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Altair Club Cars 2022 Chevrolet Equinox RS | Complete Review | with Casey Williams

2022 Chevrolet Equinox RS | Complete Review | with Casey Williams

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Hi everybody it’s casey williams the chevy equinox is one of america’s best-selling crossovers but i doubt anybody would say it’s terribly exciting so a little stunning refresh plus an rs trim package makes it just a little more tasty let’s go look at it well stylus recently gave the equinox a refresh with the slimline headlamps leds little revised grille and

Revised tail lamps in the back but the rs package goes a bit further and rs is really kind of their sport package with the black chrome the black bow ties black down below i think it looks really cool just gives it just a fresher appearance a little sportier 19-inch dark alloy wheels you notice the black trim here the black black logos black trimmer on the

Windows i like the styling of the equinox always have you know it kind of takes on some of the stunning cues of the malibu and i think it works really well on a crossover tail lamps again look more like the corvette with the when that when they come on black logos and black badging power hatch inside there’s a fair amount of room for our crossover this size

The seat split fold down and quite a bit luggy space a little underfloor storage as well i’m gonna make this easy and start with the parts of the equinox interior i don’t like there’s a lot of hard plastic this is kind of typical chevrolet where there’s more hard plastic there needs to be the infotainment screen is beautiful works easy very intuitive you’ve got

Apple carplay android auto 4g wi-fi to connect your devices so it’s very easy to kind of navigate but i really do think audio systems should have proper vinyl tuning knobs got a proper volume knob this click click swipe screen it’s like just just give me another knob over here just makes a lot easier i do like that they as they did the updates they added an auto

Stop start button so you can turn that off so the engine’s not pausing all the time the dual zone automatic climate control down here kind of the dark dark gray trim black chrome really kind of echoes the outside looks really good the seats are a little firm but i like the i like the red stitching on the rs package with stitching here on the console as well red

Stitching on the leather up steering wheel you got heated seats up front you got a heated steering wheel and it’s all really nice i also have a full suite of crash avoidance systems you’ve got automatic emergency brake in the front adaptive cruise control lane keep assist blind spot warning rear cross path detection so an interior that’s very well appointed

And also an interior will keep it very safe well the equinox is no sports car but it is efficient and very pleasant to drive so under the hood is a 1.5 liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine delivers 170 horsepower and 203 pound-feet of torque routes that to the all-wheel drive system through a six-speed automatic transmission so that’s not an outrageous

Amount of power but the turbo does provide the nice torque you’re on the highway you’re trying to get on the freeway there’s plenty of power you’re going up hills the torque just kind of carries you through so again not terribly fast but you can cruise at highway speeds no problem with power to spare fuel economies applies to 25 miles per gallon in the city 30

On the highway which i think again for a vehicle this size i think it’s a fair fuel economy rating especially because it has all-wheel drive i’m towing capacity it’s not great it’s 1500 pounds so you’re not going to tow much more than a jet ski or two you got to keep that in mind you’re not going to pull big trailers with it but beyond the engine the powertrain

I actually like driving equinox you know this this generation is a little bit smaller than the previous generation feels a little sportier the steering’s tight the suspension’s tight it feels well made just rumbles over the bumps no squeaks no rattles so i think they’ve done a very nice job of tuning this vehicle and making it really enjoyable whether you’re

Heading across country or just working back if you’re looking for a bmw x3 this is not it but what chevrolet did with the equinox with the rs package and the exterior and interior updates it’s created a very comfortable very stylish very usable crossover that doesn’t break the bank and let’s get to that point so the equinox starts just under 26 thousand dollars

This one is equipped 37 000 15 at that price i think it’s a pretty good deal well next week another fun car until then storm forward

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2022 Chevrolet Equinox RS | Complete Review | with Casey Williams By AutoCasey

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