2022 buick encore gx awd preferr
Altair Club Cars 2022 Buick Encore GX AWD Preferred

2022 Buick Encore GX AWD Preferred

Hi jim mccarron here at alderman chevrolet buick gmc vermont’s favorite car dealership we’re known for awesome deals and fabulous service just arrived at 2022 buick encore gx this is all-wheel drive this has the preferred package and is in the sand steel metallic paint which is a very nice color this has a 1.3 liter turbo which is 255 horsepower 107 foot-pounds

Of torque we get good gas mileage around 29 on the highway around 26 in the city it does have a nice 18 inch alloy rim of course the 18 inch is good size for this vehicle so it’ll ride nicely we’d have your remote start from the factory right there now this has a whisper beige interior kind of a jet black whisper blade black black on the doors you see you’ve

Got plenty of room in the back here there’s a lot of leg room back there these seats will fold down just by pulling the handle like that so this does have a high definition camera right there so with that you have the uh intellibeam auto high beams the forward collision alert you have lane keep assist uh front pedestrian braking so some very nice safety features

There this is a push button start so if you have your keys with you can just push that button and unlock your doors there’s bucket seats in the front you have a power seat on the driver’s side so that will go up or move forward or backwards there has a very nice eight inch screen with that you would have your camera which is a pretty good size screen there would

Have heated seats here climate control would be right there now this does have your wireless apple carplay in android auto but also have xm radio your forward collision alert would be right there your cruise control would be there you can get all your information right here like tripadometer just by turning the button like that of course it does have power windows

Power locks powered mirrors this comes standard with onstar which you can download the mon the onstar app or the my buick app where you could actually start your vehicle with your phone that’s your lane keep assist would be there now this vehicle does shut down to uh to battery when you stop at lights and uh stop signs just gives you about 10 better gas mileage in

The city driving if you don’t like that feature you can turn it off your all-wheel drive we just hit that button to turn it on normally these would be front-wheel drive and would kick in back and forth as needed does have rear wipers here your auto beam would be right up here so your lights would then themselves if there was a car coming you do have the cladding

Around the wheels and on the bottom to protect against rust and stone chips here in the northeast you see there’s a generous amount of room in the back here your spare would be underneath there this cover you can take off if you wanted to so just arrived this 2022 buick encore gx all-wheel drive if you compare it to the encore it’s a little bit just a little

Bit bigger three or four inches about three inches bigger but uh easy to park look good in the winter good gas mileage so if you’d like to learn more hit the learn more button or stop down and see yourself here route 7 south in rutland vermont

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2022 Buick Encore GX AWD Preferred By Alderman’s Chevrolet Buick GMC

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