2022 cadillac ct4 v blackwing is
Altair Club Cars 2022 Cadillac CT4 V-Blackwing is it the BEST performance sports sedan?

2022 Cadillac CT4 V-Blackwing is it the BEST performance sports sedan?

The CT4 V-Blackwing receives three Track Editions with 99 units but is this sports sedan better? Cadillac gives a twin-turbo V6 only in rear wheel drive. Learn about the 2022 #Cadillac #CT4 #VBlackwing in this video review.

That’s not going to break the bank account   cadillac ct4 v black wing in your black raven new   this year is a special edition they’re going to  have 99 copies and it’s going to have some unique   exterior and interior styling with carbon fiber  attributes what we have here is a daily driven v6   twin turbo room for five

With the carbon fiber  18-way power adjustment seat so the luxury is   already there you’re getting that magnetic rod  control so the suspension is already tuned and   ready with rivals like your bmw m3 your audi rs5  your mercedes amg c43 but the styling that you’re   you need more enhancement the ct5 you’re going   to

Get 668 horsepower i mean these vehicles are a  no-brainer with the performance numbers and cues   all blended in signature led daytime runnings led  headlamps and i like how they brush into the lower   fenders the ground effect kit is for the spoiler  and everything pushes into the v-series grille   with the cadillac badging that

Just comes out  a touch more and you have the performance hood   that shells over into the fenders encasing these  18-inch aluminum alloys with the satin graphic   finish adaptive suspension you’re getting the  magnetic ride control 5446 weight distribution   a signature v-series mesh grille design directs  air into the main

Radiators the cooler and the air   flow ducts the front splitter and rear spoiler  combined to reduce lift and generate traction   the side rockers blacked out the v badging with  the air vent right in front of it the large   spoiler the aggressive conclusion with a quad  exhaust outlets the diffuser it adds more athletic  

Styling when you compare a cadillac to any of the  models that i’ve talked about you’re going to know   what it is because of the signature touches that  they do behind those 18 inch wheels you got brembo   brakes with the gray calipers six pistons in the  front four pistons in the rear the black wing   features fogged aluminum alloy

Wheels with laser  edging design a linked at 187.2 inches a wheelbase   at 107.3 inches magnetic ride control it reads the  roads 1 000 times per second seamlessly adjusting   the dampers for a comfortable inspiring ride and  handling a mcpherson scrub front suspension five   link rear suspension your handling on this is  going

To be a lot better than your standard ct4   plus you’re still getting the luxury of a cadillac  shark fin antenna led tail lamps the spoiler is   it you gotta really stress the black wing and   the lower bit keeps it more aggressive and that’s  exactly what i’m looking for when i get into a v   series black wing going inside

The cargo at 10.7  cubic feet you’re gonna have a storage tray on   the right side we have some storage underneath the  floor the rear bench split folds out a 60 40 split   rivals but this is a twin turbo v6 so it’s going   to stand out just a touch that’s why we’re going  wing back in the performance with a 3.6 liter  

Twin turbo v6 producing 472 horsepower and 445  pound-feet of torque that’s paired to a 10-speed   automatic transmission achieving 16 to 24 mpgs  with the 0-60 around 3.9 to 4 seconds quarter mile   at 12.4 seconds which is going to be faster than  the mercedes-amg c43 against the audi rs5 that’s   going to be about 0.1 to 0.2

Seconds faster the  bmw m3 about 0.4 to 0.5 seconds faster a top speed   in this 189 miles per hour the styling the luxury  that you’re about to see and the performance to   back it i mean it’s the best of both worlds and  you get a bang for your buck when you’re comparing   it to the rivals let me know in the comments what 

You think about the 2022 cadillac ct4 v-series   black wing as we go into the interior go over  the tech and take this for our test run entering   inside the cadillac ct4v series black wing it’s  a sentence but it’s proper and it’s exactly what   inches of leg room leather bucket front seats   18 way power adjustments these

Are heated seats  you get the manual cushion extensions which pretty   much gives you 20 weight adjustments for both the  passenger and the driver the door panel flows into   the dashboard you’re going to get the matte black  for the air vents and even here on the center   above that the eight inch diagonal touch screen 

Contrast stitching goes all the way over the   going to go into the driver’s side for the air   vent upgraded akg 14 speakers dual climate control  settings eight inch hd diagonal touch screen with   navigation so we have the pinch we got the swipe  click home apple carplay is wireless android auto   this is going to be your

Three widgets so you  got your navigation your sound your bluetooth   connectivity wi-fi hotspot amazon alexa spotify  siriusxm click it to your climate control you can   so i do like that you have that functionality   underneath it you got your wireless charging pad  put into reverse you got full trajectory just a  

Reverse camera i do wish this was a 360 camera  and it shows reversing on your gauge cluster the   way the design is with the carbon fiber right by  your cup holders i wish they added a little bit   more though because it would make it a little bit  more sporty for 16.9 ounce fits without any issues   you have your driving

Mode select you can put your  cell phone right here in this cubby open up inside   run the wires through your usb or your 12 volt  and you still got some storage what i like about   cadillac is they clean up all the wires leather  wrapped steering wheel three spoke heated multi   function the nice thing about it is we got the

V  button right here you push it and you’re ready to   gauge cluster can go through an array of   information for the driver so i do like the fact  that everything is very user friendly as well so   you get your performance your driver assist your  audio your navi your phone and your maintenance   plus you can change

The themes to make it sport  for the door panel harder materials on the top you  get the contrast stitching memory for the driver   perforated more contrast stitching it’s a bit  firm where you put your elbows one touch up   black the storage pocket has a little area   or cubby here for your umbrella since this fits  in in

The category of your bmw m3 your audi rs5   your mercedes amg c43 it’s going to be a little  bit smaller in the back but let’s see how i look   back there for the back seats i’m at 36.5 inches  of headroom 33.4 inches of legroom one thing that   i will say is it is a tight fit if you’re six foot  three especially for me like if

I move forward   headliner in which it makes it tough for me   to you almost feel claustrophobic is basically the  best way i could say cup holders are kind of in my   way too so i’m sitting inward and i can’t really  rest if i have my cup here so i’d have to put it   here 20 ounce will be max and then you wouldn’t 

Be able to fit one on that side you got air vents   you have a 12 volt you have storage beyond both of  the front seats the floor is not completely flat   i would say if there was three of me to fit it  would be super tight for the door panel harder   either perforated the contrast stitching more   sport derived and firm for

Your elbows and you  get the gloss black around there no storage in the   door panel but we’re gonna see how well i fit by  myself and show you the dimensions in the center   sitting into the center is exactly what i was  saying on the sides the headliner there’s no way   i could sit back and if i did i’d have to sit like 

This and then legs would be no way sitting the way   i would have to sit i’m sharing a significant  amount of feet but shoulder space and then the   head room is not really doable for someone like  me i would say maybe five foot five maybe 140   150 max because it’s going to be tight to fit in  the center you have to remember this

Is the ct4   v-series black wing the ct5 will have a little  bit more space in the back and that’s pretty   much what it’s derived for so this is more for a  smaller family and you still got the sedan feel   with the performance taking the 2022 cadillac  ct-4 v-series black wing out for our test run   this vehicle 3.6

Liter twin turbo v6 0 to 60’s   around 4 seconds 3.94 seconds a 10th of a second  here and there’s not going to really kill you   getting with the luxury and the performance blend   it is a steal when you’re looking at a bmw m3 or  an audi rs5 or a mercedes amg c43 because those   vehicles are going to be so much more money

And  yet you’re packing nearly the same performance   different in some categories it might beat it   now do you keep the same feel as a cadillac yes  i would say so so that means it’s going to be   and reads the road a thousand times per   figures 445 pound-feet of torque at any given time  this is a unique vehicle

I’m happy to see that  you have this much performance in a v6 because   them so if you’re really looking to get something   that’s going to be kind of special i mean the  ct5v series blackwing will do that as well   we’re going to be nice let these people go in  front of us because we have the performance we   that

Backs it 18 way power adjustment seats   in the bins you’re not going to get it  it’s aggressive it sounds like a v8 i mean the  rumble that you get obviously you have to change   the modes to get that sound but dang it is good  for the dynamics it stays pretty planted on the   road as well i’m gonna stop here in the middle 

As you get up to the speeds of the  interstate or whatever speed you want to go   it’s just a good setup now there is three  things i like the three things that i dislike   is anything more than that then i’d be buying this  v-series black wing the three things that i like   is the style that you get on the exterior they 

Really did go all out and what i mean by that is   the front splitter the rear exit the side rockers  excellent job there is a disadvantage i’ll get   like about the vehicle is they kept the ct4   is just blown out crazy so i do like that  they give you a good blend of two there’s a   disadvantage to that as well the last

Thing that  i like about the vehicle zero to sixty numbers   are with vehicles that cost ten twenty thirty  thousand dollars more that is crazy before we   get to the three things that i dislike i want to  just do another little test of what this vehicle   really is made of now with the splitters it is  a bit low to the ground

But that’s all right   because we’re going to stop here in the middle  it’s so fast you’re going to go to  three things that i dislike about this ct4  v-series black wing starts off obviously in   the back seats you got the styling of a ct form  that’s great when you option the moon roof you   in the door panel it makes it

Really tight   if you’re going to have kids or anybody in the car  to enjoy the performance and the luxury out of it   styling that way it looks good on certain   directions but all the time it’s going to get  a little old i wish it was a little smaller   the last thing that i dislike goes back into the  interior it

Doesn’t make me feel like i’m in a   v series v black wing it just makes me feel like  i’m in a regular ct4 when i’m at this price point   i want to feel a little bit more they’ve added  just a touch of carbon fiber maybe put some carbon   fiber on the sides of your infotainment screen  throw it on the dash throw it around your

Air   vents throw it around somewhere put it on the door  panels instead of putting the gloss you can do a   lot of things to make me feel that this vehicle  i like it i do like it a lot put  we’re going to change the v mode so we get  i mean listen to this baby  listen to how she roars ready it’s a lovely exhaust note it’s one

Of the best  exhaust notes in the comparison too i like the bmw   actually the best blend and i always say to   my reviews that’s the best thing for your buck  but now they’re in the hundred thousand dollar   the mercedes amg c43 i’m a fan of it but you’re  not going to get that same exhaust like you get   for a daily

Use obviously you’re not going   change it into a regular mode take the v off   offer that because it makes it a little bit more  sport turn radius after this stop sign so we’re   now it’s not just performance so safety we  have the frontal collision with pedestrian   lane keep assist blind spot monitoring rear  cross

Traffic we have the adaptive cruise control   because we have the driver assist package which i  would definitely option that on an everyday drive   mode it’s not going to be as athletic so it’s  going to show you a little bit more of the lag   instead of the performance but i mean liven it  and the same thing you can lower that

Liveliness  as well so i do like the fact that it’s right   there at your hands link they make everything very  user friendly and do a great job especially when   we’re comparing it to the rivals because of the  savings the luxury and the performance you’re   getting is definitely something to entertain i’d  like to thank

Infinity of clearwater for giving us   this 2022 cadillac ct4 v-series black wing for our  car review if you’re already a subscriber thank   you for being part of the hawkeye community if not  what are you waiting for click the next video the   subscribe button check out the details merchandise  website and everything we do here at hawkeye rides

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