2022 chevrolet bolt ev walk arou
Altair Club Cars 2022 Chevrolet BOLT EV Walk Around

2022 Chevrolet BOLT EV Walk Around

If you would like to know more about this electric vehicle, have any questions about the Bolt EV, or are curious as to what else we have on our showroom here at Bridgewater Chevrolet, feel free to shoot me an email at Blair@bridgewaterchevy.com :).

Hey how’s it going this is blair from bridgewater chevrolet and this is the new 2022 chevrolet bolt the first century into our electric future it seems like more and more it seems that the future of vehicles is electric and this is a hit out of the park because from its blade runner sci-fi inspired styling with these daytime running lights the fluid front end

It’s really giving a distinct look at a hopeful feature with zero emissions and of course the gas prices being five dollars a gallon it’s definitely beneficial for you to have uh you know not to be paying any of that now for the outside here or the inside excuse me you are getting a lot of space and charging is back here as well now the seats are something special

You got perforated uh leather seating and kind of a blue shift collar it’s a deep navy blue which maybe doesn’t show up great on camera but it does give you a ton of space this one is back a little bit i’m about six foot one six foot two and i still got a couple inches of room great hybrid headroom as well but to give you a quick idea of how much practicality is

In the bolt you can just open it up using this lift handle here and as you can see there’s a ton of space and if you happen to need more you can lift it up just like that to give you extra room now i’m going to show you the interior all right so on the inside of the boat it’s equally as futuristic in here going from your fully digital gauge cluster to your large

Infotainment display let’s go piece by piece real quick on your far left side you’re getting all your power windows and lighting controls and the center you can actually change what you see in that digital display that gives you a total readout of how much your uh how much mileage you have left in your tank battery uh it’s gonna get weird saying all that instead

Of tank but uh you can see your fuel your tire pressure right there uh chip information following distance for things like your front collision assist get a nice flat bottom steering wheel which like i said in the email it’s got very sporty characteristics and this definitely helps out with that coming over a little bit you got your large infotainment screen with

Two different ways to interact with it so you can scroll through here and actually select things using this as you can see you can scroll through each screen it highlights it you can tap it or to use it like a traditional touch screen and go through everything so you’re getting your uh apple carplay and android auto which is of course wireless your sirius xm f and

Am which i’m on serious right now listen to some cage of the elephant um you got your energy tab right there which lets you know everything that’s going on with the battery of the vehicle uh how you’re using it how well you’re driving swipe over a little bit you got your different camera angles which is amazing full screen you can change each angle and even have

A third eye have a third person view bird’s eye view of the vehicle that helps you know exactly where you are and does show you guidance lines when you turn and not only tells you where the rear end is going to be but where your front overhang is going to be isn’t that great coming down all of these are climate controls and they’re capacitive so all you got to

Do is slightly touch on these panels here and it controls everything going on neat thing and turn it off it’s like it wasn’t even there transmission is right here right above there you’re getting your sport mode and lane keep assist along with traction control in front of that you’re getting your wireless charger and some more charging ports and right underneath

There because there’s no transmission we do have a nice little pass through as well now i’m gonna give you some information about me and bridgewater chevrolet hey like i said my name is blair i’m a sales professional at bridgewater chevrolet if you have any questions feel free to shoot me a text or give me a call at 908.448.9936 uh and i’d be i’d love to show you

More of this vehicle maybe take it for a test drive i hope you enjoyed the video and you like the car uh i look forward to seeing you on friday but other than that have a great day thanks for your time

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2022 Chevrolet BOLT EV Walk Around By Blair

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