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Altair Club Cars 2022 Dodge Durango R/T: Is The Durango Still Fun To Drive?

2022 Dodge Durango R/T: Is The Durango Still Fun To Drive?

Today I drive and review a 2022 Dodge Durango R/T!

Like you have manufacturers like acura releasing their mdx type s with their turbocharged v6 and guess what it has the same amount of powers this has had forever hey everyone it’s ben hardy here and today’s gonna be going over the all new dodge durango rt before we in the video though first and foremost a huge shout out thank you to the lyric miller dodge ram here

In provo utah for giving me some time with this durango they have this one available for sale and they just received a few more on shipment as well so include a link to their inventory in the description down below so you can check out what they have right now and then on a side note if you save time and money the next time purchase car link to my car buying guide

In the description down below let’s get into it under the hood we have a naturally aspirated 5.7 liter v8 that goes for an eight-speed automatic transmission fuel economy is 14 around town and then 22 on the highway with power outputs being 360 horsepower and then 390 pound-feet of torque let’s go over the front end of the rt and man does it look aggressive so

You can see that we have the hood that has been uh stolen from the srt durango it looks really cool with all of the venting and we’ve got the performance front fascia is what this is known as and then you’ve got the daytimer lights above and below the headlight itself and notice with the fog lights here in this area and then it kind of goes off to a little vent

Piece parking sensors integrated into the front end and then also notice the dodge logo they’re off to the side and even though the durango has been out since like what the 20 in terms like the redesign since like the 2013 model year i think 2014 model year whatever it still looks cool to this day coming on the side here our tire and wheel setup is 265 50 20 in

The front and also in the rear and then notice how the wheels are dark metallic gray which i feel like contrasts very nicely with this particular rt and then you can see we have this very small body painted fender flare we got our hemi badge you notice the mirror caps also blacked out we can’t see the other meerkat but you guys get the point and then here is our

Full side view on the durango rt here’s our key fob for the durango we got the dodge logo there on the back we have our unlock lock we’ve got the opening for the hatch and then the remote start function we’ll just press that a couple times and that’ll pop the hatch right open and popping inside the rt durango notice here with the little metallic trim at the bottom

We also have a 12 volt just up above and we’ve got more storage space underneath now with the third row all you have to do is just grab this handle and throw it forward pretty straight forward see if it did there and then just pull the strap and you can pull back and then you can just have to manually lift up the headrest yourself when you’re all done with the

Rear you got a button right there press that and that will lower down the hatch and well let’s finish things up with the rest of the rear on the durango so we still have the durango’s signature light bar here in the rear now it’s got our rt badge and then we have our durango dash 4 all blacked out parking sensors there at the bottom and then pro tip if the bezel

Doesn’t have a hump over it that means that this doesn’t have a receiver hitch if it does that means it does have a receiver hitch and then also you got the cool exhaust tips there at the bottom as well one on each side there’s the rear here’s the door panel at the front we have this interesting trim piece that goes across and then also with the padding we have

Red stitching throughout and that’s kind of the rt thing to do and same thing here at the seats we’ve got perforated leather there in the center portion and let’s pop inside so you guys can get a better view of the seat itself again more of that red stitching and then same thing with the rear seats now as for the third row basically you can fit adults there in

A pinch it’s got more than enough headroom legrooms a little bit more on the cramped side of things as you can kind of see there at the bottom um but yeah definitely reserve it for kids for longer trips there is vents on the top and then if we pop in there’s a grab handle that helps out by the way if you need that there’s legroom and then notice here with our

Little storage pocket and then we’ve got some vents down below heated seats we’ve got a full power outlet usbs as well and then we have our climate controls here for the rear just at the top let’s head to the front now here is the front door panel so you can see again with that trim piece that goes all across and then again with the red stitching we’ve got all of

Our window controls in this area we’ve got our adjustments for the mirrors they do have blind spot monitoring and then here is a quick look at the front seats unless we have our little dodge logo right there perforated all down the center portion the seats are power adjustable and then here is our little sticker for the payload 1200 pounds if you guys are wondering

With the payload and then here’s a quick look at the pedals light control right there notice more of that red stitching let’s pop in here’s the steering wheel in the durango notice we get a nice padding here at the top and at the bottom perforated here on the sides you can get a slightly better grip there are radio controls on the back of the steering wheel

Just underneath these paddle shifters on either side and we’ve got controls for the center stack we’ve got our voice command phone controls cruise control over here on this side and of course we’ve got our turn signal windshield wiper stock and there’s the steering wheel now here is our center gauge cluster so you can see we’ve got analog gauges on either side and

We have the screen here in the center notice that we have our zero to 60 timer which is pretty fun you gotta have that when you have a hemi um but it just shows basic vehicle information again it’s it’s pretty standard for a lot of modern vehicles now we do have some different drive modes um so right now we are in eco mode technically now i can press a button to

Turn eco off and then that will basically put us in what is normal mode doesn’t do anything on the gauge cluster and then there’s a sport mode which does show you a little animation on the gauge cluster here’s our center infotainment screen so first off if we pop it into reverse we do have a backup camera with trajectory lines that turn with the steering wheel

And aside from that with the resting potato system we have a shortcut bar here at the bottom so like if you want to go to the climate control section click on that and then it’ll pop over notice we have a dual zone climate system here for the front again we do have that rear climate as well we have heated and ventilated seats for the front passengers with this

Particular durango overall the infotainment system is easy enough to use and i like how it has categories for everything so that you can just kind of go into the different menus and be like oh i want to uh i don’t know do the market function for example so there you go we have a bunch of analog controls down here so our controls for the heated and cooled seats

The heated steering wheel and then notice like controls for the radio climate controls and then this is your drive mode select area there with the eco off and then the sport on hazard light stability control parking sensors and then you can see we’ve got a wireless phone charging pad right here and uh it’s kind of interesting like the overall i don’t know look of

It and then notice usbs and then we have our shifter for eight speed automatic couple of cup holders right here and then center console pretty standard does have a 12 volt and then notice that padding continues all the way across the dash pretty normal glove box and then we have another little charging port there’s lots of charging ports all over and then nothing

Exciting up top just a black headliner now here’s a quick look at our windows sticker we have a base price of fifty two thousand five hundred and sixty dollars and we’ve got quite a bit of standard equipment now here with the rt including the apple carplay and android island and that bigger infotainment screen now the only options added to this bigger one are the

Leather trimmed bucket seats which give you ventilated seat function and then the black top package which kind of gives it the cooler sportier looks and that brings the total msrp to 57 840. our um basic warranty is a three year thirty six thousand mile and then the powertrain warranty is a five year sixty thousand mile on this let’s see how it drives well let’s

Talk about visibility before we set off here’s your visibility over the hood both the mirrors just do a blind spot monitoring and throughout the rest of the rear and let’s set off so we are setting off here in the rt durango and this is basically like the daily driver spec rt because um this one doesn’t have the tow package added to it and obviously doesn’t have

The toe and go either um so it’s kind of like your again daily driver rt if you guys are wondering that tow package setup is pretty cool because it gives you the lower range with the durango and on top of giving you low range with the durango it also obviously gives you the tow package trailer brake controls which are just right below the stop start button if

You have it so it’s just a nice setup overall but let’s talk about the durango that we’re in and first off i love how durangos drive um i feel like it’s a pretty under underappreciated vehicle at this point because again it’s been out for a very long time so like yeah it’s it’s definitely um it’s not the newest kid on the block but i think it still looks great

Stylistically um this interior although it’s not necessarily like the most modern um especially when compared to like the new jeep grand cherokee which obviously is like a sibling vehicle this it still is really nice frankly um like it still feels like this feels better than like a toyota interior in terms of modernist so like it’s not bad okay now from a driving

Perspective the rt durango still drives exceptionally well the eight-speed automatic transmission at this point i feel like has sealed itself as just a really good transmission it’s smooth it shifts very quickly when you need it to and it’s just it’s just a good transmission overall and the rt was such an overkill from a power perspective when it was released that

Still to this day it’s really good for the segment right like you have manufacturers like acura releasing their mdx type s with their turbocharged v6 and guess what it has the same amount of power as this has had forever so it’s funny it’s like dodge pretty much like future proofed the durango rt because they gave it stupid amounts of power a super reliable v8 engine

And a really good transmission for the time that it still feels really good to this day so despite what you’ll see online about the durango being outdated this and that yada yada yada it’s still an exceptional new suv it’s comfortable the interior is i feel like again considering the price point it’s it’s pretty dang nice when you compare it to the grand cherokee

No it’s not quite on the level of the grand cherokee but it’s still a really nice place to be and it just has this fun sporty driving characteristic to it that you don’t get a lot of crossovers in this segment anymore everyone’s kind of going towards like the boring side of things or all in on like um you know fuel economy basically so yeah love the durango rt

Would it be cool if they redesigned this yes but do they need to redesign this i’m gonna say no it’s still it’s still a really good uh vehicle to this day that’s gonna sum things up for our video on this rt durango get a huge shout out thank you to the dodge ram here in provo utah for giving me some time with this durango check out the intro in the description down below i’ll see ya

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2022 Dodge Durango R/T: Is The Durango Still Fun To Drive? By Ben Hardy

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