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What’s up youtube it’s your boy lopes and welcome back to another video today we’re installing a carbon fiber intake from arma speed on the vrc let’s get to it before we start off with a video and get into it i just want to show you guys the new chrome edition street legacy stickers check that out these things are absolutely awesome and they look white i’m trying

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White one if it wants to focus in nicely as you see super clean these are around like three bucks the chrome ones are seven because they’re more expensive these guys are 20 and if you want the chrome big slap ones like the chrome banner ones like this those are 30 and this is all canadian dollars if you guys want to purchase any street like cd year and support the

Brand and support the cause go to streetlegacy.ca and grab it if you guys been keeping up you know i’ve used lopescrash.com for a little while that is gone now so if you try using that they’ll go to street legacy.ca i’ve kind of rebranded we’re gonna run with the street legacy so i’ll be super excited for that a lot of fun things all right enough of that let’s get

Into the intake install i’ll show you what i have currently and we’ll open the box and see what comes in there this is how it’s looking at the moment super stock absolutely nothing done in the bay so this is basically going to replace this right here it’s not a hard install so what i’m going to do is remove this i know how this feels so i’m going to compare it to

See if i feel any horsepower gains or any butt dyno gains or even any throttle response gains i know when i did the drop in filter and the charcoal filter i felt a bit of a throttle response change we’ll get into that a little further let’s go open the box and see what comes in there this is the box that comes in let me show you that is the name www.arminster.com

I’ll link everything down below product and everything also let’s open up and see what this bad boy comes with a knife thank you everything is bubbled up and uh it even has their own tape oh that is a absolutely dope hat this is so sick i actually might have to switch out right now we have a package here wow you guys are absolutely awesome look at this

This is an absolutely awesome jet tank very professional install guide i don’t think i need it i am not the best mechanic but i am not the worst super nice quality nice logo i like how this is all built in and they give you screws just in case this is the harvest portion of the intake remove this super nice packaging i give these guys a lot of credit they did

A really good job with this oh take a look at that guys this looks absolutely dope serial number in the back super super nice and here’s the the box itself is like the cold air box here that gives you the you know cold air effect pretty nice quality feels nice too all your hardware and everything too that comes in here super cool and then the filter itself oh

That’s super nice too with the intake filter i like that it’s all black gives you the size the logo at the top and the bit of carbon fiber here also makes a really nice difference check that out what do you guys think foreign the carbon is a nice touch let’s bring some of the carbon accents i have on the outside of the car to the engine bay and that is the plan

And to bring eventually into the interior also all right i’ll get barbara speed a lot of credit there everything looks fantastic packaging product and everything so far now let’s take apart the oem box and get to this install i’m super excited to see how it sounds if it sounds any different uh luckily i have old clips that i’m going to insert like i said before so

I think we’ll be good there but yeah uh i don’t know about you guys i know this is one of the first intakes ever made i think am or k n might have one also and i know a lot of you guys say hey intakes don’t really do anything if anything you might lose power i don’t know we’ll find out this is the whole discovery of the new gen the new motor and the new platform

I am i feel like i am christopher columbus i am exploring these things and once eventually tuning comes into effect we’ll really see if we make power or we lose power all right so what we’re going to do is we’re going to remove this a few little things clamp your vacuum hose here we have our sensor there the main box and a few bolts holding it in i’ll show you

Exactly what you guys have to do take care of we’re going to start off with our map sensor here make sure to use the correct phillips size these do tend to round so be very careful and use the correct size so what we’re going to do now is remove the map sensor you just have to push down pretty hard and pull out be very careful not to touch the sensor itself

Keep this safe put it aside facing up and don’t lean it on anything you do not want a dirty or damage the map sensor now we are going to take off this clamp you can use a bigger phillips screwdriver or a 10 millimeter socket so now you have to release 10 millimeter bolts make sure to keep these aside you will have to reuse them i know my extension is big but

We’ll need it for the next bolt and this is why we have the extension you’re going to have to remove this bolt to release the intake box this third bolt holding in the intake box you should be able to remove it after this looks like you have to release this clip holding the maf sensor plug what you’re gonna have to do is get clamps or needle nose pliers and just

Squeeze them and pop it out and there we go so this is all loose now now we’re going to have to do is remove this vacuum hose and the clamp and the whole intake system is completely off what you’re going to do is remove this clamp holding the vacuum hose once you’ve released it seated above so you don’t lose the clamp then what we’re going to have to do is remove

The vacuum hose the best thing to do is twist it and pull at the same time grab a flathead screwdriver and remove the clamp keep this clamp because we might have to reuse it for the new intake system just twist and pop off so they provide you with these two new clamps you’ll have to reuse the third we have these little screws that hold this box in this is probably

Going to be the most tedious part we’re going to tackle the intake tubing first and then get to the filter in the filter box this should be pretty easy so let’s see how it goes now we’re going to put the arma speed intake tubing on make sure you put the clamp on also and face it up so it’s easily accessible to tighten down remove the plastic piece from this vacuum

Line here the intake tubing has a built-in piece so what we’ll do is remove this and then put the tubing right on to get this off you’re going to have to pull and twist at the same time grab the vacuum line and slip it over the arma speed intake tube use the oem clamp and slip it over now we’re going to tackle the intake box we’re going to slide the intake tubing

Through the box and use the original mounting positions you’re gonna have to reuse the oem clamp on the throttle body side the two clamps they provide is going to be used on the carbon side of this filter and the intake tubing within the box be very careful when tightening down the clamps on this carbon piece here it is prone to cracking so just put it nice and

Snug foreign so now we’re going to mount the box up to the original mounting points we’re going to use the 10 mils that we removed and reuse them we’re going to make sure that everything is flush and sitting properly when tightening down the map sensor hold down firmly and tighten a little bit of each side and go back and forth back and forth until it’s a snug

Fit make sure to plug the map sensor you do lose the bracket that holds in one of the clips so make sure that the wire does not hit the bells because it does sit close foreign god damn that had some nice antique vibes what’d you guys think did you hear that whoosh whoosh i’m telling you we’re not gonna hear the say once we put the box cover on and everything

Unfortunately uh but it’s nice to hear i wanted to film it for that case scenario for that scenario anyways we could leave it open but then you lose that cold air effect and it becomes almost like a short round where it heats go because we don’t want to heat so saying a track car at the moment it might be over winter hint hint nudge nudge let’s put the filter box

Cover on top let’s see how it looks we’ll basically start up give it some revs again and then we’ll go for a drive all right so this is like my word of sphere i better not jinx myself uh but still pretty much these are all going to go in the holes provided all around on the top of the cover but this is very finicky stuff this is a 3 30 second 332 however you want

To see it and uh i am going to do one at a time i’ll do a time lapse on this so what i’m going to do is just use an extension with the bit and hand tighten all them first just because i am so worried i’m gonna drop it wish me luck just a quick piece of advice what i would do is put the original screws on the mouth housing back on the oem intake filter or the oem

Intake system just in case you need to go back to stock you don’t have to go find these so just put them in and basically tuck them away foreign thank you foreign foreign i’ll be honest i don’t know if there’s gonna be much of an intake difference noise especially the box on without the cover on it it definitely sounded louder from what i can remember

With it on it kind of sounds the same and once again once we’re driving it’s probably gonna sound the same especially because i have a tomei exhaust which is insanely loud let’s get strapped open to the car we’ll go for a little drive we’ll do a little pull it’s kind of a bad time of day to do this if you guys understand what i’m trying to say uh but we’ll uh we’ll

Basically clean it all up before we close it and then we’ll take one last look but yeah sick i love the way it looks it looks absolutely amazing and i love the carbon fiber on it that’s my favorite part i’m a carbon fiend attic i don’t know what you want to call i love carbon fiber thank you

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