2022 ferrari 296 gtb driven in i
Altair Club Cars 2022 Ferrari 296 GTB driven in India – 830hp rocket ship | EXCLUSIVE | Autocar India

2022 Ferrari 296 GTB driven in India – 830hp rocket ship | EXCLUSIVE | Autocar India

Ferrari’s latest supercar might not have a V8, but don’t let that fool you into putting it down. Shapur Kotwal explains how it still is a purebred.

Foreign this is ferrari’s 296 gtb in line with today’s greener world it gets a downsized 2.9 liter v6 a plug-in hybrid system and a dedicated ev mode so is it a step back for ferrari or is it a step up let’s dive straight in this is the 296 and if you’re thinking the six cylinder delivers less performance foreign check that out it’s just insane and pulling

The lower end to that top end pull oh is it this is this fast you ask well simple it has a better power to weight ratio than the first gen bugatti veyron yes the thousand horsepower monster and to help it rock it off the line it gets 167 horsepower of pure electric boost and believe it’s this quick let’s go again check this out oh my god and we’re not even

Engaging the full power yet to do that i have to put it in qualifying mode and that’s when it unleashes and gives you practically everything qualifying mode gives you maximum e-boost even at the cost of draining the battery and zero double up oh my god this is like literally driving in fast forward 830 horsepower you better believe it so how quick is it 100

Kilometers an hour comes up in just 2.9 seconds and 200 comes up in just 7.3 take a few seconds to digest that and now you know click down just look at that that is right into superbike territory always wanted to drive a bugatti veyron scratch that drive this so what’s the secret to all that performance well the setup is similar to the one used in ferrari’s f1

Cars you get 830 horsepower from the 3 liter v6 and the e-motor and like the f1 system this car uses an mgu gay system or a motor generator kinetic and this winds extra energy back into the battery foreign is that it just absolutely loves to rev trip on the other there’s just no let up and it revs till 8 500 rpm this is clearly ferrari’s best turbo engine just

Listen to that ferrari says it sounds like a baby v12 well sort of it has a nice howl and a scream at the top but the turbos get in the way that clarity and blair of a naturally aspirated engine especially a ferrari engine is missing now the other thing about this car is the manner in which it attacks corners neat and tidy plenty of balance and giving you the

Confidence to open it out on the exit traction in the rear is huge and that in part is due to the electric boost which is easy to switch on and switch off and then the agility with which it turns into corners makes it feel like a track car how do you drive it the better it gets let’s stealth and rockets itself out of the corner the best part about this car is

How everything comes together the engine the gearbox the agility of the chassis where it allows you to like almost steer from your hip and then it gives you the opportunity to just put down the power and open out the engine the electric steering isn’t loaded with feel but it’s quick very direct and it corners absolutely flat especially in sport this honestly

Is the fastest most agile car i’ve ever driven and that’s by a good margin just the agility of it the sheer agility shield performance the seamless continuously rising performance and that insane gearbox makes it a driving experience like none other uh should you be worried that has a v6 absolutely not it’s even a car that can handle our conditions easily to

Begin with it rides well now as you hit bumpy road you get an indication that it’s on the bumpy road package and yes immediately right is pretty comfortable and this is ferrari’s long-standing magna ride suspension they’ve been using it for years and every iteration gets better and better now in a normal body on-prem suv this road which is the car around a lot

But here it’s super comfortable and except for big dips like that you don’t really feel the road and i’m worried about driving over it with the help of the lift function it even takes to speed breakers easily now here we have the speed breaker ahead of us and straight away i go into the lift mode a bit of an angle and yes that’s it softly does it and the car

Helps you out the lift actually is essential on this car on a car like this also quite interesting are the insides so very sporty and modern interior a blend of shapes and wedges and textures and very interesting materials as well and as you can see there’s no central touchscreen in this car which makes it pretty unique in today’s day and age but let’s start

With this steering wheel so this flat bottom steering wheel is extremely spotty the rim isn’t too thick just the right side so you can get your fingers around it and these carbon fiber panels on top make it feel extra special love this yellow stitching here these are the shift lights and further down you get the turn indicators on the steering wheel no stocks as

In many modern ferraris and the buttons here they only light up when you require that function so the phone function and others only light up when you need it engine start is here and this is your normal manatino that goes to wet sport race city off and esc off if you hold it down flash is red there so you know you’re in the right mode now on this side here is

A whole array of buttons that help you control the electric system and the engine the first one is qualifying mode of course it’s a nice touch for f1 that gives you the maximum power 830 horsepower the flag here is performance that’s for very strong performance h of course is hybrid and in each mode that’s your electric only mode now the driving position is very

Comfortable and very sporty but the pedals are offset a bit they offset to this side of course because they’re big wheel so you’re sitting slightly skewed to the side but you get used to it not a big deal and interestingly here this carbon fiber panel can be finished in other things this is where you have your window controls your controls for reversing auto and

Manual and a practical cup holder and an extremely nice phone holder that keeps your phone secure especially with the kind of performance this car has also must admit the low slung menacing shape of the 296 gtb really gets me and that’s especially the sharp nose and the way the muscular shoulders catch the light other interesting details include the mini spoiler

That channels air under the car into the venturi for more downforce and the air inlets built into the headlights that send cool air straight to the brakes there’s a hidden spoiler on the roof too and that channels airflow over the rear wing also love that transparent engine cover this isn’t just another mid-engine supercar from ferrari it’s a technical landmark

Engineered for the future and even special by ferrari’s lofty standards it blends cutting edge f1 tech a healthy dose of green engineering and a forward-looking approach into a single cohesive unit the phenomenal hybrid powertrain is on par or even better than ferrari’s twin turbo v8 and it just loves to rev then there’s the chassis and the manner in which ferrari

Has made all the performance accessible and usable the 296 is even usable in our conditions the ride is comfortable the lift system makes it practical and then when you need to appease the greens you can even drive it as a pure electric don’t recommend you do that for long stretches as you’ll be missing the best part the manic performance yes the step up from

The f8’s price is quite a bit and at rupees 5.4 crore for a well-equipped car it is pricey still this is the best mid engine ferrari yet and that counts for a lot

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2022 Ferrari 296 GTB driven in India – 830hp rocket ship! | EXCLUSIVE! | Autocar India By Autocar India

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