2022 cadillac ct5 v blackwing vs
Altair Club Cars 2022 Cadillac CT5 V Blackwing VS BMW M5 Competiton Big SEDAN Battle

2022 Cadillac CT5 V Blackwing VS BMW M5 Competiton Big SEDAN Battle

👋 In todays video we are taking a side by side comparison look with the 2022 Cadillac CT5 V Blackwing and the BMW M5 Competition! Now while one is a manual and one is not, the Cadillac has the option of going with an automatic just like the BMW! These two models are pretty similar although the starting price is much different, they could be similarly spec’d and have very similar performance with the V8 engines!

Hey everyone and welcome back to the channel so in today’s video we’re going to take a side-by-side comparison look with the 2022 cadillac ct5v blackwing and the bmw m5 both of these are very luxurious sedans they’re a little bit larger than some of the other models that each brand has to offer and they are very performance oriented so we’re going to take a look

At all the engine specifications as well as the exterior and the interior some of the other features that are offered and then get both of these out on the road and really see how they drive and perform now the bmw m5 starts right around just over one hundred thousand dollars where the cadillac ct5v blackwing starts in the mid 80 thousand dollar range so there’s a

Small price discrepancy between both of them however you could have a similarly priced model just depending on the options that you go with so we’re going to start off with the cadillac ct5v blackwing this is powered by a 6.2 liter supercharged v8 paired to the six-speed manual or 10-speed automatic and it pumps out 668 horsepower and 659 power feet of torque that

Power sent to the rear wheels this weighs in right around 4 100 pounds it’ll do zero to 60 in 3.6 seconds up to its top speed just over 200 miles an hour and it has a fuel capacity of 17 gallons you’ll expect to see around 13 miles per gallon in the city and 21 out on the highway as we move over to the m5 now this has a smaller displacement a 4.4 liter twin power

Turbo v8 only paired to the 8-speed automatic transmission and pumps out 617 horsepower and 553 pound-feet of torque so significantly lower this has the x-drive all-wheel drive system it weighs in right around 4 300 pounds it does have a quicker 0-60 time at 3.2 seconds a little bit slower top speed at 177 miles an hour and it does have a larger fuel capacity of

20.1 gallons you’ll expect to see around 15 miles per gallon in the city and 21 out on the highway as we work our way to the exterior styling now the cadillac especially finished off in this electric blue and all the gloss black has a really nice design this does have led headlights drls and turn signals and the drls have a really nice split design this is very

Iconic for the latest cadillac models with the bodywork separating the headlight housing from that lower section a lot of mesh in this front-end design all the mesh is also finished off in a v logo so it matches being the v model from cadillac this has a forward-facing camera all the parking sensors a lot of cutouts in that lower grille just to provide even more

Cooling to the front engine components as well as better aerodynamics for the sporty family sedan and just really nice lines with this color all of them pop really clean lines run down the hood as well meeting the top section of the grille there very nicely on the bmw this does have led headlights drl’s and turn signals as well along with a forward-facing camera

A lot more cutouts are in this mesh too as well as in the lower section of the bumper plenty of cutouts on the air inlets on both sides and it still retains a good look even finished off in this black here and there are really nice contoured lines in the lower section of the bumper as well as some clean lines that come down the hood meeting the top of that kidney

Grille very nicely and then moving our way to the side profile now for this cadillac it has a really nice set of 19 inch wheels finished off in black which is a great accent against this blue matches all the exterior black accents as well this has cameras on the side mirror so it does have the 3d camera system no sunroof for this model though all the window trim is

Blacked out as well as the lower section and a really clean side profile design very sleek for the sedan just to give it that cadillac inspiration with being a sleek and classy model over on the bmw this has a gloss black set of 20 inch wheels with the red m sport brakes give it a great contrast against this black this does have cameras in the side mirrors as well

So we have that 3d camera system this doesn’t have a sunroof either however it has the carbon fiber roof which would not have the sunroof really cool to see that option for this sporty sedan and overall side profile just like the cadillac really nice lines running down the side and for the rear end on the cadillac it has a trunk mounted spoiler finished off in body

Colored this has a backup camera with all those sensors led turn signals the quad tip dual exhaust as well is in the lower section of the bumper where there’s even more gloss black and the reverse light right in the middle gives it a really nice design to finish up the rear end for this model on the bmw has a trunk mounted spoiler as well the led tail lights with

A dark housing has a backup camera and all those sensors as well even the quad tip dual exhaust in a little bit different of a configuration uh and then as we work our way to the interior now for the cadillac ct5v blackwing there are carbon fiber accents on this door panel along with leather this has the memory seating adjustments some really nice trim pieces

Too all the window controls obviously all these side mirror adjustments there’s even a release for the rear trunk storage space and plenty of room down in the lower section of the door and then moving to the seats they have a great design to them finished off in black with the white piping the small v logo is right in the middle and these are heated seats too they

Have a really nice design with the insert running down them and you can’t even adjust the forward section of the seat if you need a little bit more comfort for your legs they are automatic seats as well on the m5 this model here has a two-tone interior as well as the memory seating adjustments all the window controls side mirror adjustments obviously even a release

For the trunk and a good amount of storage space in the door panel as we move on to the seats now they retain that two-tone design with the m5 badge right in the middle these are heated seats have a really nice design running down them and the front section of the seat is also adjustable it is automatic on the m5 but just like in the cadillac it gives you that

Extra leg support if you need it and then looking at the digital gauge cluster now in this cadillac there’s a lot of information you can go through as you can tell i’m scrolling through a lot of vitals as well as different daily driving aspects that you need to look at your driver assistance the navigation you can also go through a lot more of the v performance

Settings look at your lap timer as well as your g-forces even the launch control which is really nice to see on a family sedan like this but there’s a lot more vitals that you can go through and it’s really nice to have all that information front and center and then over on the bmw this does have a digital gauge cluster as well there’s a lot of information that’s

Very helpful to go through within that tack there the navigation also stays front and center which is really nice to have especially if you’re daily driving this you can see what gear you’re in along with your mpg and a few other vitals and then moving on to the infotainment system for the cadillac has a really nice touch screen system apple carplay android auto

Navigation all of those apps you can go into really easy system to swipe through all this information there’s even spotify the shortcuts to all the ac controls as well so it’s nicely laid out and it even has the pdr so when you have an sd card plugged in you can actually monitor your driving and it will record using the cameras on the exterior of the vehicle really

Cool to be able to monitor all that information on the bmw you have a little bit larger of a screen a little bit different of a shape as well but a lot more information to go through apple carplay android auto navigation all those features are available on this model too so they are very similar the bmw does not have the pdr system so the cameras are not used in

That aspect mainly that is a gm feature but it’s nice that we have the configurable mode buttons which the cadillac does not have so you can go through all these different settings just depending on how you’d like to get this set up and then back to the cadillac all the buttons underneath have a really nice layout all the aluminum buttons come to a point in a v so

It’s nice to see how that v logo is incorporated into all those controls the heated and ventilated seat controls are just underneath that along with a few other buttons really nice layout you can see the six-speed manual as well is just behind that and like i mentioned earlier with the 3d camera system there are plenty of different angles to see around this entire

Model just depending on what your driving situation is and what you’d like to see when you’re out on the road over on the bmw this has an lcd screen for all the climates so it is a touch screen system really cool to see that incorporated it hides a lot of the buttons since they’re on the lower section of that screen there’s a few other controls on both sides and

Then there’s even more storage space down below now obviously since this is not a manual it’s going to be a little bit different of a layout and then with the camera system it’s very similar to the cadillac with a different orientation to be able to view all that information and this even has the automatic parking so it’s the parallel parking assistance as well as

The backup assistance the gesture control is a neat feature to be able to see the 360 view and we even have a top down view for the front and as we move on to the back seats now in this cadillac ct5v black wing you can see the carbon fiber all the black leather just to give it more of that upscale and classy look there’s some brushed aluminum covering the speakers

And then once we move into the inside i am five foot ten i have plenty of room for my feet and my legs headroom was actually pretty good too we did have a ct4 blackwing for about a week or so so i can see the ct5v being a little bit larger in the back seats we have some amenities like the armrest and the cup holders and the seats even fold down as well so that

Gives you a lot more interior space for this family sedan over on the bmw the back sea room is about the same however there is the addition of a third climate control zone which the cadillac did not have so you can go through all these as well as the heated seats so a little bit more luxurious in the back seats of this bmw and the back seats also fold down in a

40 20 40 split so that gives you a little bit more versatility compared to the cadillac making your way to the trunk space now for the cadillac this does have the power trunk so that trunk lid will open right up a large flat surface to place any items there’s a storage bin on the passenger side and some battery components and access over on the driver’s side now

With the back seats folded down you can get another angle there’s not really any overhang so it makes it that much more doable to put in larger items and to make this practical as well as having a little bit of storage underneath the floorboard if you need to use it so very nice to see that it is not electronic so you do have to close it manually over on the bmw

Very similar layout with the storage on the passenger side and the battery components on the driver’s side and you can see the storage is very similar to the cadillac with the back seats folded down and this does have the automatic adjustments to close the power trunk but now let’s get both of these out on the road and uh right now we’re just in normal mode so it’s

Just like we’re driving it feels like a cadillac yeah it’s very it’s been very comfortable and quiet so far yeah very smooth even coming around this turn just going at the normal speed here seems to handle pretty well but i think we need to push on this v mode button and really listen to this so we’re going to go into uh sport mode along with v we have the rev

Matching which we can use if needed give it a little bit of gas wow it’s not crazy loud it’s pretty quiet expecting it to be a little bit louder but that wasn’t even anything crazy and you can definitely feel that this wants to keep going the fin finish seems nice the leather on the dashboard and everything i mean it’s like it’s about almost six figure cadillac

Yeah so yeah should be pretty nice in here depending on options you go it starts right around 85 i think you can also get carbon ceramics if you want as we get in a second yeah and that’s that’s not even getting crazy in the revs wow i mean we’re only going to like 3 000 yeah i mean i can’t imagine bringing it out this uh goes up to right around 4 500 5 000 you

Can go a little bit higher than that if you want to and you want the six speed manual it is so smooth to drive shifter is very the clutch pedal is very light shifter is really smooth this is a monster of a family sedan you could drive this every single day and like i am right now just drive it normally just like a normal drive here we have that transmission setting

There all the way down into one but i absolutely love this spec with the interior and the exterior color everything just has a premium feel to it it’s what you would expect for an m5 i really love it i love the new screen down below here it’s very easy to use very touch sensitive as well so you can easily control everything you have that upper screen too but let’s

Go ahead now and pop it into the manual mode so just by clicking on m you’ll see the gauge cluster here change a good bit and now we can go all the way down into second gear give it a little bit gas wow that is pretty quick and that was in setting one basically for the transmission so they don’t feel slow they feel quick like you would expect but now if we go

Ahead and pop it all the way up into setting three we’ll go ahead and downshift again here you can feel it just a little bit quicker and so now coming back to discuss the final thoughts between the 2022 cadillac ct5v blackwing and the bmw m5 now personally i’m a little torn between which model i would go with i like the fact that with the cadillac you have the

Option to get the six-speed manual the bmw m5 does not have an option for the manual some of the older models did have an option however on the latest generation the manual is no longer an option if you want to go with a sedan in the manual you need to go down to the m3 but comparing this m5 to the cadillac i really like the fact that you can get the manual in the

Ct5 you’re going to have a lot more horsepower in the cadillac as well and a little bit lower of a starting price so if you can find one if you’re lucky enough to find one or you have to place an order the cadillac is going to be a little bit less however in the bmw you do get some more amenities like even having the climate controls and the heated seats for your

Backseat passengers a little bit more practicality with the split for the seats compared to the cadillac where it has that 60 40 split as far as driving these out on the road they still both have a fun factor to them we had a ct4v blackwing for about a week with the automatic transmission and that was a blast to drive in the mountains now we haven’t been able to

Have a bmw sedan out on the mountain roads but i’m sure with all the performance that it has it’s going to perform very nicely probably even very similar to the cadillac model now the cadillac has a lot more horsepower but they do have a very similar 0-60 time with their weight discrepancies which really wasn’t all that much so it really just depends on which

One you like and why it’s hard to argue against this cadillac being finished off in electric blue it looks a lot more stunning than the bmw finished off in black obviously that is a personal preference but the bmw is still fun i love driving bmws i really enjoyed my time behind the wheel of the cadillac as well so i am personally torn comment down below which

Model would you go with and why both of them are very luxurious cadillac is known for being luxurious it’s going to provide a little bit smoother of a ride probably not a lot more than the bmw it’s going to be hard to tell bmw is going to be a little bit more sporty not quite as flashy obviously the color will depend on that too but you do get a lot more carbon

Fiber with the bmw however you can get some carbon fiber goodies on the exterior of the cadillac so really just depends on the options you go with and how you’d like to spec your car so i hope you all enjoyed today’s video checking out the cadillac ct5v and the bmw m5 comment down below which one you would go with and why also give the video a huge thumbs up if

You enjoyed it and consider smashing that subscribe button so you don’t miss out on our daily uploads i will see you all in the next video so you

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