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Altair Club Cars 2022 Buick Encore GX Review | Smail Buick Virtual Auto Show – Greensburg, PA

2022 Buick Encore GX Review | Smail Buick Virtual Auto Show – Greensburg, PA

The 2022 Buick Encore GX is a modern compact SUV with a smooth ride and a surprising amount of cargo space! Have a closer look with our Product Specialist John Ambrozic.

Encore gx which uh is a very popular vehicle when we get these things in you know especially again right now with not having a lot of inventory uh when we do get these they don’t last they you know we have lists of people who are looking for them um you know it’s it’s it’s a very popular vehicle a lot of features uh come standard with it so that’s the other nice

Thing about these they all come standard with all of your forward-facing safety features so your forward collision uh your lane keep assist with lane departure warning your intellibeam headlights um all that stuff is is standard and it’s you know you can then just go up from there depending on the trim level so um you can get your dual climate zone you can get

Uh heads up display in this you can get the power release trunk the hands-free trunk the you have a power driver seat in this uh available all-wheel drive um once you get up into the essence you can get things like your led headlights your surround vision your rear camera mirror so there’s a lot of features packed into this you know small vehicle that make it a

Very very good choice you know if you are looking for an affordable smaller suv um you know but does have you know you can see right there the the cargo capability uh you do have the 60 40 folding second row seats um one of the neat features with this too is the the rear floor here uh it actually has a two-tiered loading floor so if you’ve had something back there

Maybe that was rolling around um it’s happened to everybody you have you open the hatch and the stuff all comes rolling out of the vehicle uh you can actually drop that floor down a little bit and it’ll keep things from rolling out um you know if you need to fold the second row down very easy to do you can also fold down the front seat completely flat and you can

Put something up to eight feet long in that vehicle oh wow so it’s uh it’s a very very useful vehicle again it’s it’s smaller as it is i think a lot of people come in and at first they think it’s too small um but a lot bigger inside than that yeah i would say yes something eight feet i would never think you could you know you can put everything down and fit

A lot more in it than you would think you could right right so i know we keep mentioning um you know it’s kind of coveted inventory’s a little rough right now what do customers do um if the car the vehicle that they’re looking for isn’t in store right now right right so right now you can go to any of our websites um and there is a reserve button so if you go to

Smailbuick.com there’s going to be a reserve button there that you can look for a specific vehicle um this makes it pretty easy you can go in you can pick the uh trim you can pick the trip the different vehicles that we offer you can pick color and if there’s anything there in particular you know either maybe we have something coming in that we’re going to be

Expecting within the next couple weeks or maybe even something that you wanted to come in sit down with us and actually order exactly the way that you want it um all you have to do is go through this it’s again pretty easy submits over to us and basically we can you know again if you’re looking for something that’s incoming or we have something similar to it we

Can give you a call when it shows up or you can you know call in and just say hey i’d like to come in sit down with you guys and and order this the way that i want it and we can also do that for you awesome so yeah even though it’s not in stores there’s still ways to do everything we can to try to get it for you yeah i know that just you know things have have

Changed a little bit from what they were and i know you know some people aren’t uh they’re they’re kind of on the fence still about the whole ordering thing you know some people want to actually see the vehicle before they order it um which again completely understand it’s just you know one of those things i tell people all the time quickest and easiest way to

Guarantee that you’re going to get a vehicle is to order it for yourself

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2022 Buick Encore GX Review | Smail Buick Virtual Auto Show – Greensburg, PA By Smail Buick GMC

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