2022 chevrolet spark 1lt sport e
Altair Club Cars 2022 Chevrolet Spark 1LT Sport Edition – Mystic Blue Review

2022 Chevrolet Spark 1LT Sport Edition – Mystic Blue Review

Mystic Blue Chevrolet Spark 1LT Sport Edition featuring Vince from South Fort Chevrolet

Hey my name is vince uh i’m here for at southport chevrolet here in fort saskatchewan i’m doing a walk around today at the 1lts park moving on to the side we’ve got the heated and turnable uh mirror side mirrors here moving on we’ve got the black trim on the side panels here as well as along the top and then on the back end here we have the wrap around lights

Make it a little bit easier for you to be seen on the road there moving towards the trunk we have the rear facing camera standard with all led conditions and up opening up the trunk here we do have a little bit of space not enough to fit your family camping trip but more than enough for around city driving continuing on with the style of the black exterior we do

Have the black front grille here with a matte black on the actual grille and then we also have the wrap around halogen light bulbs for clearer visibility so what we have here is an inline four-cylinder engine 98 horsepower now it’s not going to be winning you any races but you’re definitely not going to need to go to the gas stations maybe as much as the other

Racers now for the quick access we do have the windshield fluid transmission fluid and the brake fluid over here easy access red car yellow cap to signify uh what you need to do with it so opening up the door here we do have a couple controls we have your window adjustment up here your left and your right here with an adjustable knob moving down we got the window

Automatic windows here for all four windows in the vehicle we have the child lock on the back and the unlock and lock feature for the car awesome and so what we have here is a the key fob for the spark this is going to be your unlock lock your panic button and then you also have your flip out keys which will fit straight into the ignition over here all right so

Coming on to the steering wheel here we do have your cruise control just on the left hand side on the right hand side we do have a couple of functionalities here you got your volume up here you’ve got your search feature for navigating the car and you have your pickup and mute and end call functions here this is supposed to be a hands-free system so you never have

To take your eyes off the road and then moving back we can adjust the infotainment signs just in here this gives you a bunch of access to customizing your car making it work how you want to work one thing in particular that i want to point out is the rear seat reminder here now the rear seat reminder displays an alert in the instrument cluster when an infant or a

Large object may have been left in the back of the vehicle this is for if a dog is back there or an infant you somehow forget about them this is going to remind you before you get out of the car now moving on to our climate controls here what i really like about this system is the knobs are nice and big easy to find easy to use then we have the ac here this is going

To adjust your hot and cold temperatures here we have the fan speeds which just by switch of the button here we’ll just switch on to the fan over here we have the customizable controls for where that current is going to be going to we have a rear defrost a front defrost and all the other options you can ever imagine iihs gave this car a rating of good which is

The highest possible rating you can get all right as for our safety features in this vehicle i would like to point out the airbags we have an airbag up front here we also have a knee airbag down at the bottom along the sides here the a-pillars and the b-pillars we will have an additional air bag one more on the c-pillar right in the middle here furthermore this

Car is encased in a heavy-duty steel frame that will protect you in the in the event of a crash keeping you and your passengers safe make sure you like and subscribe on our socials and thank you very much

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2022 Chevrolet Spark 1LT Sport Edition – Mystic Blue Review By South Fort Chevrolet

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