heated steering wheel all this cruise control technology so you can get a few different trim levels above this that are more off-road focused just depending on what you like out of your bronco sport so i really like the fact that you have so many different trim levels just depending on what you need

To use for your daily driver because if you’re buying the bronco sport this is going to be your daily and for the smaller size that it is ford did a really good job at giving you a lot of interior storage for this size i love the fact that we have so much headroom i’m five foot ten and even in the front seat here i have six seven eight inches of headroom which

Is really great to see so you could be much taller than me easily fit in the front row you could easily fit in the back seats there so i love to see that use of space and as far as driving this out on the road it’s a very very comfortable vehicle to drive there’s not a lot of road noise a little bit of tire noise but it’s very very very vague this would be an

Excellent daily driver because of how comfortable and quiet it is and now i want to go ahead and get this radar crew set up along with the distance pacing i think this is a really really awesome system we even have the steering intervention here or the steering assist i should say which is really great it does a phenomenal job i love vehicles that have this

Technology and especially for the price point you can see right now that the vehicle is turning to the right especially at this price point it is awesome to see that we have this technology it makes it a lot more comfortable to drive if you’re in heavy traffic stop and go traffic we have the full radar crews so this will come to a stop it will do the gas for you

It will do the break for you obviously you still need to be paying attention have your eyes on the road of course but it is a great technology feature to have we have the backup camera the blind spot all of those safety features are in this model which is of course great and so now with this three-cylinder engine let’s pop it over into sport mode i believe it was

And we’ll give it a little bit of gas now you can get a different engine the four cylinder but even with the three cylinder here we got up to speed this is not a heavy vehicle so if you want the option to go with this engine option you can and i think it has an adequate amount of power if you needed to merge out into the highway onto traffic things like that we

Got up to speed there and then you can see switching over to the pov angle now you can see what it’s like to be behind the wheel and in the driver’s seat for this bronco sport i’m going to start off with the visibility talking about those hood bulges so you can see that from this angle here looking all the way over to that passenger side and then a quick look at

Visibility again over this right shoulder you can see all the way that way over the left shoulder you can easily see out of that glass definitely a really nice interior this cruise control is really easy to set as well we have that lane keeping assist like i mentioned really good system we can take another look at this interior overall this is a great smaller

Size vehicle if you’re looking for something like this we have the four-wheel drive system all of those goat modes which means goes over all terrain you can get a few more different driving modes just depending on the trim level that you go with so this is missing a few compared to some of the more off-road focus trim levels for the bronco sport but it’s really

Cool to have all that technology but i think that’s going to wrap it up for my walk around review and test drive getting behind the wheel of this 2022 ford bronco sport outer banks edition once again huge shout out to mooresville ford for providing this rugged suv for me today check out their website that link is down below give the video a huge thumbs up if you

Enjoyed it and consider smashing that subscribe button so you don’t miss out on our daily uploads and i’ll see you guys in the next video you

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