2022 chevrolet bolt ev 2 lt
Altair Club Cars 2022 Chevrolet Bolt EV 2 LT

2022 Chevrolet Bolt EV 2 LT

Hello justin pill here with alderman chevrolet buick gmc vermont’s favorite car dealership we’re known for awesome deals and fabulous service everyone this is the 2022 chevrolet bolt ev is totally redesigned for 2022. it both inside and out many different features from the 2020 and 2021 model years and boy wow this is a a huge upgrade um very excited for it we

Just got this in today just came off the carrier and it’s the first one that we’ve seen yet i personally am a 2020 model year owner nothing changed in 2021 but a lot has changed with the 2022 and uh boy is this sharp and you can see by starting off that front end totally redesigned there’s no more uh front grille indent it’s all flat and um kind of filled in there

Uh the the headlights you can see are totally sleek this is all daytime running leds which is super sharp and you got your high intensity halogen right there do have a camera right on the front uh this is the 2lt trim so this is comparable to the premiere on 2021 um and a lot of a lot of cool upgrades but uh you can see kind of held the same shape there i’m just

Totally redesigned front end actually gonna get the keys so i can show you all the little things that this changed so we got here on the front the key fab you got remote start right there and now you can see the even small touches like when you lock it has that led signal showing that you’ve locked the vehicle um really cool a lot a lot of cool little discoveries

Like that in this new model year which i’ll take you through here let’s check out the does have a keyless entry here right on the door so this is the 2lt which you get your leather trimmed the seats are totally redesigned here nice color it’s all perforated right there just super clean and and cool looking and they got a little center console right there in the

Room i think the room is about the same in the bolt the from the 2021 but that’s i’m grown six foot adult and i can sit back here there’s plenty of head space um a lot of nice room got some charge ports right there but this is the real treat right here you can see totally redesigned very large touch screen which i’ll show you in a moment but the biggest difference

Is there’s no uh paddle shifter right there it’s all the push button um shifting which opens up the center console quiets things down and you’ll notice the climate control is right there i’ll fire that up in a minute so you can see but uh wow it’s it’s really cool looking in here got a new shape on the steering wheel that kind of mimics the trailblazer with

The um you know the bottom on that is nice and flat but really excited that we just got one let’s check out the features inside so there’s the 2lt trim which you get a lot of nice safety features that come standard um one of the biggest upgrades is a power front driver’s seat that didn’t exist in the 2021 models i got power windows door locks bose stereo system

I’m actually going to get in there so you can see the they even change the the welcome jingle there when you get in it’s a it’s a little different from the 2021 models it’s all futuristic pretty nice let’s start that up so it just came off the carrier so there’s only 51 miles a left in charge but we would take this in do a full charge on it does still have a

Max range of 259 miles which is great i live in rutland vermont and i just drove mine to stone back on a full charge it’s pretty awesome right here you got your cruise control does have front collision warning emergency braking which is great um but the shifter’s right here this is cool this is your one pedal driving so it actually regenerates when you’re in this

Mode uh regenerates uh power back into the battery once you take your foot off the accelerator same same as the 21 models but just laid out a little different so i’m going to go ahead and put it in reverse the 2lt trim you can see on the big touch screen has a lot of nice camera options um which is uh super sharp to have i really like this uh these modes right

Here there’s a front view and then uh the overhead view is really sharp here’s your home button another big difference you’ll notice we’ll put that back in park is this is laid out um just like um the rest of the gm lineup which is super simple to use very easy to jump right from music to phone you can run apple car play and the screen is just massive here you

Can see the screen right here you got on board diagnostics right here tire pressure and things like that which is great here’s uh your regenerative braking paddle right there as well uh the way they laid out the climate control is really sleek looking it’s all this nice glossy you got your heated seats heated steering wheel and uh you actually can push that and

You can run your climate right from the touch screen as well shown there some nice features there’s your uh usb port does have wireless charging so if you lay your cell phone down in there it’ll charge it sport mode lane keep assist another nice safety feature it’s a nice little tray here and then a parking brake and your center console so super sharp turn this

Off and check out the rest of it 2022 bolt ev2 lt another big uh thing i noticed in the premiere of the 2021s which is comparable to what we’re looking at now the msrp was 43 a little bit over 43. the msrp on this is only 36 um so that’s priced very nicely very well equipped here’s the back they changed the tail lights a little bit which is pretty sharp i

Hope this video was helpful that’s a kind of unveiling of a 2022 bolt ev we just got one down at the dealership now we have some more coming in but uh here’s a nice sneak peek hope you enjoyed if you want to see it in person come visit us route 7 south rutland vermont

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2022 Chevrolet Bolt EV 2 LT By Alderman’s Chevrolet Buick GMC

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