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Altair Club Cars 2022 Buick Encore GX Overview | Smail Buick – Greensburg, PA

2022 Buick Encore GX Overview | Smail Buick – Greensburg, PA

Take a closer look at the 2022 Buick Encore GX!

Hi folks john ambrosic here with smail buick and today i’m going to do an overview video on the 2022 buick encore gx model so let’s get to it come around the front here and you’re going to see obviously the front end has did not really change much since it came out but you’ve got your buick logo here the wings coming off the side kind of gives it a nice look

There to the front over here you’re going to have on the headlights you’re going to have the led daytime running lights which is going to be kind of this check lighting you have some fog lights down here and these vehicles are all going to come standard with intellibeam headlights which will automatically turn your high beams on and off for you at night depending

On how dark it is any vehicles coming towards you you come up behind the vehicle it’s going to shut those head beams off for you we’re going to go around to the back and check out some features back there back here again you’re gonna kind of have the same uh check lighting here that you do in the front with the daytime running lights uh it carries through to the

Back um in the vehicles equipped with the power liftgate and the hands-free lift gate obviously when you walk up to the vehicle with your key fob it’s going to project a buick logo down on the ground that’s going to just indicate where you would swing your foot there for the hands-free liftgate this preferred just kind of has the the manual lift gate there but

You open that up all the encore gx’s are going to come standard with this nice cargo shade here which is removable but it’s nice if you put anything back here close the trunk you can’t see inside um but again removable feature real easy to do you just got a couple ties right there you pop that up and this comes right out that way there if you have anything that

You’re putting in um cargo wise it’s gonna sit above these little shelves right here you’re going to want to remove this because otherwise when you close the hatch there it’s going to block your vision out the back again you have the 60 40 folding split seats here in the back so a little lever on top both of them all you got to do is just you can do it from the

Side or do it from the back it’s pretty easy to reach just push that lever in folds the seats down and you can see here when the cargo floor is down again you can see the little bit of a step there so it keeps things from rolling that way again i could do is just pull it out lift it up a little bit slide this back into position and put it down and now it’s going

To be even with those back seats if you do have something that you need to put along there uh we’re going to come around here to the side we’re just going to manually fold this seat down locks into place and again you can put something longer up to eight feet inside the vehicle and the back of the seat here you do have a hard plastic covering that way there if you

Slide something across here it’s not going to tear up the back of the seat now again the preferred level it’s going to give you an awful lot of safety features you’ll see right here on the steering wheel you have your button for your forward collision behind the shifter here you’re going to see some buttons um this does come equipped with the auto stop start engine

Uh you do have a button here to override that to shut it off you just have to do it every time you start the vehicle you have your all-wheel drive switch to either engage the all-wheel drive or shut it off to put you into front wheel drive and you have your button here for your lane keep assist with lane departure warning and it’s basically just going to steer you

Back into the lane if you happen to drift out you have your button here for your electronic parking brake this vehicle here is just a single climate zone these do come available with a dual climate zone to the top you do have your touch screen radio this one comes equipped with xm radio and you can kind of go in has apple carplay and android auto capabilities uh

Built-in wi-fi that you can get into there a lot of nice features leather wrapped steering wheel you have your adjustable driver information screen here in front of you power driver seat and that’s just some of the features folks on this vehicle itself um you get up to the higher trim levels and there are some other features there so again if it’s anything that

You’re interested in you can always stop in see us we can go over the different options that are available on the different trim levels there for you too all right guys so that was the overview video for the 2022 buick encore gx if you have any further questions feel free to stop down check us out here off of route 30 in greensburg or you can check us out online at smalebuick.com

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2022 Buick Encore GX Overview | Smail Buick – Greensburg, PA By Smail Buick GMC

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