2022 ferrari v12 812 gts spider
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2022 Ferrari V12 812 GTS Spider

A legend is reborn. 800bhp of V12 power makes it the most powerful production convertible on the market. With a beautiful styling combination & all the key extras, our 812 GTS Spider is a true collectors piece 🔥

Foreign the ferrari 812 gts now cars are becoming boring aren’t they everyone wants electric quiet this is a v12 naturally aspirated engine an unbelievable seven spiel speed dual clutch gearbox 800 brake horsepower and the roof comes off does it get any better what a phenomenal car this is v12 looks performance it is absolutely sensational this car and

It’s spec beautifully the color it’s got the daytona large racing seats what a supercar this is and like i said you know cars are becoming a little bit boring there’s not going to be many v12 cars being produced just look at that it is a work of art unbelievable performance 800 brake horsepower but i just love the look of it it’s sensational it’s done just

Over a thousand miles it’s a 2022 what a car it is it’s got them stunning wheels as well which have you know have all been specked correctly they’re in matte black forged wheels ceramic brakes beautiful yellow calipers with the yellow center cap as well scooteria shields on the wings and then it’s these seats as well what make the car as well them dear toner

The large actually as well and they’ve got the lifter for the seats that’s a big thing so you can just get the seat position because if it didn’t have that as an option it makes a difference to to when you’re when you’re driving at your seat in position just isn’t nowhere near look at the stitching inside that beautiful yellow stitching running throughout and

You’ve got that beautiful steering wheel with a carbon fiber which i’ll show you but if you just move back and look at that car it is incredible best priced 812 gts for sale in the country i’m going to start the car up and just show you inside actually so sometimes i find the the daytona seat a little bit uncomfortable this larger seat is stunning you’ve got

Alcantara we’ve got carbon fiber here let’s just start it up hold on now other little features which are important it’s got the reversing camera it’s got the nose lifter as well just key little features that the car’s got reversing camera there and inside it feels very very roomy and when you’re driving it there’s not many cars you know what deliver v12 noise

800 brake horsepower unbelievable the gear change as well on this dual clutch gearbox it’s fantastic it’s quick it’s unbelievably responsive and uh even the chassis as well there’s a button obviously you can press this chassis button there if it’s a bumpy road press that and it just makes the car a lot more comfortable and softer but you’ve still got that that

Incredible noise it’s ridiculous it is ridiculous this car we’ll price it like i said at the start to sell it i’m just going to show you the roof very very fast little button inside and now it’s running as well you can see you know all the lights the back of it just looks tremendous with them that that big section where you diffuser what comes out them quad

Pipes the lights and if i just open the boot just to assure you the plaque there which you get eight one child gts adaptive headlights all the carbon fiber which we’ve spoken about you’ve got the cover here still got a decent bit of boot space there as well first one we’ve had incredible performance incredibly beautiful well-built ferrari v12 like i said one

Of the last naturally aspirated engines that’s ever going to be produced what a car

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2022 Ferrari V12 812 GTS Spider By Acklam Car Centre

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