2022 bolt euv vs 2022 bolt ev ch
Altair Club Cars 2022 Bolt EUV vs. 2022 Bolt EV – Chevrolet

2022 Bolt EUV vs. 2022 Bolt EV – Chevrolet

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In this video I go through the main differences between the NEW 2022 Chevrolet Bolt EUV and the completely redesigned 2022 Chevrolet Bolt EV. To be completely honest with you, there really isn’t that much of a difference at all. They are almost the exact same vehicle inside and out. The only difference is the EUV has 3.5 inches of additional leg space in the rear and is 6.2 inches longer overall, that’s it. They have the exact same look and they drive the exact same. So, is it worth the premium price to go from the EV to the EUV? That’s up for you to decide. Personally, I think they will discontinue the EV simply because they are competing with each other. There really is no difference other than price. That being said, I don’t think the EUV will sell particularly well.

Hey everybody jared from bergstrom just wanted to give you guys a quick overview of the 2022 bolt ev versus the 2022 bolt euv and i’m going to be completely honest with you these vehicles are almost exactly the same with only a few minor changes and i’m going to go through those here with you right now let’s go so the largest difference between these two is going

To be the overall length so we’ll start with the bolt ev over here the overall length on this guy is going to be 163.2 inches which is just slightly smaller than the 2021 and then if we go over here to the euv it is actually 169.5 inches so 6.2 inches longer than the ev so giving you a little bit more space and i’m going to show you exactly where that space comes

Into play here so believe it or not the front leg room the front head room and the rear headroom are the exact same on both of these vehicles the big difference is actually going to be in rear leg room so let’s take a look at the ev here first so on the back of the ev you have 35.6 inches of leg space so that’s going to be from here to the back of the seat there

And in the euv you have an extra three and a half inches so bigger guys like me who are six feet two inches tall i can actually fit back here decent with that three and a half inches of leg room so that gives me a little bit more space and makes it a lot more comfortable for me now in the front seat here we’re just gonna do a quick look at the drivers area so

You got the steering wheel here stuff on the door and then you have your center console with that newer bigger screen and we’ve got these buttons here in the center instead of that stick that was on the previous generation and then if we take a look inside the euv yep you guessed it it is exactly the same so you have everything on the steering wheel on the left

Hand side here on the door you got that same bigger screen and then you got those same buttons down here and funnily enough the space in the rear is exactly the same 57 cubic feet of storage space if we fold the second row down otherwise it is i believe just shy of 17 cubic feet there so if we go over here it is the exact same size so you’re not really gaining

A whole lot going from the ev to the euv as far as total cargo space the only difference is gonna be that extra three and a half inches in the rear seat which you don’t really think is a lot until you’re a tall person you sit back there and the difference between that and this as far as rear comfortability is concerned this is so much nicer and you would think

With the vehicle being six inches longer and a little bit bigger the mileage on the euv is quite a bit less than the eevee but it’s really not the euv only has nine miles less of range than the ev so it’s at 250 and the ev is at 259. so really the only difference is that rear legroom so if you’re debating between the two and you don’t really use the second row

All that much you can get away with the ev instead of having to upgrade to the euv but if you have a little bit larger people that you’re going to be putting in the back seat the euv is definitely the way to go hopefully this answers all your questions and i’ll see you guys in the next one

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2022 Bolt EUV vs. 2022 Bolt EV – Chevrolet By High Octane Only

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