2022 f150 xlt supercab 5 0l 44 w
Altair Club Cars 2022 F150 XLT SUPERCAB 5.0L 4×4- Walkaround, Startup & Interior

2022 F150 XLT SUPERCAB 5.0L 4×4- Walkaround, Startup & Interior

2022 F-150 4X4 SUPERCAB

What’s up guys it’s jake private car guy back again with a new 2022 f-150 and this is one of our special order trucks and there’s a lot unique to talk about on this particular truck we’ve got here today a four-wheel drive 5.0 liter v8 xlt truck with a lot of really original equipment we’re going to get into that and this is that 302a package so the top level

Trim of the xlt and it’s actually in that four wheel drive extended cab configuration so this just shows that ford will build you a truck exactly how you want it exactly to the pricing per year build we’ve got here on this particular truck the chrome package which is giving us this nice chrome front fascia chrome surrounding our bigger ford badge as well as a

Chrome front bumper we’ve got our heavy duty uh tow hooks on the front here as well as our bigger improved light housing here we’ve got the 20 inch chrome light pvd wheels which are separate actually from the chrome package chrome wheels that will come on this truck and give it a little bit sharper look a little bit more pop coming down the side we’ve got our

Standard fixed chrome running boards makes it easy to hop right up in to the cab there we’ve also got a chrome tipped exhaust with our chrome package and you see here this is also an fx4 package truck giving us some more terrain modes giving us those skid plates giving us that better suspension the fx4 has proven time and time again as we come around to the back

Of the truck here you’re going to notice our chrome rear bumper with integrated backup sensors so it will beep as you’re getting too close to something we’ve also got both options for towing as far as pin connectors and then with just the push of a button our tailgate will actually come down so we’ve got both remote start and remote tailgate unlocked on this 2022

F150 xlt and this is equipped with our bed utility package come around here we’re going to break down that bed utility package now you’re going to get this top part of your tailgate standard on your xlts so you’re going to have these measurements um places to store writing utensils drinks and you’ve also got two bottle openers on your rear tailgate that utility

Package will also come with these nice led lights in the bed with your ford tie-down points and it will also include this incredibly nice drop-down tailgate step that we’ve got here with a handle super capable super handy and super sturdy like all of our ford trucks they’re built up guys i’m about to start up this truck one more thing i wanted to discuss is

That we do have the power back glass which in 2022 is a separate option and was equipped on this truck we see here today let’s check out that cold start on this 5.0 v8 engine guys as we come to the interior you’re going to see another unique option that has been included on this 2022 f-150 and that is the bang and olafson sound system with an enhanced amount of

Speakers and quality of speakers we’ve also got brand new since the 2021 is the dual glove box in the f-150s and right here we’ve got that nice american flag decal that lets you know that these trucks are made and assembled here in america we’ve got the suicide rear door also known as the extended cab so you fold it there with folded out there with the pull of a

Handle and these seats do still fold up giving you the enhanced space that an f-150 is known for as well as that flat storage in the back for additional items this truck as well to prove the point that you can option out these trucks truly however you want them also has the all-weather rubber mats from ford right from the factory super convenient folks used to buy

Weathertechs was the first thing that you did when you bought a truck now you can get it straight from ford as we check out our um our steering wheel and kind of our center console here we’re going to see that we’ve got lane keeping here as well as blind spot making this a very safe truck due to that 302 a package you’re also going to have the option to light up

The leds in your side mirrors automatic headlights dimmable dash power adjustable pedals right here an automatic parking brake or a powered parking brake and access to your led bed light right here and another option about two thousand dollar option right here will actually turn on the generator for our pro power on board two kilowatts of energy from that pro power

On board system will power quite a few things a job site whatever you need done you also have a tailgate option to drop that tailgate both with the key as well as from the cab of the truck as we check out the um drive mode button here as well as our um drive type shifter so we’ve got our two high our four high and our four low with a locking differential but we’ve

Also got sports mode eco mode tow haul mode normal mode slippery mode and all of those are modes you’re going to get in your standard f-150 we’ve got auto shifts here for the deep snow sand mode your mud rut mode and your rock crawl mode and those last modes there are going to be specific to this fx4 package off-road capable f-150 that we have on hand here today

That was custom built for our customer additionally with the 302a package we’re going to get 12 volt chargers and 120 volt as well as heated seats for both the passenger and driver dual climate controls so each side can have a different temperature apparatus set we’ve got usbs and usbcs and you’ll use those to access this nice apple carplay on your 12 inch screen

New and improved for 2022 and as this 12 inch screen goes we’ve got two different options here for displaying audio you know zone lighting navigation what phone options whatever it is on our bigger screen while also having a secondary section of the screen to show you another option fuel economy trips um you know really anything you want to see we’ll kind of

Go through the options here because i don’t think we’ve done that before you’ve got your pro power on board options right from the cab off-roading options all super capable and all at the push of a button with your 2022 ford f-150 a couple more things to go over here and we’ll let you go guys you do have the larger backup camera all 12 inches of that screen is

Utilized for this adjustable backup camera here and we also have hill descent control with this fx4 package 2022 f150 pro trailer backup assist as this is a max trailer tow package will actually tow about 14 000 pounds as equipped here today so guys i hope we’ve got you the information you were looking for if not drop us something in the comments right now go ahead

And smash that like button and obliterate that subscribe because we want to see you again for more ford content coming all year all next year and forever is jake bradley car guy walk up paul tethers the car guys statesboro georgia we’ll see you soon thanks you

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2022 F150 XLT SUPERCAB 5.0L 4×4- Walkaround, Startup & Interior By The Car Guys

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