2022 cadillac ct4 v blackwing is
Altair Club Cars 2022 Cadillac CT4-V Blackwing: Is The CT4-V Blackwing Better Than The BMW M3?

2022 Cadillac CT4-V Blackwing: Is The CT4-V Blackwing Better Than The BMW M3?

Today I drive and review a 2022 Cadillac CT4-V Blackwing!

Okay we got to get a fun acceleration here hey everyone it’s ben hardy here and today’s going to be reviewing a 2022 cadillac ct4v blackwing first and foremost though a huge shout out thank you to the lyrics miller dodge ram g presley here in bountiful utah for giving me some time with this car this one is available for sale for the time being so if you’re interested

I’ll put a link to their website in the description down below if you have any questions whatsoever just ask for chris or connor and they’ll be more than happy to help you out with that being said let’s get right into the video under the hood we have a twin turbo 3.6 liter v6 it goes through either a 10-speed automatic or a 6-speed manual this particular one

Has the automatic now it produces 472 horsepower and 445 pound-feet of torque with the blackwing absolutely insane and i don’t need to say anything else now let’s go to the front end of the blackwing so first off i absolutely love the hood design here how it’s like raised in the center and you’ve got pretty aggressive lines overall coming down below we’ve got

A gigantic cadillac emblem and notice how everything is just wide open gotta have a lot of airflow for that engine i love the look of the daytime running lights with the headlight by the way it doesn’t actually move like that in real life that’s just because the frame rate of the camera but yeah tons of venting like everything’s open here and they have this crazy

Aggressive carbon fiber front splitter and we also have carbon fiber canards as well and when you put it all together i can’t believe this is a cadillac it looks crazy coming on the side here our tire wheel setup is 255 35 18 in the front and then 275 35 18 in the rear now from a design perspective they actually went for a pretty simplistic design on the wheels

They’re dark in coloration to contrast the rest of the elements on the car and yeah i don’t think they could have gone any smaller than 18 inch wheels look at the size of those rotors and of course you got little cadillac emblem there on the caliper and then we actually have like a little splash guard right there notice the vent piece and then we have our v logo

Here on the side more carbon fiber here on the side and then take a few steps back this car actually looks really cool from every single angle i’m pretty shocked now here’s our key fob for the ct4 blackwing it’s pretty much just a regular cadillac key fob except obviously got the v logo right there and then notice we’ve got our unlock lock function remote start

And then the opening here for the trunk which we got we got to check out the trunk on this thing because we got it we got to see if this is practical that’s what cadillac is all about and yeah actually pretty decent sized notice another v logo you can see lots of v logos with this car but when you’re done just pop it down like a regular trunk now finishing things

Up with the rest of the rear i actually like the taillights here i was always kind of confused about why they shaped the taillights this way because i don’t see a lot of these in person but now seeing in person it actually makes quite a bit of sense we have another v logo right there ct4 on the other side and of course the cadillac emblem front and center now

Something that i recently found out that i didn’t know before which is pretty cool is this is how you tell this is a black wing is because of this carbon fiber spoiler here on the back end with how aggressive it is and everything so if it doesn’t have a spoiler then it’s not a black wing and there’s no black wing badges on this interestingly enough parking sensors

There at the bottom and then that’s how aggressive the exhaust tip covers are and then you can see carbon fiber diffuser as well lots of carbon fiber on this let’s pop in now here’s the door panel in the rear and this has an interesting two-tone design with the interior so we’ve got really nice leather trim here at the top with the white contrast stitching and

Then we have alcantara here in the center and then we have white leather but then this is like red contrasted stitching so lots of colors happening and that continues on to these seats here’s the other seat so you guys can get a better view of this whole setup yeah really cool with like the diamond design and then again we got more of that piping sorry if the

Lighting’s kind of low this has window tint on it oh kind of crammed yeah definitely a little bit more on the cramp side but i will say these seats are exceptionally comfortable got some cup holders right there and then you guys can see here at the vents now i find this very interesting we’ve got alcantara on the back of the seats you usually don’t like usually

Just expose plastic that is very interesting let’s head to the front now here’s the front door panel you can see again with the leather trim here at the top then the alcantara in the center and then more leather trim down below we have our functions for the memory seats we got blind spot monitoring for the mirrors and then this has the akg sound system which is

Actually a really solid sound system automatic for the front two windows and the trunk release of course we got another v logo right there i actually managed to see how much this weighs so 873 pounds is the payload gross vehicle weight rating is why does it only give me the front okay there we go sorry 4 860 pounds so we minus the 873 so this weighs just under 4

000 pounds roughly and then here’s a quick look at the front seats i like the headrest it’s kind of interesting really cool design actually these seats pop quite a bit then we got our adjustments here on the side and then pedal layout down below pretty normal stuff for the heads-up display in terms of controls the steering wheel is power adjustable let’s pop in

So here’s our strangle for the black wing we got alcantara all around and of course we have our racing stripe there in the center which is pretty cool and then notice with the cadillac logo and we actually have some nice stitching and everything so the airbag cover looks very premium paddle shifters here on the back for that 10-speed automatic and then we do have

Practical stuff like cruise control heated steering wheel button we have our v-mode button right there and we’ve got some more adjustments over here which we will go over a little bit later and then notice here with the carbon fiber and look at that v down below pretty cool elements overall and then of course we got our turn signal light stock windshield wiper

Stock and overall i like the steering wheel so this is pretty fun so i press that v mode button and completely changes the gauge cluster which is fun and then notice we’ve got our race two and race one options all that and then you guys saw that little knob on the steering wheel so that’ll pop up here and this actually lets you change the traction to different

Types so you can see that there’s so many different interaction types um probably the one you’ll drive in the most is i guess dry maybe sport right depending on how much fun you want to have with this rear wheel drive beast but yeah that’s the benefit of having a digital gauge clusters you can change stuff on the fly like that with the whole screen and overall i

Think this just looks so cool um but it does have practical stuff like you guys can see with the radio there on the side which you can scroll through and then you got like navigation and phone controls like so again it it has the crazy like race stuff but then it also happens to is that launch control that i just saw okay i was like i launched navigation i was

Like okay wait a second yeah it also happens to have the performance stuff so it’s it it’s fun so here’s the infotainment system first off we pop it into reverse we do have a backup camera which directory lines that turn with the steering wheel resolution is really solid now for the rest infotainment system this is basically gm’s basic infotainment system so it’s

Got good response time has apple carplay and android auto um other than that it’s an infotainment system i love how we just have the singular home screen button right there anyways dual zone climate controls just down below we have heated and cooled seats here for the front which is great with these buckets these usually don’t expect that performance seats wireless

Phone charging pad we have the shifter straight out of the cadillac escalade but it has like alcantara on the front so it’s definitely interesting analog controls for the infotainment system if you don’t want to use a touchscreen and then notice the carbon fiber on the cup holders right here auto hold stability control and then this does the same thing that this

Little thing on the steering wheel does for the different traction modes basically and then we’ve got the center console and something i want to comment on is i love how they have traction modes and not drive modes they’re basically like okay here’s the deal you’re going to get all the performance all the time because this is a black wing but you can change the

Traction but you can’t change the engine performance because it is what it is that’s just i love the commitment and then you can see here with the leather on the dash interior is actually pretty dang nice and then here’s the glove box lined with felt nothing too crazy with that and then we actually have a sunroof wow i wasn’t expecting that and then well let’s uh

Turn up the brightness here as you can see the headliner really nice headliner as well so i think they did a pretty dang good job with the interior here anyways if you want the most up-to-date pricing on this car check out the dodge ram jeep chrysler and bountiful’s website in the description down below let’s drive it um let’s talk about this buddy before

We set off here’s your visibility of the hood with the heads up display both of the mirrors still blinds monitoring then throughout the rest of the rear and let’s set off so we are setting off here in the blackwing and this is really exciting for me because uh i have never had a chance to drive anything like this uh from cadillac i’ve only driven their uh you

Know normal luxury cars so driving their crazy performance well one of their crazy performance sedans because he also had the ct5 blacklink uh is is pretty exciting now this i feel like is the underrated black wing because everyone’s always talking about the ct5 because that has the supercharged v8 whereas this having the twin turbo v6 for a lot of people isn’t

Nearly as exciting i can tell you the transmission’s super responsive goodness gracious um and the engine too frankly braking’s really good i’m surprised by how comfortable this is uh this is something that’s is kind of uh intriguing to me because honestly when i saw that this was getting released and then also the ct5 i was like why not just buy a chevy camaro

Because basically yeah it has a four-door practicality but like it’s like it’s rear-wheel drive so you’re not really gonna be able to drive in the winter and i’m like if you want a performance experience like that then yeah just go that route but i kind of understand this now because the seats are really comfortable especially when you compare it to a chevy

Camaro and i don’t know this just this has this special feeling with the interior that i don’t think that the camaro quite captures which i think is very interesting now you guys probably heard with the exhaust clip that this actually has a valved exhaust so right now we’re an inactive traction and then once you pop it into any other traction it basically opens

Up the valves which is pretty fun we’ll pop into the sport mode because i’m sure that’s what a lot of people will drive it in when they’re wanting to have fun that’s so aggressive um again the gear shifts just really quick i’ll get back to you guys after this light okay so we’re in the manual mode it does it does like the the snappy ticks when you uh change

Gears which is just so fun and those burbles with the exhaust on downshift this is a fun this is this is fun i love the sounds that this makes again for a v6 the induction sound i i will say is not necessarily the craziest but they’ve done enough with the exhaust here to frankly make this pretty dang exciting okay we gotta get a fun acceleration here it’s

This thing’s this thing’s quick and it actually puts on the power really well i was kind of worried that this wouldn’t put down the power very well because again it’s rear-wheel drive but it there’s there’s no slippage whatsoever it just puts it down like you could you could convince someone that this was all-wheel drive because of how well this puts down the

Power man this video is gonna be split up into so many different clips because i’m filming during rush hour traffic and in an area that i don’t know the uh roads so um yeah sorry about how cut up this video is this thing is an absolute it’s an absolute riot um so yeah i guess that we will uh sum things up here with the ct4 blackwing and i think that i did ct

For the whole video i like i had this feeling that i was actually going to say ct5 at least once in the video but i think i did a pretty good job and didn’t end up saying ct5 at all don’t worry that was just my tripod my tripod likes to uh go all over the place so this thing looks crazy on the outside um i i’m actually shocked like i’m driving rush hour traffic

And kind of like people watch and this car gets a lot of attention everyone like turns their head for this which you wouldn’t expect in a cadillac a cadillac you’re just kind of like oh it’s a you know basic uh you know luxury car but no it actually gets quite a bit of attention um and i mean what am i selecting here oh it just shows me what’s happening that’s

Cool uh anyways it sounds good with the exhaust the induction noise isn’t the greatest um that’s pretty typical for most turbocharged engines though but i mean for a v6 honestly this thing this thing sounds pretty solid acceleration’s great as well um gear shifts are like instantaneous i mean look at this it just boom like this transmission is so fun and so

Yeah this is this is a big shock to me um so i came into this video little bits uh like okay this is a cadillac and it’s got a twin turbo v6 but i really like this so yeah i mean i’ll hopefully eventually be able to review the ct5 blackwing with the v8 to see what i think about that but in terms of the you know little uh brother ct5 or ct4 blackwing i guess

I love it uh it’s a it drives amazingly well the technology with this is fantastic this is uh you know what the typical car journalists call a driver’s car that’s for sure but it also it does function as a really good luxury car as well so you get the best of uh both worlds and yeah compared to like audi and bmw mercedes i i don’t know this this feels more it has

This like level of excitement that those cars just uh don’t quite capture like excitement plus luxury so good job cadillac that’s gonna something’s up for a video on this ct4 blackwing again a huge shout out thank you to the large miller dodge ram jeep chrysler here in bountiful utah 4 give me some time with this ct4 like i said if you have any questions whatsoever

Just ask for chris or connor i’ll see all of you in the next video

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2022 Cadillac CT4-V Blackwing: Is The CT4-V Blackwing Better Than The BMW M3? By Ben Hardy

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