2022 chery tiggo 8 pro max luxur
Altair Club Cars 2022 Chery Tiggo 8 Pro MAX Luxury SUV My honest Review

2022 Chery Tiggo 8 Pro MAX Luxury SUV My honest Review

Introducing the all new 2022 Chery Tiggo 8 Pro MAX Luxury SUV My honest Review video in Full HD to see and learn more about it, it’s a chinese Midsize Luxury SUV with 3 row seats and it’s the top of the line trim level with almost all of the class leading features, this one I just filmed is a gasoline power train, but the good news is, there’s a plug in hybrid variant this vehicle, so if you wanna see it, be sure to watch the video here below

Welcome back everyone today we’re looking at what you may or may not familiar with and that is the all-new 2022 cherry tigo 8 pro max in case you’ve been living under a rock and don’t know exactly what it is it’s a mid-sized chinese luxury suv with three row seats and it’s the top dog of all cherry vehicles well maybe it’s considered as a full size in its own

Brand but in all suv category it’s only a midsize which is the size of other rivals like for example the honda pilot the ford explorer and hyundai palisade however though this 2022 tigo 8 pro max which sounds a bit ridiculous for a given name honestly is the top of the line trim level above its siblings and they are 2022 tigo 8 and tigo 8 pro which i’ll make

Separate videos for the other two some other time in the future you can read the information when you pause this video and check out the price below which seems more affordable and cheaper than the 2023 hyundai tucson to be fair i prefer buying this suv because it has all the bells and whistles of the class leading features and also as for a top of the line trim

Level the tigo 8 pro max is a lot cheaper than a mid-range trim of 2023 hyundai tucson which barely has some nice features plus it even offers more practicality in terms of size reliability and cost friendly repairs in other words it’s the total package of a vehicle but the only thing missing though is the fact that has no fully electric variant of this vehicle

At least for now but the good news is there’s a plug-in hybrid variant which is now sold currently in china you can pause the video to check out the information on the fuel card honestly in exterior design wise it doesn’t look too crazy like some other rivals in its segment but it looks absolutely beautiful and if it wasn’t for the shifted up fuel price which is

So expensive i would consider getting it for sure from the outside the taillights do look normal alright but i really love those series of tiny vertical led brake lights inside the housing as well as the red led lights wrapping around them but it would look even prettier if they just included a light bar connecting the taillights together across the whole back

Of the vehicle which is one of my favorite designs with this trim level you’ll get all the cameras for visibility purposes of your surroundings including the 360 camera for you to see what’s around you in 360 degrees on the infotainment screen i truly don’t like the mindset behind this ridiculous naming for a vehicle tigo 8 is a fine name but pro max or plus or

Even ultra or whatever after all it’s a car not a smartphone but anyway i do like these tasteful looking exhaust tips although i do know that there are not fully functional the back side would have looked cleaner if they just tucked the back wiper hidden underneath the roof spoiler so i wish they’ve done that so before we keep going please support this channel

By subscribing and if you enjoyed this video please hit the like button thank you so much now let’s see the cooper tires the size are 235 on the width 55 series sidewall and 18 inches thank you i’m not really digging this multi-spoke design but it looks alright at least to me foreign now let’s see what’s inside at the front seat starting from this door panel

Which looks absolutely beautiful and luxurious and it’s packed with so many electric assist features along with some beautiful ambient lights on the door panels and across the whole cabin except for the back door panels which don’t have also there’s a decent pocket size and a unique looking speaker cover foreign looking silver trim with a tigo branding embossed

In it which can illuminate in low light conditions very tasteful and no doubt that all seats are fully electric assist as well this enormous wide screen looks phenomenal but we’ll get to that in a few moments the first thing you’d notice once you get inside is the front dash and the screens which they look absolutely stunning like they give you a futuristic 2077

Model year feel into it but unfortunately though the steering wheel looks so dated which looks kinda bad but not so terrible really the only feature that is missing is the head up display which is so strange for a top of the line suv however you won’t believe it when i say this but it has a voice command feature for almost every single wish you want from your car

And that is a huge deal which you’ll get for the money still love to look at the door panel because it’s very tasteful as well as the dash which looks so stunning and so cohesive not to mention this soft leather which feels quite premium for sure and i really love these paralleled silver lines across the whole dash with all of the front events being integrated

In them foreign ed earlier about the wide screen but there are actually two screens in one giant tablet device mounted on the dash and each size of these two screens are 12.3 inches for the digital gauge cluster and for the infotainment touch screen surprisingly there’s another smaller touch screen placed under the dash for the dual climate controls and for the

Ventilated and cooling seats this center console has a lot of switches and knobs for plenty of features such as driving modes traction capabilities auto hold for more downhill driving assist and a lot more features and let’s not forget that it has wireless connectivities such as apple carplay and android auto and wireless charging as well also you’ll get plenty

Of storage under the armrest and more usb ports and that is a nice bonus i can’t really see if this mirror has auto dimming for more eye protection from the high beams behind the driver of this vehicle but i assume that it does have otherwise it’ll be completely silly and let’s not forget this panoramic sunroof for more extra rare intake for the interior and i

Really really love it now let’s jump into the back as for the door panels for the back seat well they look beautiful or right but it’s a shame that they didn’t include sun shades for the back windows nor led ambient lights on the doors as you may see this small thing above the speaker grille is a warning assist feature and it’s very helpful because it alarms when

A car is approaching behind you for passing you by so you don’t accidentally open the door to get out and it’s absolutely amazing home another welcoming silver trim with illuminating tigo branding in it very nice as you can see the leg room is spacious so not bad really well there’s a lot going on here in the back foreign for example we have some electric

Assist lumbars mounted on the top left of the front passenger’s seat for more adjustment controls for the back passenger’s legroom to his or her liking in a convenient way we also have a separate climate control setup with a digital display for the back seat but we just have a single usb charging port which is not really enough and finally we have a third row

Seat with its necessary items such as extra cup holders ac vents and usb ports which is mostly made for children and of course i forgot to mention the back armrest with its cup holders for the second row seat and one final thing worth mentioning is that the tailgate for the cargo area is fully electrical assist which means you can open or close the tailgate with

The press of a button so no need to do so using your own muscles anymore and that’s pretty much it for this review so if you enjoyed my blabbering please hit the like button and please subscribe and lastly be sure to watch more videos at the last 10 seconds of this video so until then have a good one foreign

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