2022 chevrolet bolt euv dm revie
Altair Club Cars 2022 Chevrolet Bolt EUV – DM Review

2022 Chevrolet Bolt EUV – DM Review

The Chevy Bolt EUV looks a little strange and doesn’t have as impressive numbers as many other EVs. But we loved having it around. If it could actually fast charge quickly, we’d consider owning one.

This week we’re driving the 2022 chevy bolt euv and seeing as how i’ve never spent any time in a chevy bolt i’m excited to get in this thing and see what it’s like i don’t have charlie with me at the moment because he’s currently on his way to return our polaris slingshot loan that we’ve had now for a few weeks and as you can see it is perfect weather for a slingshot

In fact it’s starting to drizzle slightly so let’s hop in this bolt euv see what it’s like this will just be some very mild first impressions very first first impressions just to see how this thing does one thing worth noting is we do have super crews on this so that is a very very cool and helpful feature okay so you push up to turn the cooled seat off interesting

Okay is the first time i’ve started this car up very raw first impressions oh no no demonetization checkered flag button sport mode we’ll start not in sport mode just to see how that goes looks like this is for one pedal driving yep we’ll want that on pretty cool blue upholstery in here i am just on my way to lunch and charlie said take the bolt and record

Your first impressions so that’s what we’re gonna do okay well this feels like a very very tall thing got a window sticker up here in the visor i’ll probably just leave that for now since we’re already driving manual adjust steering column that’s what this does probably okay okay so quite a bit of instant torque but we just don’t have any grip because the front

Wheels are just spinning like crazy screw it traction off sport mode bolts are so funny in the way where they just spin tire like crazy okay so pull out onto the road here see what some of this instant torque is like let’s try and beat this semi okay pretty decent getting up to speed there let’s turn traction back on and we’ll get out of sport mode numb down

Our throttle response a little bit so one thing i am noticing the seating position is very high i keep trying to lower the seat down and i just feel like i’m sitting in the ceiling this being the euv of course it is the slightly taller uh variant of the chevy bolt so they do of course make a smaller version of this if you don’t need the well suv nest i suppose

Euv pretty good bite from that one pedal drive and we’re we’re gonna try supercruise but with having a gopro on my face i don’t know that it’s gonna like that too much but we’ll try it and see if it’ll let me do it the last chevy we had with supercruise did not so much appreciate uh me using it when i was wearing my camera so we’ll try it now and just see see

What it does gap oops and set okay okay cruise control cruise braking and adapter crew set to 66. this is 70. okay but oh here we go okay all right super cruise is active here as you can see green bar on the top of the steering wheel indicates that oh yeah okay it looks like it’s actually working here with the camera on my face i gotta say supercruise is

One of the most impressive systems um of any car look at this it’s even telling me that i’m in a construction zone right now and to be cautious even though it’s the one driving but thanks bolte appreciate that it is also starting to rain ooh charlie’s getting wet that’s the rear wiper looks like we probably have some auto wipers here and see how those do so we

Got auto wipers going and we’re super cruising cool we’ll have some more in-depth impressions in a little bit um overall though seems to be a pretty fun little package since we’re super cruising we can see how much it is 43 grand okay it doesn’t seem too terrible but there you go raw first impressions of the chevy bolt as we get cut off by penske truck okay

We just heard a fun noise in the bolt um probably won’t really be able to see it very well on camera i’m not sure but there’s an entire weather stripping or something that’s not showing up at all on camera okay that has entirely come you probably hear it if you just hold the phone kind of close to that i got i got you you’re gonna use your light there you go i

Might just reflect there it is you can see right there great car literally falling apart as we drive down the hill there it is pretty bad there it is again the entire top piece of weather stripping decided to free itself from the car while driving back from detroit so now uh presumably this is no longer weathered water tight and uh chevy kind of sucks wow so

Uh yeah let’s see if we can push this back in one week and one day after getting the bolt delivered to us here chris has gotten a little bit of extra time behind the wheel as have i i’ve spent quite a lot of time in it and i actually need to remember everything i say because i’ve already shot a wrap for this but that was before we got the extension on this and

I had to do it without you and i know the viewers would have been disappointed we gotta have a solo wrap but now we have chris back and we’re ready to talk about the angry gray hamster i like that yeah that’s a good maybe more like a guinea pig because it’s slightly bigger than that you’re right it does look a little bit more like a guinea pig say angry guinea

Pig not gay great great great yep although maybe it’s gay we got no problem with that 2022. i haven’t asked if it’s yeah you know what it prefers what it yeah but yeah i’ve been a big fan of this car and what’s interesting is i expected for it to be a very just like like a like a smart car to buy like yeah this is a good second car like like but not to really

Move you and satisfy you right that’s not the case alyssa and i both spent a lot of time in and around and using this car as our daily driver throughout the week it’s nice it’s genuinely nice there’s very few things i’ve had to complain about it and a lot of the things have actually kind of grown on me and i think it’s a perfectly good car for more so than just

Like oh it’s a fairly cheap ev i would so much rather have this than the nissan leaf let me tell you what it’s one of those cars where i can’t think of anything i don’t like about it but i also wasn’t really like wowed by anything which isn’t a bad thing but i don’t think that i mean this this sort of car is certainly more you than it is me sure um but i mean

At the same time like no complaints if if i knew someone that bought one of these i’d be like oh sweet like you’re gonna love it yeah oh that’s i quite like that yeah no this is actually really smart because not only do you get a flat surface then that you can slide things out without hiding the lip but then shelf shelf and underneath you got like stuffed storage

Compartment under there yeah my favorite part about this is it has blue interior it is it’s nice it’s nice shift blue same as the truck yeah i love that i love that color and um i so when i did the night drive on this i walked up to it right and i went and then i stepped back and nothing happened and i was like oh it’s manual but it’s okay because it’s very light

It’s very light and it’s very you know manual is better in a lot of ways for us non-vertically challenged people because this is a lot quicker yeah right and your dogs can’t escape if you put a dog back there that is true you can hold the dog in there which lots of lots of dogs as we’ve learned yeah dog owners yep fortunately not in the navs rotation that’s right

Yeah let’s get behind the wheel talk about some of the things that i’ve kind of picked up on having it for the last week and from what i understand chris you did a comprehensive intro to this car while i was gone actually where was i i i was going to get sushi and you were going to return the whoa no you weren’t going to return the slingshot i must have no you

Were you were yeah you were in return yep i had to return the slingshot thank goodness yeah cause it started raining during my review or my intro and i was like oh charlie’s getting rained on yes yeah i did get a small big round of a sling shade though let’s not paint my good thoughts of the bolts okay let’s go let’s get back to the bolt what is this warning light

Because i parked it in the street last night because i was just a little bit nervous yeah i think that’s uh it’s not a good thing it’s a yellow car with an exclamation point i mean something is wrong i looked around all the way through all the entertainment everything to try to find a little status indication of what’s the matter couldn’t find anything we should

Do a fixed integration on this does it have an obd port it probably has obd i don’t know if that’s that would come up on obd though oh we’ll try it later someone bought a genesis goodwill yeah that’s a beautiful genesis yeah that’s older one so i i like evs with this one i didn’t get the the most satisfaction with the torque really from a stop but when you’re

Going around corners and such it’s nice to have like that those nice instant inputs of torque and it just lights up the front wheels everywhere which is fun but um i don’t know i think it’s it’s something with the fact that this is an euv it just feels a little bit heavier a little bit slower than the normal bolt and i really like the normal bolt well did you

Try driving it in sport mode yeah i hit the checkered flag and i turned traction off you can’t turn traction all the way off can you i like held the button nothing happened yeah come to think of it i did have some trouble making a lot of squealing i think on the live drive were you trying to smoke you were probably trying to smoke the tires yes like the kona ev

Can’t really do quite quite the level that you can do with that car i think there’s a i really appreciate the tuning of the throttle and the steering and the regenerative braking when you let off the the gas pedal it’s a progressive it doesn’t yank you you can give it more with the paddle right you can give it an immediate grab with the paddle if you need to

Have you noticed uh quite a bit of torque steer yes yes yes a lot of torque if you really got it hard to hold on kind of fight for you and that kind of helps make it feel a little bit more exciting as well that’s something that no i like the torque steering yeah a lot of manufacturers have tuned torque steer out recently that’s not always a good thing because

We come out of this corner tires are pretty warm you feel a little bit of grabbing at me you have to it’s it’s nice because in this world of electric cars you have to have certain things in here that are engaging and the driving experience is part of that and it sounds silly but if you have a little bit of torque steer and you know if we found the same thing

With the nissan leaf that it was just fun to drive yeah like i don’t know i think this is a nice much nicer place to be in here than the nissan oh yeah it’s a lot airier and and and the big big moon roof big moon roof the materials are nice much nicer than the lt model i think that’s a little bit of a shame that you have to step up to the premiere to get get the

Nice stuff but it makes sense i mean it’s it’s it’s a nice it’s a nice place to be in here alyssa had initially entirely written the bolt and all other chevy products office simply being chevrolet’s and she got to spend some time in this car and actually really came to like it i mean her daily is a maverick so it’s not like she’s dealing with super high quality

Materials so this would feel like a step up but either way she liked the very large screen with the wireless car play that she literally it’s a nice entertainment it’s coming right up it’s a nice infotainment system works really well she liked having heated and cooled seats even though they are quite loud even on uh just level one physical climate controls all this

I appreciate there’s not a big old shifter in the way especially because the old bolt shifter was very cheap feeling and yeah those buttons feel nice this is out of the way so you can reach in and also very easy and quick access to your one pedal drive right i had emily uh try this last night and she she did one pedal drive the whole time but i think it made her

Feel a bit more comfortable to wear if she ever needed to like you know get back to just driving like a normal car button i agree easy don’t have to go on the infotainment you don’t have to hit the paddles every time it’s just on or off which is nice and it’s decently quick yeah it pulls strong enough right up to highway speeds did you happen to notice that it is

Speed limited no 92 miles per hour that’s great i i think i maybe got it up to 75 on the highway okay yeah so if you need to drive your vehicle at 92. greater than 92. now that probably drains the battery in like 50 miles if you drive it that fast probably does speaking of battery it is nice how in this enhanced screen it shows you both a maximum and a minimum

To your range that is good it’s a very smart thing that chevy’s been doing ever since the initial bolt and i think it’s really smart because you want to know okay what’s the worst case like am i going to make at home even if i had all my climate on if i were a torrential downpour like that’s a worst case scenario figure and then on the flip side you get a best

Case scenario if i drive like a grandmother what’s the best range right exactly yep and then kind of a smack dab in the middle and there’s a little indicator right on the left to say which one you’re trending more toward so it shows that we are going closer to the minimum than to the maximum right now yeah i like that it’s it’s it’s clever i think the best thing

About the bolt is just how easy and approachable it is you said emily drove it for a little bit she did yeah was she comfortable she liked it she liked it a lot she had no complaints exactly i think it’s more a car for the non-car people than for people like us and you gotta respect it for that they didn’t try too hard they didn’t make anything like oh let’s be

Like an id4 and have touch capacitive buttons on the wheel and climate controls all baked into the infotainment it’s just easy it’s just a car that happens to be electric right yeah yeah it’s a fun little hatchback and you still get enough of that electric excitement to zip around people yeah no it’s it is quick it’s my biggest complaint with it is just the fact

That it only has 50 kilowatt uh 50 kilowatt level 3 charging yeah and i’ve said it in a few other of our videos but i want to point out that we took a road trip to eliza’s parents house and back 280 miles round trip and we’ve used three other electric vehicles for that trip that’s in quite good shape that is beautiful yes whatever that was we’ve used three other

Uh electric vehicles for that trip and it takes about took about 15 minutes to charge all three of those none of them could make it on one charge to about 15 minutes to charge them all up to where we needed to get back this would have taken 50 minutes and that’s dramatically longer than 15 and was unacceptable we had to take the maverick yeah so if you live in

Something like the midwest something like the west something where you’re going to be doing long distances at higher speeds this might not be the best single car household solution you could totally get away with it if you lived in the city but it and it’s also just a great second car i mean you’d have something else have something else that you’re going to take

On trips have this to run around town run to the grocery store run to work if you have a short commute yeah it’s most just most certainly not a road trip not even a short commute even a long commute i mean if you had an 80 mile commute you could it’s easily on this car i mean you have two especially especially if you could uh plug in at work and yeah just giving

You more peace of mind right right i mean it is very uncommon for someone to drive more than 200 miles in a day if they’re not taking a trip somewhere yeah and this got 220 on our highway fuel economy test so there you go yeah and while this one costs forty three thousand dollars they shot dropped about four thousand dollars off the price for 2023 so this one one

That we’re driving would be less than forty thousand dollars for all the bells and whistles with the super cruise it’s built in lagorium yeah it is very close yep so the the motor is korean that’s okay though yeah that’s okay i’m fine with korean motor yeah no judgment so if they could fix and improve the charging situation and i mean it’s not there’s not a ton

Of cargo room if you had this with two kids it’d be tough to put a stroller in the back and groceries and everything so it’s definitely squeaking by with the term suv but yeah i don’t know about that tall tall hatchback hatchback although it does have a nice seating position that it’s very easy to get in and out of you know oh i’m glad that you’re adopting that

Phrase yes oh and cladding yes gotta have that yeah well it’s not an suv without cladding so thank you all so much for watching if you do want to see more on the bolt technically the euv we shot all sorts of videos on it check the link in the description i think good car i think good car too yeah i know i had little to no complaints daily motor top tip if you’re

Going to buy a nissan leaf check out the chevy bolt instead give it a shot see what you think we’re charlie and chris with daily motor and we will see you on the next one that is the wrong order i think i was gonna say and we’ll see on the next one where charlie and chris with daily motor and as always drive on

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