2022 elantra n vs civic type r a
Altair Club Cars 2022 Elantra N vs Civic Type R, a bit of a shocker. Drag and Roll Races.

2022 Elantra N vs Civic Type R, a bit of a shocker. Drag and Roll Races.

2022 Elantra N vs Civic Type R, a bit of a shocker. Drag and Roll Race.

The moment has come you guys asked for this actually been asking for this for a while just close that shade first i’m driving the elantra and dct now probably you’re going to say this with sam doesn’t it make sense to get the manual transmission yes it does make sense unfortunately’s not available uh i think you just landed recently but don’t don’t worry i will get

The manual transmission as well to compare it to that civic thai car type r but this time i actually have the dct version versus that the city top part doesn’t actually have an option in terms of the automatic transmission but this does so on my left side i have the civic type r it’s pretty much stock the wheels i believe are not but it doesn’t make much difference

In there it has performance tires so does this it’s a warm day we’ve done a few runs to warm them up now it’s time to find out which one is the fastest but let’s talk about the specs first the civitak part uses a two liter four-cylinder turbocharged engine it makes 306 horsepower and 296 pound-feet of torque it uses a six-speed manual transmission apparently we’ll

Do zero sixty four point eight seconds anyways three thousand eighty-four pounds pretty light on this side i have the turbocharged two liter elantra n making 286 but from experience i’ll tell you that that’s not even close to the truth i think this makes way more horsepower i think it makes like 310 maybe and it makes 280 now it makes 289 pound-feet of torque

There’s actually dinos online that you can actually find out about this thing the one that we have for today’s video it has a dual clutch transmission it apparently does 0 to 60 in 4.8 seconds as well so they’re very close but the difference with this is that actually is 3296 pounds yeah that’s a pretty heavy it’s actually about a hundred and uh about 200 pounds

To be completely uh straight like that is 200 pounds so the elantra is heavy i believe the manual transmission is lighter but nonetheless today we’re going to find out how these two compare in terms of quarter mile from a dig and we’re going to do from a roll 50 kilometers and 100 kilometers roll we just introduced that because a lot of you guys asked for it so

Here we go the first one we’re gonna do is from a dig so i say let’s roll okay so mine uh i’m just gonna press n one time apparently and it’s all set on mine and i’ll turn on the ngs as well ngs in this basically gives you about like 20 seconds of extra horsepower what mode are you driving in sorry oh this is bad this is bad this is bad it didn’t launch at all

It did not launch bad ball they did he got me by a lot but yeah this thing did not launch at all good to go yeah buddy yeah buddy oh come on come on yes oh that type r jeez kidding me oh buddy wow man well done well done well done so uh i have mine in and mode i’m gonna click ngs i have 20 seconds of mine so we’re gonna do the second cone so

Basically follow my lead somewhere like 100 kilometers an hour are you ready sir let’s roll oh damn yeah you got it while ash uh yours on the roll is so much faster i couldn’t even uh like i tried it but nonetheless listen i appreciate you joining us uh for this and i’ll take this opportunity to congratulate you for being a father uh it’s amazing to uh you

Know it’s the next step in your life but uh as always really appreciate you joining us for this video man thank you for having me again that was it guys so here’s the thing though it is a manual transmission this tends to have a bit of even in automatic mode to shift itself you still got it i tried in manual mode in the second roll uh we did four runs so from a dig

This takes it uh but from a roll the first one was my mistake the car didn’t launch properly it wasn’t the car was me but nam jumped him in the owner because it’s a bit finicky but when he goes he goes and he was able to actually launch this thing i still think this is a pretty good deal on it i’m very interested to find out how the manual transmission and compares

To the type r but nonetheless this was a lot of fun so i hope you enjoyed it and maybe answered some questions that you might have had um the difference on the role wasn’t huge but there was definitely some i had uh he was at least half a card ahead of me so that’s where things change a bit but that was it thanks for joining us thanks for watching and don’t forget to subscribe cheers

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2022 Elantra N vs Civic Type R, a bit of a shocker. Drag and Roll Races. By Sam CarLegion

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