2022 bmw x4 m competition lci wh
Altair Club Cars 2022 BMW X4 M Competition LCI – Whats New? | Video Walkaround

2022 BMW X4 M Competition LCI – Whats New? | Video Walkaround

See what’s new in the newly facelifted 2022 BMW X4 M Competition featured in Brooklyn Grey Metallic! Newly revised twin turbo S58 engine produces 479ft/lbs of torque making it on par with the 2021-22 BMW M3 and BMW M4.

Hi everyone dan from bmw sudbury here again in this video we’re going to take a look at the 2022 bmw x4m competition so this one is in brooklyn gray metallic which is a new color for 20 22. first debuted on the 2021 m3 and m4 and now it’s on the x3 and x4 you can get it on the x2 now with the edition m mesh which is kind of cool so coming across the front here so

We have our classic double ribbed kidney grilles with your x4m insignia right there if we come down look at the front fascia see the updated intakes there on the sides taking as much air into that twin turbo engine as possible and as we come around the side this one has the carryover wheel it’s a 21 inch wheel from the previous years so it’s 21 in the front as

Well as the back this one has the michelin pilot sport 4s is on it oh he’s a great tire we have our x4 badge x4m badge there on the side gill and the fender get a look at the new revised headlights full adaptive leds it’s on all the x3s and x4s for 2022. we have our black m-style mirrors and from the side the side profile is really about the same as the previous

X4m since this is just a mid-cycle refresh and what’s standard on the x4m is actually the roof rails in the high gloss shadow line so this is normally an option on say an x430i or x4 m40i that comes standard on an x4m so you can see your panoramic moonroof and as we come around the back similar design in the back the x4 didn’t get changed as much as the x3 so the

Tail lights themselves are the same as a carryover they’re a little more smoked now than they were before especially in this section right here diffuser is a little bit different of course we have our quad exhaust tips with this being a full m model x4 m competition i have our floating calipers in the rear the drilled rotors are the m compound brake system and

Then the front of course we have a six piston caliper the same ventilated and drilled rotors it’s a great stopping power on this vehicle so come around off the hood here is our three liter straight six twin turbo codenamed s58 this is loosely based on the b58 that’s in a lot of our m40i models m40i and 40i models so for 2022 they did update the crankshaft

In this engine as well as the engine software so they they bumped up a torque 37 foot pounds so this engine puts out 479 foot pounds of torque as well as 503 horsepower so that’s right on par with with the with an m3 or m4 competition would have and he also lowered the 0-60 down to 3.7 seconds so that’s down about 3 10 of a second from say a 2021 x4m competition

Might be even get it faster than that like the magazines that’s just with bmw coats it’s pretty cool gonna close the hood let’s step inside the vehicle this one has our black extended merino leather carbon fiber trim here on the door of course our harman kardon sound system standard same style seat as previously do a nice quilting pattern on the back rest and

The bottom portion and hop in so now we can see that the interior’s been updated on the x4m to mirror all the other new 2022 x3s and x4s biggest change is going to be down here in the center console so our star stop button is now down here instead of being up here on the dash as well as all your setup functions so we hit setup down here we’ll come up with all

Our different parameters that we can set up for the vehicle so previously these were all separate buttons that were down here now we just do it all in the i drive so this mirrors all the newest m models like the m3 m4 m8 x5 x6m so that’s pretty cool this also has the newest style shifter that’s in all those other new m models the park button and the drive logic

Switch there on the face of the shifter and let’s go ahead and start it up see our 12.3 inch live cockpit gauge cluster so that was there previously that’s the m specific graphics and if we go down here and we press the mode button the gauge cluster will go into the sport mode view so you have that more boomerang style tachometer and then on either side of the

Tachometer you can set those to be different items like the water temperature and boost pressure miles odometer music things like that so that’s cool to have when you’re in that view coming up in the center stack we have our updated ac controls and ac vents as well as our volume knob and memory buttons we’ve all been updated to mirror like the x5 x6x7 and now

We have a 12.3 inch center display so previously any x4 can only come up with a 12 excuse me 10 and a quarter inch display so that’s a nice upgrade getting that much larger display and also apple carplay and android auto are standard on the x4m which is great to use on this larger display if we go into setup i’m going to support plus the exhaust button open

So similar exhaust note to what it was previously let’s go ahead and step in the back seat so very similar to the previous model carbon fiber trim there again same black merino leather we have our ac controls back here as well as two usb type-c ports also an arm rest with two cup holders there in the center and the seats can be folded down flat if any large items

You want to put through take up a little more space and i’ll hop around the back check out the cargo area the same amount of cargo spaces previously our carpeted mats as well as our front plate bracket we lift up the floor you can see this one is actually optioned with a space saver spare which is standard you can also get a mobility kit which would delete this

And you’d have a little bit of storage there which is just a fix and flat kit that’s just stored underneath there our integrated privacy shade which connects with this piece right here when the hatch is closed captioning not available or x4 whether it be a 30i 4-cylinder model an m40i or an m or m competition feel free to leave a comment down below and we’ll be

Happy to assist you thanks see in the next one

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2022 BMW X4 M Competition LCI – What's New? | Video Walkaround By Herb Chambers BMW of Sudbury

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