2022 cadillac ct5 blackwing head
Altair Club Cars 2022 Cadillac CT5 Blackwing Headlight Test and Night Drive

2022 Cadillac CT5 Blackwing Headlight Test and Night Drive

2022 Cadillac CT5 Blackwing Headlight Test and Night Drive

We’ve got over 500 vehicle tests on this channel and almost all of them have headlight tests so if you want to see how the lights on your vehicle work this is the right place to be it looks like cadillac sent us a ct5 black wing 668 horsepower price tag over 100 grand i’m impressed we’re gonna be doing a full road test on this in a couple days and doing a video

On that in the meantime we’re gonna do a video on the headlight in night drive you’re driving car with this much horsepower and acceleration you’ll make sure you’ve got some good lights in front so let’s take it out in the dark and see what happens okay it’s nice and dark and here’s what the headlights look like pretty cool looking just like they look like on

The v6 supercharged vehicle we had about a month ago and here we have the emergency flashers with the headlights and taillights turned off easy to see and on the outside mirror don’t knock that mirror off it’s going to be expensive to replace now obviously the emergency lights are easy to see if the headlights are off don’t do that if you’re driving of course

But if you’re on the side of the road i’d say turn the headlights off especially on the rear a lot harder to see with the taillights on and but the transmission reverse the clarity of the screen looks pretty nice in the dark and we have other choices you scroll through the menu now the essential buttons and controls are lit up actually you can’t see the shifter

It’s not lit up but you’ll find it trust me and the gauge cluster 9.3 miles to the gallon my my can’t show that turn it off here we have the low beams and they were 100 feet away a bit higher than the v6 car we had last month they were a bit lower these are definitely bright no problem here now let’s turn up the power high beam not a wide spread strong in

The middle and the heads up display lights up pretty good let’s see especially if you turn the lights out i don’t want that though let’s make it go away it’s annoying after a while for 110 grand i was hoping for active headlights that turned the same direction as the string was being turned but if the program is on this car i’ve not been able to find it yet

But oh well i can live without it i guess as long as the headlights are powerful enough and these seem to be yeah i got some hot action going on up here my mind doesn’t look good whoo okay like we did with the v6 black wing we’re going to take this out and the sticks take some curves and see how these headlights work at long distance cruising on the back

Roads lights up pretty good signs about a half mile away there’s a lot of wildlife that comes out in this area at night rattlesnakes won’t bother you as long as you hide in your car but the skunks and the mountain lions and you don’t want to tangle with them so it’s nice to have a good set of headlights to see what’s down yonder on the road as i show you when

You have the vehicle in the v performance mode and you’re driving rather quickly the amount of torque this engine puts out is fantastic i’m just cruising along a fifth gear you push your gas pedal down and this thing really pins you to the seat really no need to downshift entering dips these are fantastic lights on high beam you see everything down the road

Low beams still doing pretty good these are excellent headlights for back country cruising all right the ultimate test let’s see if the headlights can light up the jail at two o’clock in the morning well almost we’re on a downward slope it passes but barely they better slow down they might have room for me in there yes overall i’m definitely impressed with the

Performance of this vehicle and i’m definitely impressed with the performance of these headlights they only have the active feature turning the same direction steering wheel we’d really be on a plus but i can live with this oh hang on got a tiger by the tail here not for the beginner go baby go well that was fun that concludes our headlight test time to go back

Into town because once again the vampire bats are circling overhead and some other strange creatures in the bushes over there so let’s wrap up this video in the ever important drive mode switch is very easy to see in the dark give you track mode snow and ice my mode tour mode and sport mode and down here on the steering wheel is the v mode that you cannot see

That’s not lit up for some reason we’ll press it and that’s the shortcut to performance driving all the programs light up pretty good in the dark as you can see our full one week road test is coming up in a couple days subscribe so you don’t miss that video you

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2022 Cadillac CT5 Blackwing Headlight Test and Night Drive By chad haire

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