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Altair Club Cars 2022 Chevrolet Blazer Redline The Sporty Cadillac XT5?

2022 Chevrolet Blazer Redline The Sporty Cadillac XT5?

🎇Check out this 2022 Chevrolet Blazer Redline at Royal Chevrolet Cadillac!🎇 This vehicle is an excellent choice for mid size suv segment. It has a ton of great features for example, awd, wireless apple carplay/Android auto and blind spot monitor system. To see more vehicles just like this go to www.royalchev.com or go to my page at #AlexonDrives . Ask about our virtual tours!

Hello and welcome i’m alex from roy chevrolet cadillac and today we have the all new 2022 chevrolet blazer here with us and i’m going to go over this particular blazer this one is the true north edition package with the red line on it i’m going to explain what that means as well what makes this package a little bit different from the other packages as well as

Give you a slight overview of the blazer itself so you can see starting in the front of this vehicle here you have all the black dot chevrolet bow ties all the blacked out grille and you have this beautiful split headlight design here you get the running light led over here and you get the nice headlights down there now what powers the this particular unit is a

3.6 liter v6 that will give you 308 horsepower okay but you do also have a four cylinder optional for this but again like this is the six cylinder we have in this one today now moving alongside you’ll see that here it’s all been blacked out and then you’ll notice a count a couple of little things with the red line here again you get these little touches of red

Going through here on the mirror caps you also get that on the badging through here and you’ll see that on the wheels talking about the wheels this one does have these beautiful 20 inch black aluminum wheels as you see there with the red line going through and all the lug nuts here are even black with that going with that again dark theme with the vehicle and

That’s it for the front let’s go take a look a way to get out back so moving around back in the blazer you get some really beautiful touches that come with the blazer as well as just come on this particular package like i said this is the red line package so you get some unique badging with it as you can see starting on the badging here you get this nice kind of

Red touching going through all blacked out as you can see it says all-wheel drive on here it’s really good for those people looking at drivers all year round this is again make good for those winter days one of my favorite features about with the wooden wheel drive is you can actually have the true disconnect on here so you can drive this in two-wheel drive as

Well to save fuel now you can see again all the blacked-out badging over here and you get these beautiful tail lights over here the kind of camaro esque lights on here which look really nice nice leds going through there as well now on the bottom here you do have a hitch that’s in there built into this so you can tow if you want to but it’s nicely hidden away

And you do have sensors on the back here for those uh again when you’re backing up making sure you don’t hit the back of your new blazer and i love these dual outlet exhausts that are on the bottom there as well now when you want to get in the back there’s a little button underneath here to lift it up you also can use your key fob this has a nice power lift kit

On it and you can see here you get a nicely large trunk in here for everybody you do get a little extra storage underneath here as well with a spare tire and this one does have a nice cargo mat in here and even it goes onto the back of the seats there which look really nice and we want to fold the seats down you can fold from the back there but they give you

A really nice touch on here this little handle right here like that and the seat goes down really easy from here so you can lower them from back here instead of having to go around each time and then when you’re done you got a button right here or like i said use your key fob you can lower there for you and you got the backup camera on here and this does have a

360 degree camera making sure you don’t scratch the new blazer that’s it for the back let’s go take a look what you get on the inside so starting in the back of the blazer here you are welcome with some really nice touches back here even as a back passenger starting with right in front of here you do have vents back here as a back passenger it’s really nice good

Nice airflow back here you do also have a variety of charge ports back here at usbc usba and you have traditional outlets one of my favorite features is this seat can actually move forward a little bar underneath here you can move it forward or back to make adjustments or there’s a little lever on the side here you can use to recline the seat here to give you a

Little bit more extra comfort and of course you do have a nice armrest here with a cup holders in here and as you can see this isn’t a normal sleeping this is where i would sit i’m six foot one i have plenty of knee speeds in here and i have lots of head space i can be in the back of this very comfortably and that’s it for the back let’s move up front starting

With these beautiful seats here they are leather wrapped have beautiful stitching going all the way through it it just looks and feels really nice feels very luxurious in here you can see they even brought the nice leather up here at the beautiful stitching and you got this beautiful infotainment screen on here you have wireless apple carplay wireless android

Auto you have navigation on here and like i said this has a 360 degree camera so there’s 12 different configuration modes you can use on here you can just go into the camera mode right here by selecting it right there and you can see there’s various different modes you should check out the video i’ve done just on the camera here it is very nice really easy to

Use and you can press the home button to go back now moving over here you get some really nice air con controls and you have nice little usb charge ports here this is the 4×4 control which you can change from true wheel drive into four wheel drive mode but there are different modes on here you have five different modes you can choose from now you do have this

Really cool little trick mirror over here right now it’s set on the uh traditional mirror but if you just press it it will go into a mirror configuration that will actually have a little camera built in here so you can see out the back easier and so you don’t have all the seats blocking your back when you want to do it and again we want to go back just press it

Back and you can have the camera mirror again now over here you go onstar and then above me you do have this beautiful dual panel moonroof bringing in plenty of light into the interior and that’s pretty much it for the inside of the true north package so again i’m alex from roshevlay cadillac and this was the new 2022 chevrolet blazer redline edition if you guys

Have any questions about this particular blazer or in general feel free to give us a call email with us about it or if you guys like these videos or want to know more about it feel free to give us a like comment subscribe tell us what you think about the blazer would you get the red line package on yours let us know and we’ll see you guys on the next video you

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2022 Chevrolet Blazer Redline! The Sporty Cadillac XT5? By Alex Vengroff at Royal Chevrolet Cadillac

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