2022 british racing green mini c
Altair Club Cars 2022 British Racing Green MINI Cooper S Countryman

2022 British Racing Green MINI Cooper S Countryman

Afternoon mr mrs cooper this is todd of course i wanted to give you that walk around video on our british racing green 2022 mini cooper s countryman and here it is as you can see those bonnet stripes the mirror caps and the rooftop with the panoramic roof all have the silver finish and the 18 inch wheels with the piano black finish there’s the back there bright

Sunlight today so let me show you what it would look like inside and there is all the controls on the door there for the windows and side view mirrors the door locks your light controls are there and then there’s the steering wheel with the main instrumentation up front what i love about it again you have the posted speed you have your speed speed limit i should

Say there in the box distance to empty and outside temperature all on one screen and here is the fantastic center instrument display with the movable live widgets so if i wanted to click on the map there’s the map i can go back to click home and then select say for example go into the jazz that we were listening to earlier haven’t changed that of course you

See the ambient lighting there that’s actually controlled by up here so by tapping it you’ve got 12 different color combinations to choose from really cool down here dual zone automatic climate control and you have your start stop selector here this is actually what would turn the vehicle off if you come to a stop sign or stop light but thankfully when that is

Lit it shuts it off and it’s a regular vehicle heated seats heated steering wheel again uh panoramic moon roof up here all your controls here for your lights moon roof there and then the toggle for your ambient lighting which is the blue hue here that’s also down in the door panels there and the door pulls floorboards down here in this cubby and then it’s hard

To see but right up there as well uh let’s see what else can i show you here this is a napa leather steering wheel cruise control here radio controls and uh as i did show mr cooper the speak button which works really really well by tapping it to give guidance and radio stations make phone calls uh and so on let me go ahead and open up the back door show you all

That room in the back now this seat is still adjusted like it was when mr cooper was here and believe it or not i can sit behind that seat you’ve got the vent controls back there and then again there’s your dual pane panoramic roof with the shade that’ll actually if i could reach over close that shade and then the rear seats here with a headrest that’ll pop open

And then the hatch area very easy to open it up you’ve got all that cavernous space inside with the seats that’ll fold down 40 20 40 split folding and then underneath here you’ve got exponential amount of stowage beneath the floor and i was mentioning to mr cooper you’ve got the bag holders here for your publix bags so won’t fall over the place if you will so

I’m gonna go ahead and close the hatch but again this is just one example of the countryman we’ll have more coming in in the future this is our one option available right now you have full led lighting all the way around i know it’s really hard to tell but this is an led running light and bright white that’s also your turn signal and your high beam and you also

Have fall clamps down low they’re all led and even the rear tail lights which i can show you too let me do that real quick here if i activate the tail lights see there union jack union jack led tail lights how cool is that but again hopefully that’ll give you a good idea mrs cooper about the countryman that mr cooper and i drove this morning thank you both so

Very very much again and any questions at all please reach out to me and i’ll be happy to help you both thanks so much again

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2022 British Racing Green MINI Cooper S Countryman By Todd MINI Thompson

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