2022 chevrolet silverado ltd in
Altair Club Cars 2022 Chevrolet Silverado LTD in the LT package with Z71

2022 Chevrolet Silverado LTD in the LT package with Z71

Overview of 2022 Chevrolet Silverado LTD 1500

Just going to go over this 2022 chevrolet silverado ltd 1500 this is an lt package does have the upgraded 20 inch wheels where you can decipher an lt from the others it’s the first model with the bow tie in the front and the chrome front and rear bumpers you can also tell they have the chrome mirror caps on them this is in the red hot this one does have the

Upgraded z71 package which also gets your two-speed transfer case and your rancho shocks skid plates etc this one of course has the rear step bumpers your dual exhaust ports as with all these with the trailering package has your four and seven pin connection conventional trailering on this one is 9 500 pounds this button will let the tailgate down there’s a

View of the bed has these nice led lights inside that cross i illuminate the tailgate in the bed area of course your light for the back as well as your camera going inside on the rear passenger side very spacious back seating can lift up on these seats that’ll raise and lower the back rear vents of course your charging ports another power outlet we’ll go to the

Front this one does have a 5.3 v8 engine more view of the four liners it does have the 40 20 40 seating plenty of storage there’s your extra power ports up front your auto stop button the tailgate button hazards tractionist abilitrak off button and your yell descent control button on these you’ll notice there is no lights these will have the heated seats as a

Later retro fit on this model go around to the front of this vehicle back inside your power seat for the driver’s side your tow haul mode and driving mode your two-speed transfer case this button will turn the bed light on these them the instrument panel the headlights are automatic headlights you can turn them on and off your heated steering wheel’s here this

Is your cruise control this will set the cruise this will add one mile an hour up and down to start the cruise you’ll just push that button you’ll get a little light there of course your windshield wiper fluid as well as your wipers this is the last year on the lt with the column shifter when we get those new uh 2022 models they’ll have the shifter down right

There unless you get a work truck of course all your gauges am fm sirius xm as well as bluetooth radio you do have the android auto and apple carplay standard on these models just to show they’re grayed out but if you want to have those put on it just goes over what’s needed to be done you would use this usb port here once your phone’s paired and it’ll display

The apple carplay up above of course driver and front passenger climate controls to set the automatic climate control you just turn the fan onto one adjust where you want this to go and push the auto button and it’s always going to go to that up above is your onstar system this will hang up or answer the call if you get a call for onstar this is the onstar button

To talk to an advisor and then this button is only used in emergency situations these lights are just you push on and that’ll turn them on and off you also have your dome light turns your doors off thanks for watching if you like this vehicle or have any questions on any other vehicle that i’ve shown just leave them in the comments below thanks for watching have a great day

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2022 Chevrolet Silverado LTD in the LT package with Z71 By buy with benny

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