2022 ford bronco sport badlands
Altair Club Cars 2022 Ford Bronco Sport Badlands walkaround video 01

2022 Ford Bronco Sport Badlands walkaround video 01

Check out this area 51 Badlands edition Broncos sport tons of upgrades including the trailer hitch 2 L turbo charge engine and much more

Hey everyone today we have this beautiful area 51 blue 2022 ford bronco sport this is in the top of the line badlands edition with all the upgrades let’s check it out together so under the hood is the first upgrade with the badlands you do get the 2-liter turbocharged 245 horsepower motor this thing can really move around then you do have these awesome set it

And forget it led headlights that are fully automatic including auto high beams led fog lights to go with those you see the white bronco lettering across the front which is awesome you also get on the badlands edition these blacked out front tow hooks you also have skid plates all underneath and increase clearance the wheels and tires have been upgraded on the

Badlands model as well those aluminum alloy rims look amazing and then you can see the badlands logo right there your mirrors are a heated power mirror with a blind spot detection system in them so that lights up when someone gets in your blind spot to get in or out of this vehicle you can just put your code in here and it’ll unlock or you can put your hand in the

Door handle since the heat from your hand and unlock you can press this button with your thumb and it’ll lock or you can use this fob with unlock lock remote start open up the hatch or your alarm system you can also download the ford pass app and do that anywhere in the world for free thank you ford that’s an amazing feature on the badlands edition the roof line

Is all blacked out giving you that nice safari roofline style tinted windows off the back look great and if we open up this back door you get your first look at this gorgeous saddle leather bad lines interior these seats are super comfortable the leather is done with great quality nice upper section done in a suede material you have molly straps on the back here

For hanging carabiners off and even your pockets are done zipper style tile you’ll see the flooring is all done in this textured rubberized material easy to clean out and you also have usb and usbc as well as standard household plug power supply in the back that is awesome just coming to the back here you’ve got rear backup sensors you also have a tow hitch this

Is best in class towing for its size and you’ve got a backup camera with a little washer nozzle there so you can even spray itself off if we want to open up the glass up top we can just hit this button that opens up some really cool little easter eggs there’s a mountain range stenciled in here and you also have a bronco with a surfboard that you can see from your

Rear view mirror then we can open up the back door here and you do have the nice cargo space area which is again done in all that texturized rubberized material with the upgraded seat backs and those can come off to wash them you do have another inverted power supply and a 12 volt here really cool little tie hook so the lasso on them and you can even see the little

Bronco logo lit up in the lights speaking of lights if we hit this button actually turns on some led pod lights which are movable to select different areas to light up if you’re working on things at night then if we close this up if we want to come to the front of the vehicle we’re going to open up the driver’s door and you’ll see some controls here these are our

Power locks our power mirrors and power windows our bang and olson’s 10 speaker upgraded sound system then you have our set it and forget it headlights and fog light controls interior dimmer switches and unlock for your hatch on your signal light stock there’s a button on the end that’s for lane departure warning the steering wheel is tilt and telescopic and then

You have these super comfortable captain’s chairs their power and their heated up front and again love the bronco stenciled in here in the suede part let’s jump inside all right now that we’re inside the vehicle we’re just gonna go ahead and hit this push button start and we’re going to look and see we’ve got in the digital display a digital speedometer it gives

You a whole bunch of other information in there including what the speed limit is on the road you’re on and that’s because it has a camera that takes a picture of that speed limit for you and displays it there on our steering wheel again a nice bronco emblem you’ll see ford very little on this vehicle only one badge everything has been badged bronco then you’ve

Got your cruise control set up here now the cruise control is an adaptive intelligent cruise control adaptive meaning it’ll slow down with the vehicle in front of you and intelligent meaning that with that speed sign recognition software you can actually have it set it up so it’ll change the speed of the cruise control as you go past speed signs to speed you up or

Slow you down then you have this lane centering system which is ford semi-autonomous driving system it’ll even steer the steering wheel for you using the lanes on the road so basically a hands-free system then you’ve got volume controls here stereo on this side controls that display up top voice recognition as well as phone controls your steering wheel is leather

Wrapped and it is heated feels like a warm cup of coffee on a cold morning your windshield wipers do have an automatic setting as they have a rain sensor in the windshield so if i get any moisture on there they’ll start going on their own which is awesome as we come up top you’ll see that big bang and olson center channel speaker there then our nice floating

Infotainment touch screen system now with this system you do have all your audio controls it’s got satellite radio bluetooth streaming and apple carplay and android auto love those features as this turns into your phone your spotify your maps your podcast all that kind of stuff comes up and looks like the apps on your phone you do have a hard base navigation system

As well so you can just put your map address in there and it’ll navigate you to where you want to go and then in your settings menu you can really control all the different information in here if you’d like you can set all the safety features and everything else down here we have engine automatic off volume control and stereo controls and a little camera what’s the

Camera for that is for our forward-facing camera which can actually made into a three-way camera great for going down the trail if you’re going at slow speeds you can see the obstacles in front of you as we come down below we’ve got a nice pocket to put things we’ve got dual climate control my side my passenger side our heated seats controls and our heated steering

Wheel control nice little place to put things down here and a wireless charging pad and great size fits the phone nicely and keeps it from moving around usb and usbc connections is another 12 volt got our rotary style shifter with an m mode the m is for manual and you actually have paddle shifters beyond the steering wheel to be able to shift through those gears

Electronic parking brake auto hold what that feature means is if you turn it on you can take your foot off the brake while you’re at a stop sign vehicle won’t go anywhere until you touch the gas then you do have on here a trail control system it’s basically an incredibly slow cruise control so you can just set it at like five kilometers an hour and drive down the

Road we’ve got a full-time locking four-wheel drive system if we want traction control a locking rear differential as well as goat modes well goat modes well goat modes or go over any terrain in the badlands you get some upgraded go over any terrain modes we can have normal eco sport slippery mud and ruts sand or even a rock crawl so if you really want to do some

Aggressive off-roading rock crawl is the one you like then we’ve got cup holders and a middle one that’s actually the size of an energy drink open up this center console you’ve got another usb and usbc connection come up top it’s an electrochromatic autodimming mirror we’ve got some map lights place for your sunglasses and garage door openers all right that’s that

Area 51 2022 ford bronco sport badlands thanks a lot for watching this video do me a huge favor and subscribe to this channel go ahead and hit that bell icon you’ll be notified every time i make a video and if you like this video give it a big thumbs up thanks everyone

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2022 Ford Bronco Sport Badlands walkaround video 01 By Jason Gillett

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