2022 bmw x5 4 4 v8 m competition
Altair Club Cars 2022 BMW X5 4.4 V8 M Competition

2022 BMW X5 4.4 V8 M Competition

With super suv stats & supreme comfort the 625bhp X5 M Competition is in a league of its own. Perfectly finished in Tanzanite Blue with a Silverstone Interior & upgrade Sky Lounge Panoramic Sunroof, Visibility Package & Comfort Plus Package with Heated/Cooled/Massage Seats

What a car 2022 bmw x5m competition 4.4 v8 an absolute beast 625 horsepower not the 60 in 3.8 seconds power performance looks this car as well what i love about it is the color the color is called tanzanite blue it’s a beautiful metallic blue it’s rich it looks beautiful it’s got the silver stone interior on top of that it’s got the key spec it’s got the sky

Lounge roof it’s got the comfort plus package so you’ve got heated massage cooled seats it’s got the visibility package so it’s got the lights that everybody wants them beautiful layers of light at the front there as well so it looks superb the color and the styling and the specification ticks all the boxes it’s the m so you’ve got that aggressive front you’ve

Got that grill the inserts built into the front bumper broken up in the in the black segments it looks superb i touched on it earlier on them lights you’ve even got bmw they put the bmw laser um letters there wheels the competition wheels so they’re split so you get 21 inch diamond cut on the front which is stunning polished on the outside big black inserts m

Performance brakes calipers in in the in the red you’ve then got some protection privacy glass black roof rails the big 22-inch wheels on the back and it’s just a fantastic car bmw warranty till 2025 look at the back of it quad exhaust big huge rear diffuser all the big x5m comp badging it’s a stunning car and to drive they are so fun power noise looks everything

Inside it’s all keyless entry my favorite interior on a bmw in general and any mcat silverstone so it’s got it beautiful in the door cards and the quilted memory seats you can see here you’ve got your massage seat option harman kardon sound system then you’ve got them m performance seats with the illuminated section in the top they’re fully electric heated and

Cooled you get heated and cooled cup holders as well which is part of that comfort plus package you’ve got the piano black option as well so that you get that piano black running through against that that color then the ambient lighting let’s get the car started anyway head up display so you’ve got the heads up and then you’ve got beautiful alcantara roof lining

The sky lounge roof which again lights up on a night looks unbelievable it’s stunning performance other things we’ve got heated steering wheel here you’ve got your m buttons one and two there so you can just bang that button on and just set the car to perform and drive the way you want it to you’ve then got your touchscreen i drive system which works off here

But it’s also a touch screen so you can just swipe along camera system you’ve got full surround top through top view camera and park assist so we’ve got wireless charging also built in there you’ve got your heated and cooled cup holders you can see they go from blue to red but the interior just feels beautiful this car’s done nine thousand it’s gonna be priced

As the best 22 value x5m on the market and i just think the seats just hug you it sounds unbelievable in the back again it’s got soft closed doors as well this car look at that in the back you’ve got little things like the blinds for the windows beautiful interior running all the way through rear heated seats rear digital climate control for the rear passengers

It’s beautiful in the back as well that silver stone makes the car for me and the color with that interior just that’s what it’s all about there’s lots isn’t the blacks grays i think this color with the interior just makes it great boot space you can drop the seats down if you wish but it is 6 25 brake horsepower looks great spec comfort plus package visibility

Package sky lounge roof all the extras you want on one of these cars it’s a 2022 it’s ready to go call me get it secured my number’s on the bottom of the screen thank you for watching

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2022 BMW X5 4.4 V8 M Competition By Acklam Car Centre

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