2022 buick envision full tour an
Altair Club Cars 2022 Buick Envision Full Tour And Test Drive

2022 Buick Envision Full Tour And Test Drive

Learn About The 2022 Buick Envision In Today’s FindTheBestCarPrice.Com Video.

Hi everybody it’s tom from findthebestcarprice.com today we are going to take a look at the 2022 buick in vision and i’ll tell you what i’m very impressed with this model with the cinnabar metallic exterior color and here’s the thing we’re going to take a look at all of the features that this model has for a price of thirty seven thousand eight hundred and thirty

Five dollars and it starts with great safety features such as blind spot monitoring lane keep assist all those great features are here for that price you’re going to have a very solid looking front end i’ll let carrie come in and just give you an overall look there with the led headlights i’ve got those turn signal indicators the hazard lights on so you can see

Those blinking and flashing away this model i don’t know it just seems to fit having chrome everywhere that it does on the grill you’ve got the chrome rims you’ve got chrome trim around the windows and also with the rails on the roof right there but for that price what exactly do you get underneath this hood let’s take a look and we’ll find out okay this is the

Two liter four-cylinder it is a turbocharged motor for this front-wheel drive model made it to a nine-speed automatic transmission it puts out 230 horsepower and 258 pounds feet of torque i know some people are going to say 230 horsepower that’s not enough well maybe for some people it’s not for some people it most certainly will be especially if you’re looking

To save on gas 24 miles per gallon city 31 on the highway 26 combined and buick says every time you drive 100 miles you should use 3.8 gallons of gas and i realize there’s a lot of variables that go into that but those are the numbers and like i said you can use the remote to control this rear door back here or you can also use the hands-free function which is

Very nice if i can get that right let’s see here there we go it’s going to open this time because the rear lights are flashing that’s the really important point that i like to make on these things whenever you do that if that doesn’t happen immediately a lot of people will re-swipe their foot under there and they’ll reverse the process and then get frustrated and

Everything it does take about a second for that process to begin to work so you can get out of the way so let’s take a look at exactly what we have here i’ll get the license plate bracket out of the way there 25.2 all the way up to 52.7 cubic feet and as kerry’s showing you around in there i’m gonna walk over here and show you how to maximize your cargo space i’m

Gonna use this right here to release that on both sides we’ll just do the one side really real quick here for the 60 40 split rear seats and if you want to tow with your envision well 1500 pounds is as much as you’re going to get but i don’t think a lot of people are going to be using their front wheel drive buick envisions to do that now what about a spare tire

Yup you’ve got a spare tire that is mounted to a 17-inch rim not that that’s a big deal but that’s what you have a lot of space back here but the thing that really surprised me most is how much space is in that rear seat area we’re going to hop back there and show you how well i fit at five foot ten okay like i said i fit well here hope you can see there is quite

A bit of space above my head and i’m sitting straight up five foot ten i’m comfortable back here i could ride back here for a while and be very happy and i wouldn’t go thirsty unless there is a middle row seat passenger here i might or i just have to hold my drink but you’ve got drink holders right here and a nice arm rest if you want to kind of lounge out and be

Nice and comfortable because you’ve got the air conditioning vents built into the rear of the console remember we’re talking about under 38 thousand dollars that is a nice feature to have for that price and a couple of usb ports right there also ample storage back here with the map pockets and there are some fairly deep door bins right there but if you’re saying

That door bin isn’t big enough well you might have to hop into the front seat let’s do that and i’ll show you what’s there okay i told you the door bins were bigger here i’ll let carrie show you that to begin with you’ll have to call a shotgun or take the remote from the driver maybe but then again they might take it back and say you’re just not riding periods so

You’ll have to be kind of careful about that and we’ll take a quick look with front seat storage starting with the glove box right there just to show you what’s there and very comfortable seating here these are heated only seats not ventilated we’re going to need ventilated later this afternoon here in northwest louisiana but some nice bolstering there just overall

Comfortable and i like the fact that you have an eight-way adjustable driver’s seat power adjustable and also an eight-way power adjustable passenger seat as well that’s not something you normally see again price point very important here but something that really impresses me here is that this is really a driver focused interior everything is easy to get to and

The way that this center screen is angled i’ll have carrie hop on in here and we’ll show you a few things that we have as far as just the way everything looks you’ve got the dashboard right here we’re gonna get that out of the way i’ll let him show you the dash there you’ve got the analog gauges and also that digital speedometer up there at the top it’s telling

You that it’s 57 degrees outside even though it feels a lot warmer than that right now very very nice setup here also your steering wheel mounted controls here for your adaptive cruise control everything you have here that you would expect voice commands you can scroll your way through a lot of different information on the dashboard we’ll just kind of work our way

Through a couple of things there i don’t want to go through everything but just so you can see what all is there you can even see your tire pressure everything’s here this is really nice the seat vibrates as well it has that indicator built in so when you’re about to run into something or even run off of a curve as we found out earlier because of wherever parked

Here at the dealership the seat will vibrate that’s pretty darn good but let’s talk about the center screen here i really like that screen and the way it’s inset into the dashboard it’s not a floating screen it’s just perfect and it’s angled towards the driver that is so cool and you’ve got android auto apple carplay all of the settings here that you would want

Let’s see if i can get that to work there we go screen didn’t like me there for a second there we go now it likes me now it’s working pretty well but you can see what all’s here even have spotify right there so a lot of great features and functionality here and if you want to go home you can just push right there or if you don’t mind getting fingerprints on your

Screen well you can do that also and there’s great things here such as teen driver mode valet mode all that good stuff is here and even dual zone climate control very very easy to use easy to figure out i’m not going to turn on the heated seats but you do have your heated seat right there for the driver and the passenger 69 degrees is what we have it set at now

Or pretty warm in here so that tells you something it’s a little warm today and connectivity here as far as your usb ports there’s also a 12 volt power outlet right there and while we don’t have wireless charging if we did it would be right down here and if you want to hide that away well there you go not that hard to deal with and i’ll get my model out of the

Way we’ll take a look at some of the controls we have here you can turn the auto stop start feature off right there if you want to you got traction control lane keep assist pretty easy to figure out and very similar to the c8 corvette the push button shifter here it’s not identical but it is similar and i like the nice gloss black it is plastic but it’s a very

Durable plastic it seems it doesn’t sound cheap when i knock on it like that it sounds like it has some some strength to it and your drink holders and you can go through your driving modes by pushing that button right there let’s take a look at exactly what we have on our driving modes you’ve got touring you’ve got sport and snow and ice sport is where i want to

Be and last but not least the bombay doors something i didn’t expect to see on a buick model this is the first one we featured but you can see that that is a fairly deep console it may not look as deep but you can see how far my hand goes down in there so we’ve done pretty much everything here except for a test drive let’s hop out on the road and see what it’s

Like to drop the pedal on 230 horsepower all right for those of you who know this is our first experience with a buick i also have an experience i’ve never had before here as we cruise on down the road at only 230 horsepower i’m gonna get on it a little bit here and we are getting up to speed absolutely no problem what is the significance of that it’s the fact

That i have two other people in the car with me not just carrie but wesley my buddy from the dealership here who if you want to buy this envision that’s who you need to talk to because he will sell it to you at msrp with the way things are going in a lot of places these days you’re not going to find that everywhere but i’m going to tell you what it’s kind of the

Ultimate test even though we haven’t gone as far as we could with it as far as having passengers in the vehicle but i’ve got more than i usually do and i’m going to tell you what for those who might say oh 230 horsepower isn’t nearly enough i don’t think i could have been able to tell much of a difference as far as acceleration goes when we were getting down the

Road right there i mean it was really impressive so we’re going to keep going here and continue our test drive i must say overall i’m very impressed the ride quality seems to be good the steering wheel is nice and comfortable i am in sport mode so i’m taking advantage of really as much horsepower as we can potentially put to the ground here but i’m impressed

With just everything i like the driving position obviously with the eight-way adjustable driver’s seat well you can take care of that however you want to as far as adjusting things the brakes are nice and manageable so if you hop out of a vehicle with aggressive brakes you might think they’re a little bit soft until you get used to them but they seem to be very

Well balanced just in my own personal opinion but that does go back to the fact that i often tell people you really need to test drive these vehicles for yourself it’s one thing for those of us who are automotive journalists here on youtube to tell you about the vehicle but that’s really as accurate as it gets we can tell you about it driving it you got to keep

In mind we’re filtering what we experience through what we’re most used to so our daily driver in other words so what i say might differ from what somebody else says but i have to say i’m impressed here and we’ll come through the corner here a little bit at a little bit more speed than i might otherwise just to see how it handles not bad if you are looking for a

Very solid suv with great capabilities on road it’s going to get down the road just fine but yet have great gas mileage and just so many great features i mean i’m just blown away for the price of this model what you get this envision is definitely something you should consider to learn more about the model in today’s video visit the link in the description for

A detailed comparison between trims and pricing for the vehicle we featured or any vehicle you may be interested in these pages feature information such as our recommended trim level based on price value and features thank you for taking the time to watch today’s video we look forward to seeing you next time

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2022 Buick Envision Full Tour And Test Drive By FindtheBestCarPrice

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