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Altair Club Cars 2022 Cadillac XT4 – How to Use Touchscreen | Infotainment Demo & Review

2022 Cadillac XT4 – How to Use Touchscreen | Infotainment Demo & Review

Cadillac uses a fairly basic touch screen infotainment setup in the XT4 crossover, but they pair it with a knob and buttons for extra functionality. While it may not have the pizzazz of some other brands, we prefer a system like this that just works and makes sense.

Hey everybody it’s charlie from daily motor welcome to the infotainment demo on the 2022 cadillac xt4 this should apply to a pretty wide range of xt4s with this style infotainment system this has been around for a few years now and until some sort of new system makes its way into a refreshed xt4 this should kind of all apply today’s video we’re going to poke around

And sort of see how to use the basics of the infotainment screen and if you do want to see more on the car check the links in the description we’ve got a dm review a test of the bose audio system as well as a highway fuel economy test before we get started let’s hop out take a look at it kind of a sub compact compact border line here for cadillac in the xt4 provided

Here with a 2-liter turbocharged engine and all-wheel drive a lot of people are going to be appreciating that all-wheel drive aspect nice white paint as well 350t meaning of course newton meters of torque didn’t you all know that it hasn’t been the most spectacular vehicle to have around but it certainly has its merits in here in the cabin you have a fairly

Straightforward gauge cluster two analog gauges for attack and speedo and then a simple information screen in the middle you can have your media some information giving you digital speed fuel economy trip one trip two fuel range oil life tire pressure monitoring nice to have that more fuel economy you can add some pages in there if there’s anything you want air

Filter life for example average speed or you can take things out and simplify your screen top of that you can get some navigational info phone calls and change some settings all pretty straightforward but i do appreciate how your digital speed your clock stay up there on the top of the screen then coming in here into the middle this is your infotainment display

It’s fairly simple both in how it looks and how it works but i will say i like the simplicity of it yeah it might not be as flashy as some of the other luxury vehicles but i like how it works and i think you probably will as well in this home screen you’ve got menu for your climate up top your media down here a little phone call screen and you can swipe through on

This main screen if you see how quickly it responds it’s right immediate with my finger very sensitive very reactive and a high refresh rate as well definitely like that and obviously some navigation on the right side you could tap and zoom that’s nice to sort of see everything in one home screen then you start with your apps let’s go in the top left for audio

Again very quick load times right now i’m on my usb screen from the sound test but i could turn the volume down and go over to siriusxm all your serious xm channels you can toggle through by channel like that see what’s what channel is what that’s pretty nice in the lineup or this is probably going to go this is actually going to toggle back and forth through

The station that you’re actually listening to so you could pause it’s nice having a pause function for siriusxm that way if you want to take a phone call i have a quick conversation but not miss a song on the radio and actually pause it and it’ll store it there for a little while that is nice some sound settings if you want to see a little bit more on that check

The links in the description for our sound system review let’s go back home and then over to phone right now i have my iphone connected so it immediately went to apple carplay it doesn’t look like there’s a way to bring up phone without going to carplay but we’re going to get to carplay and android auto here in a little bit so let’s continue on to navigation this

Is the built-in cadillac navigation screen it looks pretty good i’m seeing live traffic updates around you can see a few road closures green meaning traffic is flowing nicely here at 9 45 in the morning again good refresh rate good move around can you pinch to zoom yes you can that’s that’s really quite nice i would have it turned to 3d heading up like so that

Way if it were driving around and we’d kind of see what’s coming up that looks good works nicely over to wi-fi hotspot you do have a configurable 4g lte wi-fi hotspot here in the cadillac as you’d get with many gm vehicles you can change your wi-fi name and password obviously you’d have to pay for that after a certain amount of time to keep that active in your car

But some people are going to really appreciate that feature users you can actually customize the car for different drivers and and it can link up with the key and then when you get in you have your music favorites and probably hopefully even seat settings that sort of thing uh backed up and and customized so say for example if you have a partner who drives the car

Then when he or she gets in it then it would automatically adapt to them it’s kind of a hidden feature for a lot of people but very useful for owners digging into the settings nothing too surprising in here pretty straightforward time and date like i said it’s not a complex system not a very revolutionary system but for day-to-day use i’ve really appreciated it

You can also do some climate controlling in here so if we turn that on then fortunately there’s physical controls for all of them down here as well but technically you could do stuff in the touch screen if for some reason you wanted to continuing on you have some built-in applications and gm and cadillac could provide more apps to you if you wanted you get things

Like amazon alexa spotify built in some people are really gonna appreciate that audiobooks apps i heart radio pandora wow there’s a lot of good streaming services in here built right in fox sports npr one so if you don’t want to have to go through your phone you want those built right in some people are really going to appreciate having that back i should also

Point out you can control this screen here using this rotary knob as well so you’ve got kind of a scrolling and then a toggle up and down functionality and your volume knob is down there also onstar services that’s going to allow you to get turn by turn directions via voice and call if you have questions about your vehicle or any issues with it camera there

Is your backup camera and this vehicle is also equipped with a 360 to view cam 68 degree view camera a little bit of a word full there so you can see everything around you this curve along the side same as that curve right there you have lines that turn with the wheel as you back up zoom in and out see if you’re coming up to a curve that’s a really nice feature

Definitely if i’m paying this sort of money i want to have a 360 camera regardless of the size of vehicle my cadillac it’s going to give you a little bit more information about maintenance on the vehicle if you have a flat tire you can go in there if you want to access your owner’s manual without getting into the glove box you can get that that’s pretty nice to

Have and that is it so let’s head on over to apple carplay i’ve got my phone wirelessly connected right now carplay you can see we’re on the whole uh phone screen but let’s go home looking nice taking up the whole screen again really responsive not the highest refresh rate for carplay but a good resolution and obviously very good functionality let’s go to google

Maps coming up very well around don’t have the pinch to zoom functionality unfortunately so if you want to zoom you got to click this just rely on tapping youtube music again looking pretty decent just play play something you can see the now playing screen yep and then let’s go over to settings and there we are okay how about android auto there we are android

Auto coming up again taking up the whole screen no sort of home home screen aspect of android auto you just have your apps let’s start again with google maps there we are looking very similar but you do have pinch to zoom with android so that’s interesting hop on over to youtube music maybe there we are again looking a little different in android auto but similar

Functionality i can click on here grab a song once it loads up there we go as your music’s playing screen right away it’s a nice dark view to everything and what else do we have let’s go over to settings so there you have it the cadillac infotainment system here in the 2022 xt4 like i said not the flashiest not the most feature-filled but really straightforward

And honestly i think a really good system at this price point and for this type of vehicle thank you all so much for watching if you do want to see more on the xt4 check the links in the description and we’ll see on the next one i’m charlie from daily motor and as always drive on

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2022 Cadillac XT4 – How to Use Touchscreen | Infotainment Demo & Review By DM Sound

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