2022 chevrolet silverado custom
Altair Club Cars 2022 Chevrolet Silverado Custom Crew Cab

2022 Chevrolet Silverado Custom Crew Cab

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Good afternoon allison this is ballard alderman chevrolet buick and gmc vermont’s favorite car dealership but we’re known for two things awesome deals and fabulous service today i wanted to show you a brand new arrival to our lot this is a 2022 chevy silverado custom with a 2.7 liter uh engine this has an average of 20 miles a gallon on the highway it’s very well

Equipped i wanted to get into a few of the features that i enjoy on this truck thanks for your interest and stay tuned so first off i really enjoy the fact that this truck comes with remote start i also love the color in order to start this you’re gonna double tap remote or the lock button excuse me and then hold down on the semicircle that’s on the remote this

Will run for 15 minutes you can do that a couple of times there to warm your vehicle up or cool it down if you need to in the summer you also have 20 inch aluminums on here these come with bridgestone dueler tires which a lot of people really like uh it’s a nice riding uh wheel it’s all season again that color is really sharp it’s kind of a it’s a darker red in

The sun it’s a little brighter there but i love the chevrolet embossed on the grill there as well as the the bow tie being off centered there i really enjoy the look that it provides you’ll also see you’ve got black accents throughout the vehicle you’ve got it on the door liners or around the window you got it on the tires of course in the grill and you’ve also

Got the mirrors and door handles so it gives it a nice look unlock it here this is the crew cab so you’re gonna have a large back door a lot of room in the back for either passengers or cargo it’s a nice open door as well to get into the front got generous use of storage on the door we’ve got power windows power mirrors adjustable from inside here and your power

Locks you also have 10 way adjustable power seating with lumbar support these are cloth seats i really enjoy cloth i think leather gets super hot in the summer and that’s something i don’t really like but uh also got your four-wheel drive you can also put it into auto so as soon as your wheel in the front senses a slip you’re actually going to apply uh the actual

Power to the wheels that are going to get the most traction so the auto four wheel drive you’ve got an led bed light so it’ll illuminate down behind the vehicle and kind of show down in the bed as well as underneath uh the tonneau cover if you had one of those on there’s lights in the bed itself parking brake ready to go as well and i do just kind of want to show

You the dash uh you get a better view from back here beautiful display here chevrolet bowtie on there seven inch touchscreen display you’ve got your climate controls in the center some nice plug-ins the console as well which is plenty of room and it turns into a bench seat as well and back here i’ve got the seats up just to demonstrate the space look at how roomy

This is so you can put the seat down with ease there’s no levers no pulleys just kind of pop it down i’m six foot tall and look at this it seats back a considerable amount you can see that on the rails i’m not even close to the seat so this is really great for passengers long trips and stuff like that this has a 20 mile per gallon on the highway like i mentioned

Um and it’s also got the room in the back for your passengers excuse me i’ll just drop my phone there but brand new vehicle ready to go 32 miles you’re an auto four-wheel drive right now so you’re in two it’s not sensing any slip you got cruise control on that steering wheel there a nice integrated backup camera that’s responsive uh to the turn of the wheel so

You can kind of show your trajectory where you’re going climate controls are in the center here like i mentioned auto starts off you can turn on uh or turn this off if you’d like to it stays on in order to save you some gas mileage when you stop at lights and things like that if the conditions are correct it’ll shut off your engine temporarily you’ve also got you

Know a normal house plug-in your 12-volt a usb plug-in and a usb-c this is kind of the console i was talking about you got some good space in here and then if you need to turn this into a six-passenger you’ve got the bench seat ready to go right here so that’s really useful showed you the back like i mentioned there average of 18 miles a gallon 20 on the highway

I know folks who get more than that with the double cab you’re gonna get about a six and a quarter or six and a half foot bed four by four silverado logos and you’ve got the nice step ups to get into the bed this is also an easy release tailgate so uh oh wow you can see it’s probably never even been open there in a while but anyways drops nice and slow for you

You also have a plug-in in the back here 120 volt ready to go here are those led lights i was mentioning they illuminate in the bed as well as so underneath your tonneau cover if you had one as well as from above it’ll shine down from those lights there so that’s really cool feature that’s also a rear def uh defoggering window which is nice you’ve got your backup

Cameras kind of on the back of the door there love the chevrolet embossed you got your hitch as well in the back and your flat and round plug-ins so you’re ready to trailer tow over 9000 pounds with this engine which is unbelievable with the gas mileage that this engine provides and the capability for towing and things like that i love the way it drives the way

It sounds the gas mileage it provides i love this engine it’s an awesome truck i love it please if you have any questions alison reach out to us here at 802-776-5000 you can ask for me bauer or you can come down and see us at 65 windcrest road in rutland vermont see you soon thanks a lot

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2022 Chevrolet Silverado Custom Crew Cab By Alderman’s Chevrolet Buick GMC

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